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William asks…

How do people make money from stocks?

How do people generate any reliable income from trading stocks? I have a basic understanding, very basic of the stock market. I use to visit etrade & just watch the dow go up & down. But I have no experience & haven’t read anything about it. I watched this documentary, and seen this guy who was really rich. I read later in an article that he is a “Prosperous Commodities trader” So now here i am trying to figure out how he makes money. Like what is the process? how do these guys recognize opportunity in stocks? And at what point does your opinion count in a company, as a share holder? Please, if anyone can educate me on this. And maybe suggest a book or books, or websites w/good info on this? I have read Rich dad poor dad, and I am now going to be an entrepreneur, I have just quit my job to pursue my entrepreneurship & I am 22 years old in the Los Angeles area. Please, all information, suggestions, advice! Everything! I know I have to be a good listener to be successful, so here I am, I will soak up all the information you provide. I need all I can get, I will read pages & pages of what u have to tell me, you will not waste your time, typing up long answers. Thank you very very much!

John answers:

Forget stocks men!
That takes you years to make a sizable profit.
FOREX is where everyone is now headed. Make your cash within minutes or hours. Not to forget you need an expert to guide you.
Just a ref:

Sandy asks…

Why are the Tories insulting university students -?

by wheeling out the old lie of higher income as a justification for making a degree even more of a privilege of wealth or millstone of debt than Tory Blair and his gang did?

Only a small minority of graduates ever approach the income of bankers, City traders and successful barristers. Far more soldier on as librarians and teachers, social workers and basic grade civil servants, making less money than plumbers, locksmiths and electricians.

The supposed glittering prizes are few and far between – do you think Old Etonians etc actually know this?

John answers:

The Tories and the Liberal Democrats are insulting everyone but the British ruling class. They think we are all stupid – that is their definition of working class.

They have people believing that cuts in public expenditure are necessary for the well being of the economy. The reality is that a demoralised, cheap, desperate pool of labour is what the “investors” want to see in the UK. The so-called coalition is intent on turning the clock back to before 1945. They want to roll back all the gains that the working people of the UK have made since then – comparatively “free” education, the NHS, the safety net of the Welfare State. Above all they want to make the position of their class unassailable. Their supporters can deny it all they like but Cameron and Clegg are fighting what they see as the decisive battle of the centuries old class war.

They know exactly what they are doing. But as currently in China, Greece, Latin America the working class always fight back. We also have a habit of almost literally coming back from the dead after our organisations have been physically destroyed and militants imprisoned and killed. Witness Chile, Greece, China, Indonesia and elsewhere.

The Eton Trifles were taught a lot of things at the old alma mater but they never learn that you can’t fool the “masses” for ever.

Helen asks…

Day trading with over $25,000 but not using leverage? Your thoughts?

I read articles online about day trading and they indicate a very small percentage of people are successful day traders. So… here’s my question: Are these investors typically wiped out because they use 4:1 leveraging? If I were to save up $30,000 and wanted to day trade using no leverage (1:1), will that greatly reduce my risk and downside? Of course, I know with brokerage commission fees, day trading cash like that is going to make profitability an issue (in theory). What if I were content with taking small profits and not day trading for a “living”?

John answers:

Firstly, you (as an individual investor) need to have at least as much equity as margin in your account. And if you are not using margin, then you aren’t 1:1 (which means 50/50), you’re 0:1.

If you have money to burn, then day trading is fine, but be wary of commissions, fees, and TAXES.

Mary asks…

History help anyone please?

1.) Native Americans passed down their traditions from generation to generation through
oral history
written records
trade routes
2.) Which of the following did Native Americans believe could not be sold?
3.) Spain decided to back Columbus’ voyage to the west in the hopes that it would
help to finally defeat the Muslims
make Columbus rich and famous
give Spain a trading advantage over Portugal
bring an end to feudalism in Europe
4.) Which of the following best describes the Northwest Passage?
John Cabot’s sailing across the Atlantic Ocean from England
Ferdinand Magellan’s circumnavigating the world
water route around North America
the Puritan’s route from England to Massachusetts
5.) Spain wanted to establish missions to
convert Native Americans to Spanish religion and customs
reduce the Spanish population
provide work for Spaniards
help Spanish settlers adapt to Native American culture
6.) Explorers like Cabot, Frobisher, and Hudson were searching for
the seven golden cities
the Great Migration
a Northwest Passage
a land route to California
7.) The Virginia colony survived largely because English colonists
were well cared for by the Virginia Company
developed lasting friendships with Native Americans
worked cooperatively for the good of the colony
began growing tobacco for sale
8.) The Puritans migrated to New England to
escape religious persecution
establish Catholic missions
maintain the practices of the Anglican church
start tobacco plantations
9.) England prized its North American colonies because
they provided England with natural resources of gold and silver
they provided soldiers for the British Army to fight in European wars
they supplied England with food and raw materials and bought English goods
they manufactured goods for England
10.) In colonial South Carolina and Georgia, most slaves worked
in cities
on fishing ships
in factories
on plantations
11.) Increased Colonial production of staple crops like tobacco and rice led to
a decrease in the use of indentures servants as a labor force
an increase in the number of slaves brought from Africa
the establishment of the Navigation Act
a lessening of the flow of immigrants to the colonies
12.) Which of these is an accurate statement about British colonies?
Children benefited from an excellent system of public education
Politics and society were dominated by landowning men
Society provided equal opportunities for all groups
Society could not be divided into clear social levels
13.) By the end of his life, Columbus had become
a successful trader
a successful governor of Hispaniola
a veteran of four voyages to the Americas
a man of great prestige at the Spanish court
14.) Which of the following caused Jamestown’s near failure?
the discovery of gold and silver in the colony
John Smith’s leadership
the failure of the tobacco crop
the swampy site chosen for this settlement
15.) In what part of North America did the Hopi and Anasazi develop their way of life?
Northwest Coast
16.) Which of the following is a reason that Spanish nobles wanted Columbus’ voyage to succeed?
They wanted to prove that the Earth was round
They wanted Columbus to find new territory for Spain
They wanted a quicker trade route to India
They wanted a new source of sugar
17.) Which of the following was a driving force in Puritan settlements?
a love of luxury and wealth
a desire to live free of religious persecution
a passion for social order
a desire to return to England
18.) Which three colonies were founded in an attempt to escape religious persecution?
New York, New Jersey, and Georgia
Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Maryland
North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia
New York, Virginia, and Georgia
19.) The population of the Middle Colonies was known for its
lack of farming skills
hatred of the other colonists
lack of religion
20.) As a result of the French and Indian War,
Native Americans gained control of the Great Lakes region
Britain lost control of the lands east of the Mississippi River
France turned Canada over to Britain
France gained control of Florida

John answers:

You cant just put your homework on here and expect some one to do it. Come on. At least try it

Joseph asks…

A couple history questions about Christopher Colombus for all of u that know about him!?

Spain decided to back Columbus’ voyage to the west in the hopes that it would
a. help to finally defeat the Muslims
b. make Columbus rich and famous
c. give Spain a trading advantage over Portugal—not sure but what i think
d. bring an end to feudalism in Europe

By the end of his life, Columbus had become
a. a successful trader
b. a successful governor of Hispaniola
c. a veteran of four voyages to the Americas—-what i think
d. a man of great prestige at the Spanish court
please write how positive u are also.

John answers:

C and C for sure

Of course he wanted to be rich and famous, but the last Muslim stronghold had been defeated, feudalism still exists to a certain extent, and Spain agreed to back him when Portugal refused. Yes, he became a successful trader, an unsuccessful governor of Hispanola and had moderate prestige after locating places like Trinidad, but mostly he’s known as the veteran of our voyages to the western hemisphere, Carribean islands, and the great nation later named after Amerigo Vespucci.

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