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Mark asks…

What is being done about desertification in the Sahel and how successful have the efforts been to stop it?


John answers:

Yes, this has been a problem for quite a long time already. The Eden Foundation was set up in 1987 in Dalli, in Nigeria. It helps2,500 families in 123 villages. The Eden Foundation believes that farmersshould help stop desertification whilst at the same time increasing theiryield. They (the farmers) do this by planting edible perennials among theircrops on their fields. These stabilise the soil, holding it together and sopreventing erosion by the rains. They also shelter the crops and the soilfrom the wind, further preventing erosion and increasing the yield. Onefarmer in Dalli with shielded crops produced 130 baskets of millet, whichwas 3 times as much as his neighbour whose crops were not shielded. Theperennials often have extensive root systems, which are encouraged toextend even further by the method of planting them by direct seeding, soplanting them directly into the dry earth. This means that they will growslowly but be hardier as they will have even more spreading root systemsthan normal. The perennials chosen are mostly local shrubs or trees suchas the Ziziphus bush / smallish tree. Eden Foundation trees are meant toproduce fruit once mature. This can either be sold or eaten by the family.In 1998 the fruit produced per family of the Eden Foundation was worth,on average, about
2, by 2003 this had increased to
40. The EdenFoundation believes in letting farmers replant trees and shrubs aroundtheir own land on their own.Contour stone bunds trap organic material such as leaves, whilstallowing water to trickle through. This distributes water evenly over fieldswhen it rains, and the trapped organic material can be raked across the

fields, eventually turning to humus and so improving the quality of the soil.10,000 people in more than 500 villages in Mali have been taught thistechnique, in these villages, collectively, contour stone bunds have beenused on more than 10,000 hectares of land/fields.Some villages in the Sahel have set up Naam groups, which aim tohelp villages from the inside. Ideas such as the building of stone bunds ormore efficient, simple stone stoves are spread. Naam groups aim to helpby using low-cost technologies that can be used by local people using localmaterials. They help build wells or provide cereal banks which sell producemore cheaply by giving the consumers a means to buy whilst avoiding theuse of market-place traders. They may also help organise village projectssuch as saving money for simple water filters or communal poultry.Whilst all these measures are effective, further afforestation aroundvillages and especially in the border zone near the Sahara is necessary. This may also help stop the Sahara advancing. More efficient, better,farming techniques ought be spread, perhaps via local or initiative groups.It ought also not be forgotten that flooding in the Sahel can also havedisastrous consequences.


Robert asks…

I work as independent stocks trader, what can i do to get more education?

I was thinking about starting with a degree in finance, but it doesn’t have a lot to do with trading. I wonder if there is a bachelor degree in trading or something similar.

John answers:

I see finance as your best option, because as far as I know there are no official courses taught on financial markets trading. I trade the foreign exchange and the US stock market, the best way to learn in my opinion is to find a mentor, and do a lot of reading. There are a couple of really good books personally I advise 1. Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas. 2. Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom by Van K. Tharp and 3. Come Into My Trading Room: A Complete Guide to Trading by Alexander Elder If you read those three books you are well on your way to becoming successful. Remember this is a business where 90% of people fail, you will need perseverance. If you have any more questions feel free to ask.

Thomas asks…

what is the most successful strategy in forex?

what is the most successful strategy in forex?

John answers:

1. There is no ‘most successful strategy’, except the one that you yourself have developed by paper trading for months and working out the kinks.

2. Don’t even think of buying an EA, they are scams in that they will most definitely come back and bite you.

3. Unless you go with a broker that is commission based and you trade at least 1 standard lot, your order will never get to the open market. FOREX Banks only deal in standard lots on the open FOREX feed. There is no mico or mini out there.

4. The retail brokers that have mini and micro accounts, those orders are always traded within the accounts of other traders with the broker you are using. If another trader does not have the reciprocal trade of yours, then the broker will take the other side of your trade.

5. Commission-less brokers manipulate the spread before you receive it, that is how they make their money, along with taking the opposite side of your trade – win or lose.

Maria asks…

What courses (college or uni) must you attend to become a Trader?

Im interested in being a trader, do you need to go to college, or uni, what qualifications are required?

John answers:

Trading is one of the most hardest field to get into Period!. It basically “who you know” will get you in the door. If you can’t get into the door, then one must need an IVY education with high degree in economics, mathematics, engineering, accounting, or finance. Even with these degrees others have hard time being successful in this career. College degree is important if you are working for a bank, hedge fund, etc.

Laura asks…

Buying stock in movie production companies?

I’m new to investing but was just thinking; couldn’t you buy stock in a movie production company like Warner Bros, Universal Studios, etc. right before a big blockbuster movie is released and see the stocks go up? Or is that just another calculated risk and the film might not be as successful as hoped?

John answers:

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