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Sharon asks…

What age did you start to buy stock?

I am learning all about the stock market and I’m 18-ish.
I only invested in GE(General Electric) and have gotten a 100% return on my original investment.(I invested in it when I was only 14)
Do you think if I get into the stock market game at the age I am now it will increase my chance to be successful at it? And I will be one of the best, its in my blood.

John answers:

Don’t listen to all of the people telling you to trade. Investing is what makes money as you proved with GE. Most traders didn’t do nearly as well as you did over that period of time. Picking good companies in growing industries and holding them still works great. I own many good examples. Where I have lost was when I did short term trading. Fortunately, I also held many good companies long term. You are to be congratulated for a great early start. And yes, starting early and learning the market should give you a huge advantage. But, don’t think because GE worked so well that you are an infallible stock picker. Good luck.

Linda asks…

What are the top 3 indicators that day traders use?

Please no responses telling me indicators dont work or that I shouldnt rely on them, just list the top 3 indicators please, thanks.

John answers:

I agree totally with “Common Sense” and this is based on over 45 years on the street which included managing trading departments both in-house and on exchange floors.

The three basic important factors for traders to know is the psychology of the market and the players around them, Risk Management and a good knowledge of the rules and regulations that govern your actions .

Some of our floor traders would higher TA’s just to make them aware of when volume could be coming into the market but they would never follow their guidance. One of my floor traders would ask a chartists what they thought of the market as it opened, then entered orders to do the opposite. Our floor operations were always profitable.

We had a written plan for trading in equities, fixed incomes and options, are all our traders we bound to follow the the plan, and they all had the discipline to stay with it. They all understood the markets and the products in those markets and more importantly the players that were around them

Risk Management was are primary concern, if permitted by law losses were cut when they met our criteria. Amount invested was closely monitored, and position adjustments were made as the market moved either up or down.

I agree, “Wayne” is off the wall and I doubt if he is a successful trader especially if he is using a substantial amount of capital

Helen asks…

What should I call my ebay profile for selling?

I started selling stuff in ebay and been successful. I have been asked to be trader and sell for others. Mainly clothes & foot wear but would sell toiletries etc. Looking for a name that is smart and easy to remember.

John answers:

(Mccormack’s) Shirts, shoes and Miscellanies. (MSSM)

William asks…

I want to start day trading, can any one point me in the direction to some good stocks for this under $10?

I’d an experienced day trader to give me some stock tips, or maybe let me become their protege and teach me all they know.
Please if you don’t know what I’m talking about please don’t answer the question to get your two points and waste my time. These first two bone heads clearly don’t know what im talking about. This first guy has no idea what day trading is. The second guy doesn’t realize i’m asking for tips, that is my questions. You both are losers get a life.

John answers:

If you are serious about daytrading, you don’t want to be daytrading lower-priced securities.

Most successful daytraders (with emphasis on successful) trade small movements in highly liquid, higher-priced stocks (and/or derivatives of those securities or the indices).

Good luck.

Carol asks…

Christians and Atheists: Why did Adolf Hitler hated the Jews so much and killed them by milions?

Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” gives only a hint of his hate for the Jews. He saw that the “chosen people” were liars and prostitute traders.
Do you know anything?

John answers:

Contrasting to his own failures he saw the successful and prospering Jews in all fields of arts and culture, business and politics.

What had to ge reckoned heavily against he Jew in my eyes was when I became acquainted with their activity in the press, art, literature, and the theater. . .And when I learned to look for the Jew in all branches of cultural and artistic life and its various manifestations, I suddenly encountered him in a place where I would least have expected to find him. . . When I recognized the Jew as the leader of the Social Democracy, the scales dropped form my eyes. A long soul struggle had reached its conclusion.
Hitler found his scapegoats.. . .

My views with regard to anti-Semitism succumbed to the passage of time, and his was my greatest transformation of all.
Gradually, I began to hate them ( the Jews)….For me this was the time of the greatest spiritual upheaval I have ever had to go through, I had ceased to be a weak-kneed cosmopolitan and become an anti-Semite……

In Vienna Hitler was also introduced to the Social Darwinism subscribing to the idea that nations, people, cultures and individuals are subject to the same laws of natural selection as plants and animals. Life is a perpetual struggle, between individuals and nations for existence, with the survival of the stronger and more brutal and the elimination of the weaker and less fit.

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