Your Questions About Successful Traders

Daniel asks…

How can I become a successful trader with 0 capital ?

I am 19 years old , but I get very bad marks at school . Besides , I have no capital .
So how and where can I learn trading ?? USA , INDIA , CHINA , MALAYSIA ?? OR WHERE ?? And why ??

John answers:

The lack of capital is not your problem – thinking you can make money trading is.

Get a job. Earn money. Invest it carefully.

Joseph asks…

are there any successful stock traders that are female?

John answers:

To be perfectly honest, there have only been a few known successful female stock traders. I personally believe this is because it was/still is much harder for a female to penetrate the professional business world. That being said, there have been studies that females are not “as capable on average” as males with trading due to the intense psychologiical pressure placed. (Know that I have not thoroughly looked at the studies nor condone their validity) But to get to the point, a very popular female trader is Elaine Garzarelli, President of Garzarelli Capital. She successfully predicted the recession of 1987 and has done some impressive work of recent.

Sandra asks…

Does anyone know any successful home day traders? Are they a myth?

John answers:

Yes there are some definitely, but as said they are pretty rare. Some say that 95 % of them fail and loose their money very fast.But there are some exampels of succsessfull traders Wayne Jackson is for one of them. I recently stumbled upon a guy wich tries to trade 100 Dollars into 1 million in one year. I dont know if this really is possible, but its quite interesting though to follow the progress. If you are interested check out he updates the blog daily.

Carol asks…

Names of successful technical analysis traders/investors?

Hello all,
I would like to know some names of people who have been very successful by using technical anlaysis to trade/ invest. I understand that in terms of successful well-known people, the fundamental camp will win, with names such as Buffett and Lynch. But i would just like to know name from the technical analysis side. One person i read about would be Thomas Bulkowski. I’m unsure if he is famous enough.. but anyway i would want your answers.

Thanks for the help everyone.

John answers:

Harry Boxer from the excellent BUT you don’t have to send the guy a dime just sign up for his FREE emails(chart of the day) – sent out Monday – Thursday,if you do decide to receive them don’t be surprised to see your name or part of it in the testimonials – mine’s there even though i have never paid for his monthly service, giving money to a rich guy is completely against my principles..

Betty asks…

can you locate a pamphlet called, 50 rules of successful commodity traders.?

John answers:

I found the list by googling 50 rules of successful commodity traders. Knock yourself out.

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