Your Questions About Successful Traders

Thomas asks…

Whoa re some successful DAY traders?

who are some successful traders who make their profits through intraday and weekly markets? People like soros and steinhardt tend to be macro traders. are there anyone who are flippers?(such as paul rotter)

doesnt matter in what type of market eg equity,futures option forex…

John answers:

Day trader or not use expert advisors to do the trading for you in the forex world:

Betty asks…

What is the percentage of all forex traders that are actually successful?

References would be great. Thanks

John answers:

About 5-7% of “Forex traders” walk away with more money than they have spent. The others actually make close to 95% of their money from OTHER Forex traders, not from currency market movements!

Don’t be a dufus…

Chris asks…

For stock day traders, what are some common, but successful strategies that always tend to work?

Obviously, technical analysis is large to attemp to know everything. If you are a sucessful day trader, can you share what are you common strategies that you focus to reap continous rewards. Thanks!

John answers:

I’m not a day trader. But I’ve read an article written by a relatively successful day trader who said that he was watching the ticker for the number of bids being put to buy or sell a given stock. And when he would notice a large order for many shares being placed to buy or to sell, then he would put his money in the same direction as the big order and watch what happens.

There have been some studies of how and why various stock prices change. And unsurprisingly these studies have found that large price movements for stocks are usually caused by institutional investors such as mutual funds and hedge funds who are under time pressure to buy or sell their stock holdings.

These institutional investors have a lot of money, they usually buy and sell a lot of stocks. And when they try to do it quickly for one reason or another. Then there aren’t enough buyers or sellers to trade with them. And when there is an imbalance in supply and demand, then stock prices move in a big way.

Laura asks…

Does anyone know any successful business that stared of as sole traders?

Have to find out for a project and can’t think of any, please help.

John answers:

You are welcome to read this article:
Forex Vs Stock

Hope you like it : )

Paul asks…

I want to see the Successful Trader in the Stock Market?

Is there any who is being a Successful Day Trader in the Stock Market. I want to see those faces and I have to do Namaskar to them.

John answers:

A successful trader will never stay long in stock market to receive your ”Namaskara”

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