Your Questions About Secret Of Successful Trading

Mandy asks…

Independent Contractors, how do you get more contracts?

Where to find them? Is it a secret trade thing? Who do you network with? Where do you find these people to network with? What requirements you must have to be a successful contractor? I cannot go to school at the moment because it’s very important to me that I take care of my little ones myself until they start school.

I am interested on legitimate Data Entry and other Entry Level Services.

John answers:

Try using a industry used edit or softwafre like excell so you can learn to graph and make pull tab spreed sheets for doctors and mdical services like the local dental offices needing to go online with paper
files to stream line their operations. Then offer you medical transcribe service in excell to the local medical offices and dentist too.
There are 10000’s of dental and doctors that need to put their records off papaer and into a data base.
This is shear data input into set forms.
Learn to develope medical information forms ina spread sheet so you can graph numbers like dates of appointments for cross billing and meds.
Then your on your way.

Jenny asks…

A question for anyone who is a successful blogger?

I want to make my own blog. I love to write, especially about current issues going on in the world. I know it takes a while to get a lot of people checking out your blog….what are the secrets of the trade?! Also, which blog creator should I use? Which programs do people have the most success with? How can I get my thoughts out there to lots of people? How can I market my ideas & make my blog appealing & professional-looking?

John answers:


If you are a novice blogger i recommend free blogging sites like blogger, blogpost or live journal. There you can get user friendly interface and instant followers, but the drawback is look and feel you have to have through knowledge of web programing to change your blogs design. This problem makes all the blogs look same.

If you want to concentrate on writing and don’t want this headache i recommend you to choose services providers like custom website project.They offer 1000+ design to choose from, domain name, reliable web hosting and many more features, all in one affordable package.Their package vary from 66$ to 180$ per year.

Hope this will help

Carol asks…

Is software safe ?

<Although a careful search has revealed no publicised cases of software being directly to blame for a serious automotive mishap, the current “state of the art” of software development in the automotive domain leaves car manufacturers very vulnerable to litigation. According to Chrysler Group President Tom LaSorda, it has been estimated that the cost of litigation already exceeds $500 US per car in the USA.

Unlike avionics, where there are industry safety standards and techniques for software development (DO-178B) and formal proof of correctness required in key areas, no professional expert witness could say under oath that automotive software is being developed in accordance with safety-critical software “best practices”. It is not enough to be actually safe, the software must be seen to be safe, otherwise the manufacturers may be held partially liable even if entirely blameless, as noted in the San Francisco Chronicle as early as 1988

Fear of litigation has already caused a “split” in features offered within the USA as opposed to Japan and Europe. As the New York Times recently reported :
Fear of legal action has also stopped Toyota from offering its Intelligent Parking Assist feature, which is now available on the hybrid gaselectric Prius model sold in Japan….
And from today’s :
Toyota has announced that it has received subpoenas from both the U.S. Grand Jury and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over documents related to “unintended acceleration” issues with millions or cars, as well as the braking system on the Prius.
From Gizmodo a fortnight ago:
Toyota just announced a recall of its 2010 hybrid cars. Four hundred thousand worth. The reason? A change in “brake feeling” caused by faulty antilock braking software. There is no fix for cars on the road yet.

This problem, unrelated to the sticky gas pedal issue that other drivers complained about. But I’m still wondering what exactly is bothering our Prius-loving friend Woz, who claims he has a faulty cruise control issue that is software related, not mechanical.

Remember that old joke about if cars were as crash prone as computers? Yeah, not funny in 2010.
Some important things to note:
That this was the situation 4 years ago. It may have improved since then.
That NONE of the car-makers were any better at the time. They were all as bad as each other.

However… the AutoCRC decided that this effort wasn’t important in an Australian context. The local automotive electronics maker had just ceased trading, and any such research would be best conducted overseas.

I wonder if Toyota would be interested in re-starting the project? Or for that matter, anyone else? The thing is, that all the auto manufacturers keep such research a closely guarded trade secret. For all I know, it may already have been done.

From Breitbart:

Toyota Motor said Thursday it was staring at a two-billion-dollar hit from a global safety recall that has now spread to Britain and battered the credibility of the world’s biggest carmaker.

Accelerator problems with its vehicles have tarnished Toyota’s vaunted reliability record, raising questions about whether it sacrificed quality in its successful drive to overtake General Motors as the world’s number one.

Members of the US Congress have scheduled hearings into Toyota’s recall crisis, and want proof that the problems with the accelerator pedal are mechanical and not a more complex one related to electronics or software.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said this week he believed Toyota’s troubles with the defective accelerator might be linked to “some bad software” after his Prius sped up while in cruise-control. Related article: Toyota may have software trouble

Now new concerns are being raised about the brakes on the Prius, Toyota’s flagship hybrid car which is in the vanguard of the company’s push to produce a new generation of greener vehicles.
If they haven’t… maybe they should, hmm?

Zimbel said…
Interesting… I’m in the software side of medical devices (which is regulated), and we’ve taken a lot of ideas from the automotive industry… but we’ve taken more from their assembly line software, electronics, etc. (which is again regulated, if the regulations are mostly different) than their actual products.

Maybe they should do the same.

Anonymous said…
The problem with Toyota is not the obvious electronic problem but their refuseal to admit it. Fixing 8 million computers will bankrupt them.
Big companies use government regulation to force out the smaller competition. I hope that they are not considered too big to fail.

Zoe Brain said…
Zimbel – I once participated in a safety review of a new LASIK device.

I’m familiar with the various regulations involving medical devices here. The requirements for formal proof of correctness, for example.

I don’t think enough emphasis is put on failure modes of operation, bu

John answers:

N case you’ve forgotten, mechanical linkages have been holding throttles open for years–and far more often then on Toyotas.

The safety concerns have been blown totally out of proportion to what they really are. Note that the media is in the rating business, not necessarily the unbiased truth business. As long as “Toyota Problems” attract an audience they will play this up. Once people get tired of hearing about it, it will die down, just like Ford and GM recalls are now page three news.

Plus safety concerns about other Toyota models have been attached to the Prius. Let’s examine the most popular ones:

Floormats: Some folks put an aftermarket floor mat on top of the Toyota one. When they do, then it’s possible for the mat to ride up and jam the accelerator pedal–pretty much like in any car.

Sticky accelerator pedal: This affects only Toyotas made in North America that have parts from CTS. All Prius are made in Japan so they’re not affected. In addition, Ford and GM also use the very same accelerator pedals CTS, so some of their cars have the same problems.

Brakes: There are four braking systems on the Prius:

1. Regenerative brakes
2. Friction brakes
3. Engine brakes
4. Parking brakes

Generally braking is done with regenerative braking. The friction brakes are used:

A. When more braking force is required than the motors can provide.
B. When any of the safety devices (TC, ABS, VSC, etc.) are activated.
C. When the vehicle speed is under 7 mph.
D. When a fault is detected in the regenerative braking system.
E. When the battery has reached the maximum allowed SOC (state of charge).

You have to really work at it to not be able to stop a Prius. Some Toyota’s don’t have the same throttle opening cut-off when the brakes are applied that the Prius does. Because the Prius has both friction and regenerative braking, it does have a different feel. When power brakes were first installed in cars, they had a different feel too and there were a lot of complaints about them at the time. Everyone eventually got used to the new feel and the complaints stopped. Out of the over a million Prius sold, there are about 200 brake complaints, mostly from new owners. This isn’t a big percentage.

A more rational look at the “problem” is here:

John asks…

Spiritually speaking what was the most effective technique used to question Muslim extremists at Guantanamo?

An FBI interrogator told Time some of the deep, dark secrets of his trade. Will the liberal media threaten our national security by revealing the secrets of our interrogations to terrorists at large? How did we soften up Abu Jandal, the former chief bodyguard of Osama bin-Laden himself?

Yes and with cookies. See, because he’s diabetic! So it was cruel to force-feed him cookies, right? It got him to talk!

No, not really.

“The most successful interrogation of an al-Qaeda operative by U.S. officials required no sleep deprivation, no slapping or ‘walling’ and no waterboarding. All it took to soften up Abu Jandal, who had been closer to Osama bin Laden than any other terrorist ever captured, was a handful of sugar-free cookies.”

It’s really weird that we even need to have a debate about whether or not torture “works” (while simultaneously denying that we tortured still, right?), as if that was the relevant question, but, you know, Obama wants Guantanamo prisoners to hug your teenagers or something, so whatever. America!

Was all the violation of US policy and morals as well as the Geneva convention and international law by the Bush administration really worth it ? As far as I can see they should be charged with war crimes .
Brian T how much do you know about the law and Geneva convention ? Not much I can tell .
Brian I served in the USMC so why don’t you shut your hole you Army puke . I used to bitchslap your type through walls . It does contain provisions for the treatment of POWs and doesn’t specify if they are military or civilian prisoners . It also deals with types of munitions and bans certain types of weapons like bio agents . It provides far more than you think including a provision for international drivers licences . Why don’t you study more that the basics before opening your stupid Fundy trap .

John answers:

I don’t have a good answer for this other than torture is ineffective and even potentially dangerous from an intelligence gathering standpoint.

The tortured, under severe pain, will tell interlocutors whatever they want to hear in order for the pain to stop. This includes blatant misinformation and disinformation.

And I don’t agree about the Bush admin being charged with war crimes. Was he wrong? Yes, I think so. However, punishing a past administration for the way they disambiguate, define, or interpret policy sets a bad precedent, in my opinion. And if we charged Bush and Cheney, we’d also need to go after every single member of Congress. Not going to happen.

William asks…

help with history please?

1. What was the outcome of the 1956 uprising in Hungary?
A) Soviet troops crushed the uprising and expelled its leader from the party.
B) Soviet troops crushed the uprising and executed its leader.
C) The Soviet Union allowed limited democratic reforms.
D) The Soviet Union allowed limited economic reforms.

2. Who led the months of democratic reform in 1968 that became known as the Prague Spring?
A) Lech Walesa
B) Imre Nagy
C) Alexander Dubcek
D) Leonid Brezhnev

3. In what country was a successful anticommunist movement led by the trade union Solidarity?
A) Romania
B) Czechoslovakia
C) Hungary
D) Poland

4. The fall of the communist governments in Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Poland occurred four years after the
A) Soviet Union began the process of de-Stalinization.
B) Velvet Revolution.
C) election of Mikhail Gorbachev.
D) end of the Cold War.

5. In which nation did the communist party vote to dissolve itself?
A) Hungary
B) Poland
C) Romania
D) Czechoslovakia

6. How did the Velvet Revolution earn its name?
A) It was peaceful.
B) It was conducted in secret.
C) It was led by the wealthy.
D) Its effects were superficial.

8. The acquisition of the Golan Heights caused the greatest conflict between Israel and
A) Syria.
B) Saudi Arabia.
C) Egypt.
D) Lebanon.

9. The West Bank is separated from the Mediterranean Sea by
A) Lebanon.
B) the Dead Sea.
C) Israel.
D) Jordan.

10. About how wide is Israel at its widest point?
A) 140 miles
B) 250 miles
C) 70 miles
D) 10 miles

John answers:


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