Your Questions About Real Estate Investing Tips

Jenny asks…

So… I’m looking to invest, there’s the stock market, real-estate… what else?

Ideas and tips are appreciated. Thank you!

John answers:

It’s not in what you invest, it’s the timing, which makes the difference.
Collections (art, stamps, coins, antiques,…), real estate, stocks, funds, bonds, CD’s, precious metals, jewelery, etc, all of them have one thing in common, their value goes up and down.
If you catch it on the down swing and sell it on the up swing, you can make loads of money, but you can loose it all too.
Only people, who work with other peoples money, make money for sure.

Joseph asks…

Best stocks to purchase for 2008..Recommendations? Tips..?

Hi all! I’m a little bit new to the stock market. I was wondering if you guys know of any best stocks to purchase for this year 2008. I know our economy has gone down BIG TIME and is starting to pick back up…Do you guys recommend in real estate rather than investing in stocks? Please advise, thanks!

John answers:

Since you’re new an easy way to get started is a low cost mutual fund or exchange traded fund and save yourself a ton of management fees. You might consider an allocation to bonds as well as stocks, if you don’t mind not having much stabiltiy.

If you insist on picking stocks yourself, you might do some research in refining, agribusiness, and watch the big tech names.

Richard asks…

Different savings/investment tips for US?

Hi, I am a single, professional in the US. I need tips from others in US who invest their money. I already have investment in real estate in India and US. I also have invested in NSCs and PPFs in India. I plan to invest in the US treasury securities now. This is all I can think of right now to invest my savings. Any other tips please?

John answers:

Both china and eastern europe are doing better than the usa for the foreseeable future. So is Latin America ….. Try the ETF’s for those markets after the summer correction. Industrial materials are also looking good into the foreseeable future ….. Once again perhaps after the next buying opportunity.

Betty asks…

young investors?

I am 18 and looking at investing in real estate late next year. any tips for succeeding in the investing world?

John answers:

Yeah baby, study, study and then study some more. Real estate investment can be complicated. Learn all you can. Call your own shots and sink or swim with the consequences. There’s tons of people out there teaching bogus classes and seminars on real estate investing. Beware! Anyone who promises you great riches with little effort is full of it. Another important thing is to remember to be realistic. I know there’s been a boom lately and people have been seeing their properties appreciate 25% per year. That’s not the norm and those days are over for now.
Real estate usually appreciates at about 5% per year. The beauty part about real estate is your using OPM. (Other people’s
money) E.G. If you buy a 100,000 dollar house with a 10% down payment and it appreciates 5% per year for two years and you sell it for 110,000 dollars you doubled your investment. Plus the tenants paid your mortgage. Mostly OPM. Not bad. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. People (especially beginners) can and do lose money and lots of it! Like I said before, learn all you can and don’t aim for the fast mega-buck and you can do very well for yourself. Good Luck!

Mandy asks…

Can you really buy a house with no money down?

I am looking to get rich but am currently broke. Please give me tips on how I can make money without investing any in the hot Real Estate market. Any sound advice is greatly appreciated.

John answers:

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