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Steven asks…

How to learn how to buy and sell stocks (Day trading)?

I just turned 18 and i want to learn how to make money. I know some stuff about the stocks, but i need to know more. Do you guys know any good books to learn how to trade when to sell and when to not. I’m not trying to get rich quick im willing to learn. And what are the best websites to to trade i just want to make 300 to 375 a day i think it should be achievable just for the start.

John answers:


This site is all about day trading stocks. If your plan is to day trade equities, you’ll need to have a day trading margin account with a minimum of $30,000 to get started. Realistically, you will need more. I highly recommend using a high quality trading simulator, BEFORE using real money. This site has links to resources for that as well.

David asks…

20 something looking to invest, now while stocks are low.. Advice?

So I am a 24 year old who has some spare income to spend. I save a good chunk of my paychecks from my job, but I have some money I figured I could put towards the stock market. I have been looking at investing some in long term stocks. I am not looking to make any quick money, give the market situation, I am prepared to ride it out.

Anyone had any advice for me as I begin my stock market adventures?

I just figure now is a good time to start acquiring some stocks that have dropped in price over the recent weeks. Should I not even bother?
Any advice on which online company to use to invest? Etrade etc… Not sure which one is the best…

John answers:

At the present moment everything looks very attractive, if you buy now you will be very happy with your decision on the future, because sooner or later the market will rise and when all the panicking is over everything is going to rise and rise fast. That said there is no need for spending resources on any sophisticated research neither parking your money on a good fund with high commissions.

If i were you I would index my money to the market, by either buying a low commission indexed fund or buying directly an ETF (Electronic traded fund) called Spyder it mimics the S&P 500 and it is traded under the symbol SPY.

You can buy an ETF the same way you buy any stock.

Nancy asks…

Would you be able to hande this career?

The job is to lure clients to put up their money for investments made by you. The investment amount per client is no less than $500K or $1M. You must guarentee the client a 24% return per year. Once the contract (usually 1year and up) is signed, cash has been put up, the company would issue 12 post-date checks for that year, 2% of the investment per month to the client. YOU use that money to speculate on anything a make quick money in the stock market. Your salary starts at $500,000 and if you are meeting the minimum expectation, 24% return a year, 20% over and above that amount is your bonus. Most of these positions means you’ll be making a mimimun of $1 million with bonus. If you’re not meeting that 2% requirement per month for the client you’re fired. The job is very stressful, very insecure and extremely long hours especially first 2 years you work everyday with no days off, minimum of 12 hour per day. Would you be able to handle the position?
Oh yea and every day you work in this position hundreds of people are fighting over your position so essentially you must always be the best of the best in your position

John answers:

No I wouldn’t’ do that.

Sandra asks…

Where Can I learn about investing and Stocks ?

Alright. I am just looking to where I can find the most knowledge to learn about investments and stocks to teach my self… I am not looking for Quick anwsers and trying to get rich Quick even though my point is obviously to make money but… I am looking for information I can absorb make my own and put my own spin on what I am trying to accomplishment… Mainly an excellent starting point so I can direct my self..

John answers:

The best way to learn is to try virtual trading first. Read books on the subject but nothing beats hands on practice, it is the quickest way to learn and it is free….best of all any losses are only on paper.

WSS is one of the best ones with ‘real time trading’ and a very user friendly site where you can get news, analysis and free tutorials.

Donna asks…

How can I learn about making money from investing?

I’m sick of living paycheck to paycheck, and I want to figure out how people get wealthy. I’m not talking about any get-rich-quick scheme, or getting rich with no work. I know it won’t be easy. But it seems like some people have figured out how to work the markets in America, and there is wealth out there if one is willing to work for it.

My first intuition is to invest in something like stocks. I don’t have a lot of money to start with, but I have a little in savings and I just started an IRA. I don’t own my own home (I’m fresh out of college).

I would love to make enough to pay off my credit card debt and student loans.

Any advice, book recommendations, experiences, etc. would be helpful.

Thank you!

John answers:

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