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Robert asks…

Wall street, is that all about money and stocks?

I’m sixteen so don’t make fun of me. Anyways I want an easy explanation of what it is about and what people do there. I haven’t learned much, but I would like to learn some quick facts about it. Include some history if you know.

Thanks people.

John answers:

Wall Street is an area in New York city, but it’s also a general concept. Like you have your school,which is a place, but you can also say ‘I’m going to school’ and it could mean any school anywhere or even taking a class online.
In the same way,Wall Street is a place that deals with buying or selling ownership in companies (stocks) or lending money to companies (bonds).
Some companies are private companies, meaning they are only owned by one or a few people. Most small companies, like a small non-chain restaurant or bookstore are like that . Bigger companies are sometimes public companies. Anyone with enough money can buy a small piece of ownership in the company These are called shares. (actually this is more like getting a small piece of the profits, then a small piece of getting to say what goes on there.). If the company grows and gets bigger, your shares will get more valuable, and you can sell them for more than what you bought them for.
Or if the company does badly, and you need the money, you will have to sell them for less than what you bought them for.
There’s lots of different jobs in Wall Street. Most of them are with banks or financial firms.
There are brokers, who are middlemen for people who want to buy or sells their shares of stock.
If you want to buy or sell, you contact them. There are analysts, whose job it is to look at stocks and determine if they are likely to go up or down. There are lawyers and regulators to make sure that everyone is doing things fairly and in accordance with the law. There are traders who work for various bankers or for themselves, trying to make money by buying and selling stock.
There’s a bunch more jobs, but that’s the general idea.

Helen asks…

does anyone know about stocks?

can anyone explain to me how to buy stocks, sell out and make profit. in other words, im not interested in becoming some type of lifetime invester, just looking for a way to make good quick money (if THAT is even possible)
please, no spam.

John answers:

What you are asking to do is gamble. Your odds are better in Vegas. Black or Red, you know right away and no commission.

“Fast buck artist come and go in the stock market.”

— (Wall Street, 1987)

There is a lot one needs to lean to become good at this. And even the pros make mistakes.

Lizzie asks…

What are the best stocks to buy?

I have 6 weeks left to invest I have $50,000 left and I need to make better money quick! HELLLP!

John answers:


Nancy asks…

Whats the easiest, quickest way to make big money on the internet?All ideas welcomed…Stock market, gambling?

All ideas welcomed…Stock market, gambling, whatever

I am also a web designer so I could manage more elaborate site ideas too.

John answers:

Sell a kidney on e bay you’ll get about £34K for one!

Lisa asks…

Does it make any sense to get a college loan to pay off college and put money i saved in stocks?

I have saved about 7 thousand dollars and i am really interested in getting into the stock market early and continuing to add to it over the years. I plan to continue working to pay off the minimum on the loan, but i would like to have a good start in the stocks as i feel they can rise quicker than the 3 or 4% loan i get will accumulate to. I really hate any debt, but does this make sense?

John answers:

No. At this time it doesn’t make any sense at all. You need to buy land, buy commodities, do not buy government bonds or stocks. You’d be better served buying corporate bonds, but really better off buying undeveloped land. The land won’t pay off in the next 20 years but it will eventually pay off. Or buy commodity futures. Or invest in “commodity” corporate bonds. You should be able to get 4 to 6% on a medium risk corporate bond right now without too much searching. This is a great time to sell stock options if you are into that. But buying plain stocks right now with only 7000 is nutty. Don’t do it. For a short term investment, such as 4-7 years, buy silver.

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