Your Questions About Quick Money Making Stocks

Maria asks…

What are some high risk-high reward stocks to invest??

I am doing a investing simulation and need to make some QUICK money this week, i have 100000 to invest, i know there will be a possibility of a big loss, but thats ok

John answers:

If your simulation allows buying shares in the small cap section try FMT (Fremont General Corporation). They move % on cents and have been beat down lately. CFD trading (=leveraged) and Forex are also interesting to you.
DO NOT FORGET that you normally should not enter these markets without sufficient knowledge and to build up some experience. Good luck with the game.

James asks…

Million dollar portfolio, where should I put my money?

I have to do this for school and till now Ive managed to lose about 20% of my portfolio cuz I really dont know where to invest, Im just gambling it away 🙁 anyone have any good buys that could help me make some quick money…i need to show a 25% return on portfolio to get credit for the assignment and till now im only losing. What stocks should I buy right now?

John answers:

If you can “trade” often, you can attempt to make some gains with ” leveraged ETF’s ” …you would be ” betting ” that a certain portion of the market will go up for a few days…but if you DO get up 15 % or so you have to be cautious and sell and find another area….AND only put a portion of your portfolio in that type high risk stuff…. UYM currently around 31ish will see 34-35 and then fall back down ( it’s invested in ” basic materials)…EDC makes 3 times the gains that ” emerging markets” are making…currently down a little ..could see those 10 or 12 % days….. FAZ if there’s bad ” financial” news….. Besides those , CAGC is a stock ( Chinese Ag) that tends to flucuate a it…when it falls , buy some….. And besides the Ford already mentioned…CREE is doing well…BRCD is rumored to be a takeover target ( usually good for about 15-20 % gain)…..

Laura asks…

what should i look for when seeking out cheap stocks to turn for profit?

What are like 5 things i should look for besides the news on stocks when looking to invest for a quick profit?
I mean i watch the news and read up on the company. But, these 5 dollar and lower stocks just dont make real money. What are some basics to look for I.E. Volume,capital or debt ?
I can only invest in cheap stocks right now till i turn a profit and can play with that money.
Any advice is appreciated.

John answers:

Why cheap stocks? Money invested is what gets returns, not stock price. Look for companies that have gotten beaten down lately in the news, like AIG. I turned a small profit on them in less than a day.
Realize that the market always reacts too much, so profit opportunities are there if you’re quick enough.

Jenny asks…

What to consider when investing in stocks?

I am interested in making some money while investing in some stocks, I want to know what are the risks and other problems or issues I should consider before investing my money, I know the risk if I could easily lose my investment really quick, what else.

John answers:

Investing is one way that can make your money grow. However, there are many things that need to be known before investing. The basics are not hard and can be learned by anyone. The earlier you learn it the better.
Before investing there are a few factors that you must take into into consideration. You need to know the basics first. Many people make the mistake of jumping into the market without doing any research. After learning, the beginner can start investing without any uncertainty.

Linda asks…

What stocks should I Invest In?

I recently had ACL surgery, and am not making any money, so I have opened an account on They have barely any fees, just I need to pay $4.50 for every trade which isn’t that bad as I just want to invest all my money in one stock at a time. I have made some money off of CPOW, and sold of some of my investment to make a quick profit. Well anyways, is there any stock that I should invest in within the next week that will get me a quick 5%-100% return. I’m risky and Iv’e looked into penny stocks but I’m still a little unsure.

Also is there any chance of CPOW go over what it is now? I invested $195 and made $52 on that investment, even after selling them.

I still have $25 worth of there stock unsold in case it goes any higher.

Please give me some suggestions for stock to buy. I’m interested in quick gains, and stocks that pay out dividends and have very little risk, Thanks for your help, aand sorry if is so long and out of order.
First off, thanks for all your responses

Just so all of you know, I do have relatively little trading experience. I did win a stock trading tournament at my school, it was with fake money and only 156 students tried it. I realize that penny stocks are very risky, and hard to sell once they lose there buzz. I’ve been leaning towards investing in penny stocks mostly for short term gains, such as I did with CPOW, and I’ve been looking around in biotechnology and medical marijuana stocks. I am taking this risk because I need the money, if I don’t get enough money I can always get it from relatives, so it’s almost like a win win situation for me, I get $5,000, that’s my goal regardless. I only have about $600 to invest in by the way, which I know will be impossible to get up to $5,000. My other options to stock trading were spend all my money on scratch tickets, or buy items to resell on ebay at higher prices.

Once again, I thank you for your responses so far.

John answers:

Everyone wants to make quick money off the stock market and you have been lucky so far. However, in the long run you will find you lose more money than you gain. Trying to consistently get 5-100% gains over short periods is unrealistic.

The stock market is great for slowly making lots of money, But quickly trading in and out will not work over the long run.

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