Your Questions About Quick Money Making Stocks

William asks…

Quick question about the NASDAQ, bid, and asking prices.?

I have a quick NASDAQ question. To actually make money trading stocks, does the bid price have to be higher than the asking price? Thanks.

John answers:

The bid price can not be higher than the asking price

The quoted market is always the highest bid and the lowest asking price.

The bid price is what someone wants to pay for a stock,
the asking price is what someone wants to sell the stock at.

If a buyer wants to buy the stock, they have to reach up to the asking price or enter a higher bid and wait as see what happens
If a seller wants to sell the stock, they have to drop down to the bid price or enter a lower asking price and wait and see what happens

This is just not for NASDAQ it’s for all securities markets.

And to make money you just have to sell the stock at a higher price than you paid for it.

George asks…

Im Starting New in Life for my Birthday, Any Advice?

im 25, single, no career and recorvered alcoholic.
my plan is to make money quick thru stocks and forex and try to get married and build a family in the next couple of years.

do you have any tips?
i think ill live somewhere around laguna beach and live to be a 100.

John answers:

Go to school, get a job, then you can think about having a family. You must be able to provide for them.

Ken asks…

Which penny stock would probably make quick, big money next week? i need help picking stocks.?

i need a list of penny stocks that may multiply my money, because my portfolio is a little bad these days. can i get a good short term penny stock that will get me alot of money?

John answers:

If your portfolio is bad these days, trading penny stock will only make it worse

Your portfolio is bad probably since you do not know what you’re doing which is supported by your question about trying to find a good short term penny stock
If you knew what you’re doing, you would know that there is no such thing as a good penny stock.

Here’s some website that will help you search for the holy grail

Robert asks…

how can i make money in stocks?

i am looking to invest $500 to $1000 in stocks. i know it is not much but that is all i can afford. i would like to make some quick money on it. what stocks should i look into? i have etrade account. how do i use a stock screner to find a good stock to go into? should i use a investor to invest for me? sence i only have a little amount of money i would like to keep the share price below $4 a share. if i do use a company to buy stocks what is the best one? if i use a broker to buy for me what is the best one?

John answers:

It is obvious that you are new to stock investing. First you need to begin with your investing education. Take some web based free seminars. Second you need to practice investing in stocks with Free Virtual Stock Trading so that you do not risk any actual money until you gain experience. Once you are successful with the first two steps then you can proceed to actually make money.

Read the page listed at for a good start.

Read your help screens to learn about the stock screens. Etrade has a large set of resources.
Find a good mentor investor to help you and get advice from.
It is not necessarily a good idea to pick cheaply priced stocks below $4.00.
Check out the broker ratings and reviews before actually picking one.
This is just a start for you.

Good Luck!

Sharon asks…

Any advise for day traders who want to make a quick buck?

I want to make some money on stocks over the short term? ie. return within hours or days or weeks. Any advice out there? Not looking at a lot to invest just a couple $1000’s max. thanks.

John answers:

Ive tried this strategy several times and has worked great but I always sell a little to early. In simplest terms sell on it’s way up. First find a few candidates that are very jumpy, one’s that have recently had major swings, just a few to name would be WM, X, BAC, BBY. When you see a 2% – 3% to 5% – 10% depending on the company you are watching climb, that’s when you purchase @ mkt, and sell right afterward. So far I have done this with Zecco, but I hate them now.

They don’t even allow day trading with under 25,000. I have used TdAmeritrade in the past and may switch back to them only because they offer a tool known as trade trigger and with this strategy it could help. Trade trigger would allow you set a trigger to purchase or sell a security as soon as it gets to a higher price, but unlike all the other companies, it will allow you to have a limit buy as soon as it has met it’s trigger. If you buy a stock like ORCD, buying mkt can be horrible. Limiting a few cents below what it is can help you save a lot of money.

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