Your Questions About Quick Money Making Stocks

Steven asks…

How Can I make quick Money? Mom of two boys….Need advice?

I started my family young. This is why I am struggling. I am in need of any advice on how to make quick fast money. I clean homes daily for my income & also work evenings stocking….yet, at gas being $4.27 a gallon & rising I am getting scarred. I have no kind of savings or family I can ask. I have two boys that need me. I have to find a way to make fast cash. Rent is due. please help if you can.

John answers:

Take a look at this site. This is an easy way to get 2 paychecks a month. If your looking to stay home but still bring in a paycheck then this is probably what you are looking for.


Mandy asks…

What stocks are gonna make me money on Monday?

The market crashed. What stocks are gonna make a quick recovery Monday. I like GM right now.

John answers:

I would say GM right now. Jp Morgan will go up. Everything else is gonna be iffy.

Richard asks…

Is it wrong for a Christian to make quick money in a legal way?

Like gambling in a Casino or in the stock market…..

But life is a gamble. When you marry someone, it’s a gamble. When you enter a new profession, it’s a gamble. When you buy a second hand car from a friend, it’s also a gamble.

John answers:

Just because something is legal doesn’t make it right, or OK. Many things that are lawful are blatantly wrong according to the Scriptures. Like prostitution. Prostitution is legal in Nevada (except in Clark and Washoe counties) but I doubt if it is OK according to the Scriptures.

Also, you have confused risk and uncertainty. Risk is when you put your money on the roulette table and take the chance that you will either win or lose. Uncertainty is when you put your money on the roulette table and wonder if it will still be there after the fire alarm sounds. Life involves both risk and uncertainty, but the things you name are more uncertain than they are risky.

“Cast your bread upon the waters, for in many days, it will come back to you.” could mean that investing in something risky can pay off, or not; or sooner or later…

I like that old country song that goes: “You’ve got to live a little if you’re willing to believe. You’ve got to give a little if you’re willing to receive…”

Lisa asks…

Making money from Stock?

Does it boil down to buying the stocks as cheap as possible, keeping an hourly watch on its price, and selling it quick when its price rises?
I think making money from stock is not a rocket science. It probably takes diligence, quick actions, and some luck. Being smart would help, but not necessary.
Please advise without making it more complicated than necessary.

John answers:

This is a very big subject, but I’ll try to summarize the basics…

The most common method of buying stock is just as you say, buy low, sell high. If you’re a day-trader you might hold the stock for as little as a few minutes, if you’re a long-term investor then you might hold it for years.

If you think a stock price is going to go down instead of up then you might choose to short it instead. In this case you borrow some stock from your broker and sell it on the market immediately. You then wait for the price to drop and buy it back at the lower price. You give the stock back to your broker and keep whatever profit you (hopefully) made.

It may seem like gambling, but even short-term traders play a valuable role in the stock market. Ordinarily, stocks would have a very high level of volatility i.e. The price would jump around all over the place and react strongly to even small events. These fluctuations are opportunities for investor to make money, so when short-term traders jump into the market it has an overall effect of injecting some stability to the price. What they’re effectively doing is making profit in return for assuming some of the risk associated with those fluctuations.

Overall the US stock markets have averaged about 12% growth per year (I think…don’t quote me on the exact figure). This ultimately filters down to everyone as profits in their market trading, so stock trading is, in theory at least, genuine investment. This is in contrast to things like futures trading which are basically the same as playing roulette…the futures don’t generate any profit so you have an equal number of winners and losers.

Maria asks…

Where’s the best place for me to put my money?

I am starting to make some good money at a new job, I am 21, and have a son. I am either looking for a way to maybe trade stocks and make some quick money to put away or find the best options for me to put money away so I will be able to have money for a house, his education, and engagement/wedding rings. I have asavings account that I put a very small amount in weekly. But I am looking for the best way to invest some money. Whether it be stocks, cds or something else. But basically want the money to grow so in 1 1/2 year or 2 year I can move my family into a nice home instead of renting. Any suggestions??
I just mean for Down Payment, not to purchase a house cash…if that clears somethings up

John answers:

Nothing can grow that fast that’s remotely funds would make the most over time (10 to 20 years)

even for the down payment

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