Your Questions About Quick Money Making Stocks

Paul asks…

Are there any penny stocks I can jump on right now make some quick money and get out?

I am aware of the risks and not looking to place a large amount of money in just something I can play around with.

John answers:

Forget penny stocks and “quick money”. Investing in the stock market should be a long gradual process using money that you will not need in the short term.

Joseph asks…

How can i make quick money in the AIM stock market??

how can i multiply money in AIM market?? how to figure out where and how to invest? any good magazines n internet websites for online trading in UK?

John answers:

The 2 best websites for stock trading in the UK are:
(newly redesigned today)

The US version of the “The Motley Fool” also has some handy lessons that can be applied to trading here.

One of the first lessons you’ll learn is the quicker you try to make money on the stockmarket, the more profit you’ll loose from Commission fees buying & selling the shares.

George asks…

hey, we are playing a game in my consumer class at my high school. any suggestions for some quick money stocks

we are playing this game for 8 weeks and we need to make the most money… we have 100,000 to work with. need suggestions for best profit

John answers:

I don’t want to give stock advice here, but in 8 weeks with an initial investment of 100K, you could very easily be well on your way to being a millionaire. I made 8K on a stock yesterday, sold it before the price fell, then reinvested my capital and profit from the previous sale into another stock that was at the bottom swing of its price range, but rated to give me a substantial profit on the upswing.

I would recommend checking Google or Yahoo Finance for stock picks and check the financial news.

Donna asks…

how do i make quick money in investing or the stock market?

John answers:

Be extraordinarily lucky.

Nancy asks…

We are playing the stock market game in my current events class, which stocks should I invest my “money” in?

For my current events class we are studding the stock market, my teacher thought it would be fun to get a little hands on education so we all are getting $100,000 to invest in the stock market however we want. I still don’t really understand the stock market but i was just wondering what i should do with my “money.” Since it is only going untill the end of the school year (may) we don’t have very much time. What companies can I invest in to make quick money?

John answers:

Due to a correction and/or bear market, there are many underpriced stocks out there right now. But whether they will make you QUICK MONEY in your time frame, is the question. But I will throw out some I like.

NKE – Nike
USB – US Bankcorp
DRI – Darden Restaurants
UTX – United Technologies
PHG – Phillips Electronics
ACI – Arch Coal

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