Your Questions About Quick Money Making Stocks

Steven asks…

Stock market?

I want to buy, sell or trade stocks. Whatever will make me a lot of money. How do I pursue it? I don’t have a clue where to begin!

John answers:

“Whatever will make me a lot of money.”

Trading stocks is not a get rick quick scheme!

Pursue it by first educating yourself about it, how to do it, the risks involved. So go to the bookshop and library – look at the bestseller lists in that category.

If you want to jump straight in, sign up to an internet broker since they offer the cheapest services.

George asks…

Stocks Question?

Anybody know a good site or two that gives quick and understandable instructions on how to go about it…I know Its deeper than that, looking for more of a “Stocks for Dummies” kind of site..

John answers:

Take time & make an effort. This stuff is not that hard to learn…. You just need to take the time. A “quick” lesson is not going to help you!

Take a year. Although I dislike the “easy” formula’s given buy magazines like MONEY and KIPLINGER’S…. They’re a good place to start to get a feel. Buy a couple of books (the “dummy series is fine).. Get a least one book on retirement investing and one “general” book on investing.

If you do this for a year…. Take your time to understand. You’ll be able to save yourself 10’s of thousands of dollars over a lifetime (and make some money too). The suggestion that you consider an S&P 500 index ETF is a good idea. Look at SPY and IVV.

But…. Should you be taking investment suggestions from strangers….. I don’t think it’s wise. In fact it’s worse than gambling. Don’t use yahoo answers as a basis to invest your money. Be patient. Learn. It will work out fine!

Ken asks…

How do stocks and investments work…?

I am very interested in how people use stocks to their advantages. I tried to learn on my own but its a little hard to grasp. I understand the general idea, but how and where would you invest your money to make money from it?

If somebody is willing to explain, that would be great!

John answers:

When you buy a share of stock, you are part owner of that company; the company belongs to you. It could be any of over 13,000 companies that have stock such as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola,, Ford, Krogers, your local bakery or electric company.

Avoid gambling! If you buy stock hoping that you can sell it for a quick profit because of the daily (or monthly) swings in price, then you are not investing. That is gambling and on a large scale. You are trying to guess better than the public how the price will change.

Choose a company that has steady earnings each year instead of losses. If your company has very little long term debt, it will likely not get into financial trouble.
When you see a restaurant, clothing shop or tire store (or any other business) that seems to be very busy all the time then that is a good place to start your investigation.

Buy these sturdy stocks and hold on to them. When you hold these stocks over a period of time, the prices will go up for a real reason; the companies are working hard earning money every year. This is NOT gambling.

As time passes and your company earns money, it is your money. If you save a portion of your income each payday and invest in stocks, over the course of several years you can grow very wealthy indeed. It is like hiring someone to go to work and earn money for you, and then using that money to hire more workers. Your money grows geometrically.
—– —– —–
As a company earns money, it becomes more valuable and the price of its shares of stock goes up. You collect this increase in value when you sell your shares for more than you paid for them.

The board of directors decides what to do with the company’s net earnings.
?Some or all of the earnings may be re-invested in the company so it can grow, open new stores or make repairs. When this is done, the earnings money is used up but the company is more valuable by the same amount.
The per share price, having increased because of the earnings, retain that increase when the earnings are re-invested in the company.
?Some or all of the earnings may be given directly to the shareholders as dividends. They just mail you a check or send the money to your brokerage account. This makes the price of the stock decrease by the same amount as the dividend, so you have the same value in the total of stock and dividends.
—– —– —–
Since you are an owner of the company, the members of the board of directors work for you. Each year you can vote for each member, one vote for each share that you own.
If you don’t think the present board members are running your company properly, vote them out.
—– —– —–
You are also protected when you own stock. If for instance, your company gets sued and loses more than it can pay, the law CANNOT come to you the owner, and confiscate your house or other property. The shares may become worthless, but that is all you can lose.
. .

Susan asks…

Anyone know how to make quick money?

Nothing Against the law (they’re watching lol)

John answers:

GDI has an unbelieveable start up cost . . . FREE! That’s right, you get one whole week to try out the business free of charge. If you want to continue, just cancel what you don’t want and pay only $10us per month.

Of course I was leary/skeptical! After all, it sounds WAY too good to be true doesn’t it? How can you trust me anyway, you don’t even know me? I guess that the risk we take from asking for advice online. Just have a look and see for yourself. There’s nothing for either of us to lose.

GDI’s website is really straightforward. NO direct selling – no stocking inventory – not even much follow-up. GDI does most of the follow-up for me. All I need to do is direct people to my website and the rest is history. Take a look at this great opportunity at

Even better, GDI is global. My support group consists of people from USA, Spain & Mexico. This truly is an opportunity for people to help people – the world is my market now! No more pestering friends & family about my new business ventures. Yea!! What a relief!

I only started recently but my upline says he spends about 20 minutes a day “working the business” and still makes money. Even when his computer was down for five days he was able to make $200! He sounds like a great guy (never met him though), very helpful and supportive. If I don’t understand something, I know I can contact him and he’s always there to help.

Take a few minutes to have a look at their offer. You won’t regret it. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

Laura asks…

How can I make money quick nd easy ?

Plz help in desperate need can’t seem to administrate my money well. Now everything is piling up I need extra cash help

John answers:

You can sell stuff that you already have that you don’t really need. If you like taking a little risk you can check out some stocks and such. Making money quick and easy isn’t really feasible for the most part. If you are very creative you can think up an invention.

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