Your Questions About Quick Money Making Stocks

John asks…

where should I invest my money?

I have recently joined my job my monthly salary is 20000 and my expenditure is 2000 what should I do of remainig money,

John answers:


Good News For Housewife,Retired People,Young people,Unemployed and for All Those Who Want To Make money quickly

Hi I am Manoj ,a stock market professional with over 15 years experience.
I found a large number of people are –
1-ignorant about stock market
2- want to invest in stock market to make money ,but they dont know how
3 -want to know basics of investing in stock market,but dont know how
4-young people, house wifes,retired people,unemployed people and working people all want to make some money on their own without much investment.
I will teach you –
-basics of stock market
-how to open a stock trading account
-how to choose a brokering firm
-how to invest in stocks
-how to choose stocks for investment
-how can you make big money with small investment
-how can you make a career in stock market
-requirements for trading in stock market.


Lizzie asks…

How can I make money quick?

How can I legally make money extremely quick. I guess selling things, any ideas?

John answers:

Rise early, work hard, strike oil. Paul Getty.

Even if you do all the right stuff and strive really hard you still have to get lucky (“strike oil”)

Try Stock Options, a lot of people are cashing out it now due to the recent volatility of the market.

Linda asks…

First time stock buyer…?

I am a student who wants to make some money on the stock exchange. I have limited funds as you can imagine and am wondering if people could give me advice on how to approach the market? where the smart money is? and any other help would be greatly appreciated!


John answers:

If you’re trying to make a profit in the short term, then stocks are extremely risky. A well-balanced portfolio over many many years is often a sound investment, but trying to make quick money on the stock market also runs a very large chance you’ll make a quick loss of your money, so don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose.

If you can’t afford to lose but would like your money to make more than the basic interest it makes in your savings account, then talk to a financial planner about some more suitable investments.

Susan asks…

Any ways to make quick money?

I live in New York, so that means I cant just go to a house and say “Can I do your lawn?” because I live around buildings. I am 15 and when I ask my dad for money he cant afford to give me anything. Is their any way to make money? Could I possibly be a delivery person at this age? Ill take anything! Please help

John answers:

Las vegas or the lottery or the stock market.

Sharon asks…

Anyone got any quick money making tips – get rich quick kinda thing – something that works???

John answers:

Hi Donna,

This truly is not just about making money but having safe products in your home for you and your family. If you are interested in a home based business than you can e-mail me back at and I can give you the details. I am not going to give all the hype that people look for but just tell you the truth. We don’t sell,deliver or stock products. The name of our company that we work with is Melaleuca and we are proud to say their name. It is not a scam or an MLM company, it is just a fortune 500 company that care about people and enjoys paying them for referring people to them and it is as simple as that. The important part is using their products as I know that you will love and the rest comes from using them as it is truly a great story about this company. Let me know if you would like to learn more.

Rich & Teresa

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