Your Questions About Quick Money Making Stocks

Daniel asks…

How can I make money quick?

How can I make good money easily? I’m trying to save up for a decent car and I only have two years to do it.
Nothing against the law.

John answers:

How does it feel to use $100 and turn to $400,000-$500,000 in 5-10 years. I think GREENSHIFT CORPORATI(GERS.OB) penny stock, it good to start with because the it at the lowest that can not longer going down. The volume trading it always high and if you look at the chart it show that when the market it back to normal few year ago the stock is about $.40-$1 and the stock it about green energy it most likely will buy by other big company so the stock it easy it earn 1000 time the amount you put in. In the long term5-10 years if you lose you only lose $100 and if you win you win $400,0000-$1000,0000 I think it reasonable to buy .in short term(6m-1y) you probability of earn 2-10 time that amount you put in. Of course the more money you put the high your profit.

Michael asks…

Stock market is really bad. Where is a good place for making quick buck?

John answers:

If you understood the stock market, you could make money in it.

Experienced traders/investors make money in both good and bad markets.

Helen asks…

What is the quickest way to double your money beside playing stocks?

How long does it take for a smart investor to become a millionaire starting out with just $1000?

John answers:

The stock exchange is just gambling, you’re as likely to lose the lot as you are to make a profit. With a small amount of cash buying and selling things for a profit will make you money more quickly, well it will so long as you know what you’re buying and know that it will sell for more.

Betty asks…

quick way to make money?

John answers:

Go short on stocks. Money saved is money earned. Have a garage sale.

Lizzie asks…

making money?

how can you make money on the web…but of course not spending your own trying to do it.

John answers:

Sign up:

AGLOCO is the first Internet based economic network, which enables you as a Member to Get your share of the Internet. Advertisers are spending billions just to reach to you.. It is the vision of AGLOCO to see that you get a fair share of the revenue made.

Quick Facts

• Membership is free for members from all countries.
• AGLOCO pays you to surf the web by having the View bar open.
• Every 5 members you recruit to AGLOCO, your income doubles.
• 100% of the company is member-owned.
• Members also get shares of the company which can be traded once AGLOCO goes public
[to be listed at London Stock Exchange (AIM)]
• Cheques are sent via mail, monthly.
• AGLOCO is a made-up term. Yet it already gives 9,00,000+ results on Google, just after a month of it’s debut.
• The faster you join AGLOCO and start creating your downline, the faster your network grows and the more you earn.


AGLOCO is the reincarnation of AllAdvantage, the company that started the “get paid to..” fab. generated more revenue in its first 12 months of operations than any online consumer/advertising company in history. The of growth in members far outstripped the growth in revenues back in 1998. The online advert. Market and the Internet Financing markets crashed in 2000-01, the revenues from the business could not keep up with the rapid growth in members and AllAdvantage had to shut down. By then, AA had paid over $100 million in checks to members.

Referral Structure
AGLOCO™ pays you an hourly rate when the friends and family you recruit (called “direct referrals”) use the web with the Viewbar™ running, as well as for people your referrals recruit (called “extended referrals”). Extended referrals continue for four levels past your original referral, and there is no limit to the number of referrals you can accumulate.

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