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Linda asks…

What is the meaning of wealth and money if millionaires are frugal?

In the recent article, it explains that millionaires are frugal.

What is the meaning of wealth and money if wealthy people live like a middle class person?
I take it that most of you would agree that millionaires “sit” on their wealth or invest in the stock market to get more money. But why? If they are going to die and not spend the money, why bother investing it?

John answers:

They live comfortably and within their means. Most of the millionaires that go out and buy the Ferrari’s and build the multimillion dollar homes end up broke within a couple of years. This mostly happens when a poor,uneducated person becomes very wealthy, very rapidly. This quick move up in socioeconomic status often makes the person spend as much money as possible in order to make up for everything he or she did not have in the past. To get back to the question; you must also realize these people are not just “sitting” on top of this money. They, more than likely, have it invested in the stocks, bonds, etc. If you read the article thoroughly, the interviewee states “…to live below one’s means.” This is how the rich stay rich. They are being financially smart. They tend to not be, as what he states, hyper consumptive. One of the financial tenets is always have enough in your savings account to be able to survive six months at the same standard of living with no income. Most people do not live by this rule. So when people read this article they may be surprised to find that most of the affluent live middle class lifestyles.

Maria asks…

What are some good healthy foods I can stock up on?

I’m trying to eat healthy, but I also not sure what are the best foods to get as well. Plus I want to be able to eat and be full after each meal and a lot of these healthy foods don’t seem filling unless you eat it at huge amounts and that takes a lot of time or money. Which is hard nowadays.

And are hemp seeds good for you?

John answers:

Oatmeal, nuts and seeds (store in freezer) add to salads yogurt and cereals use for snacks. Canned beans (rinse well to cut sodium) add to soups, salads or make a quick hearty meal by spicing up and adding to some rice.

Daniel asks…

How can I make money quick in the summer?

I’m an 11 year old girl and need to find a way to make some money this summer. I live in Wisconsin. I need help and will take any suggestions in to thought. Thanks for your cooperation! Also instead of posting here which you can do, I would appreciate if you would email me at Thank you!

John answers:

Wash cars, sell lemonade, baby sit…if you have a hobby liek horses or music or what ever go to a place involved with that stuff and work cheap in the back room doing stock or errands for them…also never advertise that you are an 11 year old girl and give out you email on the web, there are a million wackos out there BE CAREFUL

Steven asks…

Can I make a halfway decent dinner out of these ingredients?

I have a box of whole wheat penne, fat free cheese slices, extra virgin olive oil, broccoli, onions, and a fully stocked spice cabinet. I have time to pick up a few more things, but I don’t have a lot of money. I was thinking maybe add some chicken and a few more veggies for a pasta toss? What else can I add/do? Thanks in advance.

John answers:

I think you already have it – cooke the penne, steam the broccoli, saute the onion – season with salt and pepper. Maybe make a quick cheese sauce – though fat-free isn’t the best for this – to cover. You could certainly add chicken, if you like, but it sounds fine without.

**Cheese Sauce

2 tbsp butter or margarine
2 tbsp flour
1 cup milk
1 cup grated cheese
Salt and Pepper to taste.
Melt the butter and then stir in the flour, mixing so that no lumps form. Remove from heat, and add the milk. Replace on your stove, and stir until thick. Again, remove from stove, and stir in cheese. Stir until melted. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Richard asks…

Quick ways to make money? ?

I’m 13 and a girl and I want to make some money. How can you make some? I loveee kids and I want to babysit but how? Lol. But how can I make like $300? I really really really want this longboard. Thanks!

John answers:

Sell stock photos. Stock photos are relatively easy to take and, once you’ve posted them to your stock-photo account, can make money fairly passively.

Sell scavenged valuables. If you have a metal detector, go to public places (especially parks, beaches, and other areas where people are likely to drop something unnoticed) and look for jewelry and other goods.

Sell things walking about the roadside. Entrepreneurial sorts sell things like cold drinks on hot days or hot nuts in winter. But it can be dangerous work and it may be illegal, so check the laws and watch the traffic with great care. A safer option is a roadside stall, where people have to park the car and come and see your wares.

Sell your hair. If your hair is healthy, untreated, and longer than 10in (25cm), you can sell it for hundreds of dollars – or possibly thousands if it’s a superb length and color.

Flip products. Flipping is simply buying something and then selling it for more. Some people flip items by investing a lot of time and effort into repairs, but it’s also possible to flip simply by finding good deals.

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