Your Questions About Quick Money Making Stocks

Susan asks…

How do you buy and sell stocks on yahoo finance?

I just made a yahoo account. Please explain to me how to buy and sell stocks with it (i am at square 1) and make money.

John answers:

Yahoo Finance is simply an information and news site. It is a great resource for investing and I use it as one of my primary tools. There are many great online sites for stock trading. You can use etrade, scott trade, schwab, etc. I would recommend developing a strategy- day trading, long term, short term, etc and then based on what you are looking to do pick a broker that makes the most sense. Also, be sure to check what the commissions are because those can add up pretty quick if you are trading a lot of stocks.

I would also look for a forum that has lot of information about stocks and is used by traders. You can search for these. You may want to use specific strategies like Rule 1 by Phil Town. This is an analytical strategy that looks to capitalize on stocks that are undervalued. I found a screener tool for this so you don’t have to do all the research yourself. It is located at I am using it and it seems to work very well. I have more of a long term strategy and so this matches up nicely. I hope this helps. Feel free to email me with any questions you have.

William asks…

Im 18 years old and would like to invest in the stock market?

Im not quite sure how this works, but Im willing to learn. Im not looking for a get rich quick scheme and I realize that to make money you must be both patient an smart, but any advice would help.

John answers:

When you first start out it is very difficult not to attempt to get rich quick. I know when I started out, I sure tried. Take some time to learn about the fundamentals. There are plenty of books that have been written on the subject–thousands I think. A good beginning book is “Investing for Dummies.” It is a good place to start. There are a lot of resources on the internet and when you open you on line brokerage account, you will have access to material provided by them. You are bound to make mistakes. Everybody does. Sometimes they will be huge, but try to limit your losses.

There is a saying. Bulls make money. Bears make money. Pigs get slaughtered.

David asks…

How do I get money quick enough?

Ok so right now I have a deal with my parents that if I get all A’s i can buy any thing i want but with my money. That’s the problem, i don’t have enough money the thing i want (which is a laptop that is some how 1200-1500 dollars). How do i make enough money quick enough? Time i have 9-8 weeks.
Wanna Buy a AlienWare laptop
I want to get an Alienware or a good gameing computer.

John answers:

You can get a beautiful Toshiba laptop for way less than half that amount. I bought mine last Fall for $350 plus i had bells and whistles added because I’m a stock trader and have need for other items. I also have a Compaq laptop that works great—ran about $600.

Perhaps you could pay a visit online or in person to Office Depot which is where I buy my computers? The numbers you posted here are out of line with my own experiences. You may have enough money now. I sure hope so!

And if you find you have enough cash, I won’t you won’t forget about getting those A’s! Make us all proud.


Nancy asks…

How to make money by taking high quality Pictures? What websites buy pictures? and any other tips?

Hey there, i just wanted to know how can i make money out of my pictures that i take?,, where should i sell them? what tips can you guys give me, and how can i contact people from the magazine and how can i find out that they are looking for photographers?

John answers:

Right, so in a couple of sentences you want details of things that it takes professionals years to build upto and many hours per week doing!

Two quick tips.
Google stock photography
Go to your local newsagent (or library) and read the credits in the magazines and get the picture editors names and contact them.

You are on your own now.

Ruth asks…

What are the best short term stocks to buy?

I am looking for stocks that have the chance of getting me a large profit over the course of one month. Thanks for your help!

John answers:

You are setting yourself up for a major disappointment. Hoping that some stranger, whose qualifications and motives can never be known…. Will lead you to quick easy money……. Is dreaming at best.

Do you understand that most successful short term traders make their money using good money management techniques…….. Which usually takes years to develop. In addition short term traders are happy to get 50% of their trades correct…. So the key is managing the losses and letting the winners run……. Sounds easy…… But it’s not.

Also……. 95% of all short term traders fail…. Many in a short period of time. With your technique… I suspect it will be very quick.

BTW: My two favorite stocks right now are AKAM & CERS.

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