Your Questions About Quick Money Making Stocks

Thomas asks…

What are good penny stocks to currently buy into? (experienced traders only please)?

I lost ALOT of money the past few weeks and I need to make up as much as I can as quick as possible so I am interested in high risk high reward penny stocks, I only have a few hundred left and so the cheaper the stocks the better. Thanks and again please experienced traders only

John answers:

It is not always the case, that the higher the risk, the higher the return. Penny stocks are high risk, and over the long run they are low return. You may hit it big with one, but you make up for it with several losses. It is best to avoid penny stocks.

Susan asks…

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?

Ok so i don’t have much knowledge on stocks and stuff but i was wondering does it make sense to buy Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac stocks since they are soo cheap right now? i’m not looking to make quick money, im only 20 so i plan on just holding on to the stocks for a while. ANy other reccomendations? Thanks

John answers:

There are sooooooo many stocks that are beaten down at this point. Why would you want to choose ones in such trouble as Fannie and Freddie? One of the best things I’ve learned thus far in investing is to resist that automatic judgment that happens when you look at a stock like Ford, or Fannie and Freddie and think that since it’s lost 90% of it’s value it’s cheap.

It lost 90% for a reason!!!

Better stocks right now are ones that followed the whole market down but have excellent prospects.

I personally am looking at high growth small cap stocks right now. Just bought into QXM.

Ask yourself what is going to change about this failing company (be it ford or AIG or Freddie Mac) that is going to make it appreciate in value in the next couple years? If you can’t find a good answer, look for companies that are succeeding but who’s stock price has taken a hit just because of general market fear. You’ve never had more choices than right now.

Helen asks…

counterfeit products, terrorist plot or just people trying to make a quick buck?

the corporate and government types want you to believe that buying cheep, counterfeit products is supporting terrorism, that sounds like B.S to me, sure some terrorists may be making money selling counterfeit jeans and stuff but they are also probably selling real designer jeans, doing internet stock marketing and anything else that will make them an easy buck. that doesn’t mean any of these things is a “terrorist activity” what the government is really concerned about is not getting their cut of the profits through taxes and the corporate sector wants to kill off the competition so you have to buy their cheaply made crap for much more.
am i right or am i right?
what ever happened to the American way? you know, you see someone making money and you copy them so you can get money too.
RE: “Sounds like you’re just a cheap bastard without an eye for quality, and who doesn’t respect intellectual property rights.”
1st, i am a POOR bastard, i can’t afford to pay 150.00 for a pair of shoe, sue me!
if i want to “be in style” so bad that i want to buy knock offs with “rock hard soles” that’s between me and my orthopedist.
2nd, it’s funny how the biggest whiners about copyrights are thieves themselves.
Disney, for example when was the last time they made an original film?
snow white? some one else’s idea
little mermaid, same thing, pinochio?
now their even ripping off the movies they had already ripped off “Alice in wonder land”
Bildeberg group, yeah a secret society of uber rich and powerful people scratching each others backs in their nefarious plots.
people always nay say secret societies and plots like this but through out history this stuff has been around, do i have proof? no but where theres smoke, something is likely burning.
adam, i think you miss MY point, wither it’s right or wrong is not the main issue, my biggest complaint here is that the government is once again using the “funding terrorist activities” excuse again. sure terrorists will have their filthy hands in many illegal enterprises, but not because they are illegal. it’s because that’s where the money is at. saying all illegal activity is funding terrorists is as stupid as saying terrorists only make money thru illegal activities.
once it was “because we say so” now the government is dong the same thing with “it funds terrorism” tell me this, what probable cause did they have for entering the places these items were at?
and as for my spelling, news flash, i am a lousy typist struggling with optical and neurologically handicaps that cause me to reverse, skip, double or mistype letters and especially numbers. plus when i am in a mood as i was on asking this question, proper Grammer and spelling was the last thing on my mind.
for those of you blindly believing what ever the government and news media (the same thing) tell you, i would suggest the movie V for Vendetta.
sure, it’s just a story, but from before recorded history, stories were how the truth was spread under the noses of the overseers

John answers:

Screw whatever those first to responders are talking about, it doesn’t support terrorism. People in the fashion industry make billions and trillions off of you, me and other americans and it’s sad. Have you ever heard of the Bildeberg group. Why don’t you go to google search engine and look at a few articles or so and tell me what you think afterwards. It will amaze you! And please, please pay it forward. By the way, common sense would tell the average person that if it was such terrorist activity why wouldn’t they stop them from selling their products or freeze any money you send to them via pay pal/credit card. Either the U.S. Isn’t looking out for our best interests or good ole’ America is not the most powerful country in the world, and I really doubt the latter!

Mary asks…

Can Anyone Help Me on Stock & Shares Please?

Basically, i want to invest just to start say about £50.00, then from the money i make of this i want to buy more. I dont want to buy shares for long term, i want to buy a share 1 day and then say 2 to 4 days down the line sell it and make some quick money. BUT i dont even know where to start. Which website do i go to in order to buy shares? how do i buy them?, what should i be looking for when buying a share for short term investment? Is there alot of money to be made in shares?, does anyone know any websites i can go to which is like stocks and shares for dummies or something?, i really want to get into this. But first i need to understand everything and thats the hard but of it, everytime i look at shares online, they presents lots of different words i dont even know what they mean for example FSTE if thats even right. I need help on this, can somone lead me onto the right path thanks people, i realy appreciate this.

Happy Holidays.
I just looked at a share and its says this:

Price+/-Var %VolumeLast close
230.00+10.50 +4.78% 3,643 219.50 on 14-Dec-2011
BidOffer Trading status
218.00233.00 Regular Trading
HighLow Special conditions
230.00220.50 NONE

So, by looking at this i think it means, that each share to buy is £230.00, but if you buy this share now you will get £10.50, becuase thats how much its gone up by? i dont understand then why would you invest £230.00 just to get £10.50 this doesnt make sence to me, i ned some kind on online tutorial or book that explains everything step by step, has any one got any ideas please, thanks alot people i realy appreciate this help.

John answers:

Go to your local library and read

Lisa asks…

Should I pay my mortgage off quicker or should I save the money?

Im closing on my first house next week. My husband and I are both 30. I checked I mortgage caculator and found out if we make a payment of $3500.00 1 x a year in addition to our regular payments then we will pay the loan off 10 years earlier. Is that a good thing to do with our money or should we be putting it into some sort of stocks for retirement.

John answers:

While paying off the mortgage early would be a good thing, you should also put money into retirement.

You can still pay your mortgage off faster by paying as little as $10 extra every month earmarked for principal. You don’t have to have a big lump sum payment

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