Your Questions About Quick Money Making Stocks

Helen asks…

Can I make some money from the stock market if I start with something like $ 500?

I’m not looking for long term profits. I’m a college boy so I’m looking for something quick. Where should I start? Any good guides or books on this?

John answers:

I would suggest against it. Usually, to start investing, a more substantive amount of money, like $10,000 is expected with a brokerage account. I would suggest paying off any high rate debt first. Then, after paying off the debt, consider opening a high yield savings account. There are banks (citiBank direct, for instance) that offer reasonable returns in the 5% range.

Please note: If you make more than $10 in interest, the feds will tax that money at 40% in some cases. You might consider opening up a Roth IRA and allowing the money to grow tax free and withdrawing the money at retirement tax free too. If this is the route you consider, invest in an ETF or mutual fund with low fees. Check out Morningstar ratings to find a good fund to use.

Or – there is the ultimate college solution: Spend it on a massive kegger and make $2000. Be sure to buy wristbands.

George asks…

Which Stock Trader to use?

I’m new at this stock trading thing, looking for a cheap trading software like Sogotrade, Etc. i did some research but idk what everything means yet, and i just want to make some quick money, since the stock is so low right now. I probably will buy like 1 or 2 stocks wait for the price to go up again then exit out.
please suggest some cheat softwares.

John answers:

Meta Stock:
Google Charts:
Yahoo Finance:

Charles asks…

Ok I know there are almost no “get rich quick” schemes that work. Is there a way for someone to make fast cash

With that fast cash i would want to go into stocks and make even more money there. Im 21 and senior in college, and i only have 2 grand in my bank account. so im looking for extra cash and trying to hit it big in the stock market. Please anything would help!

John answers:

I have personally been doing a bit of research on work from home companies for about 4 1/2 months now and i”ve run into quite a few good companies that you can do in your spare time and earn a stable income. People who work for these companies generally are college students, stay at home moms, retired persons, people looking for a second or third income. I have been scammed by a few companies as well I have all information posted on my blog for people looking to work from home I also have a list of companies to watch for. Most people think that if they charge a fee then its a scam but my research has proven to differ. Believe it or not most of the scams that I’ve been through were free to join you can view more info here

Mark asks…

Investing in stocks – let it sit?

I have $500 to invest. I wanted to invest it into a company that is cheap right now, but I KNOW will go back up in the future. Is it wise to put the $500 into the company (each share is about 70 so I would be getting 6 or 7 shares) and then let it sit with the dividends reinvesting? I dont need to make quick money. I can let it sit for years upon years, but I want to have a nice little pocket of money when I’m older (I’m 22). I’m new to this so any and ALL opinions/comments/concerns are welcome.

John answers:

One of the most important rules in investing is diversify your portfolio. You’re putting all your nest egg into one company… Very risky. And how do you KNOW that it will go up? Many people who invested in ENRON and/or tech startups during the tech boom said they just KNOW the stock will go up. So, do some research, pick about 10 to 20 companies that have solid finances (you’ll have to know some accounting stuff to do this – You must know how to at least read income statement, and statement of cash flow) and a good business model.

With your $500, you can’t really diversify. I suggest you save up more money and educate yourself a little more about the individual companies you want to invest in and the market in general.

Read newspapers such as Financial Times and Wall Street Journal.

Mandy asks…

I am 17 years old and want to make money on-line for free? No scams or stocks!!!?

I am 17 years old and I am having a problem finding a job, every job I apply for do not want to work with my hours. I am taking summer classes. I need a website that allows me to take surveys and earn money. Most websites want you to be atleast 18 or pay. I also tried Yuwie but, it takes a while before you earn anything. I just joined today. I want quick results because, I really need the money. Someone please give me a website where I can take surveys for free and don’t have to be 18.
I tried all of the websites below but, after they get your information, you still end up having to be 18

John answers:

Well you don’t have to be 18 for this one !! I think you should try cause they were feautured in the magizine so it must not be a spam. You won’t get rich off of it but you’ll earn extra cash, i believe. They pay is like, $1-$20 per survey. Try it out ! Nothing to loose 😀 FREE FREE FREE !

The url is here :


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