Your Questions About Quick Money Making Stocks

Donna asks…

What is the Best stock for April to get in too? Stocks that make quick money and under a dollar.?

Hi, in the past 2 weeks I made 10,000 in buying TRMPQ. Bought in at .3 cents at 1300 dollars worth of stocks abut 40000 shares and Sold it at 24 cents. It was amazing and I just want to heard other stocks like this, stocks that have huge potental to spike. Lets talk and share ideas and make 09 into a better life.

John answers:

May be the link can help you! Http://

Ken asks…

What is the best method of making quick money on the stock market?

John answers:

Taking out a hugely leveraged position on the stock with the largest daily gain.

John asks…

Which Stocks to invest right now to make quick money?

I have some extra cash and I wanted to invest it online trading, someone can please guide me which stocks are best to invest right now, so I could make some quick money.


John answers:

There is no such thing as quick money…especially in this panic ridden market.

That being said if you have money that you can afford to lose with the hope of a monster gain. I would suggest placing a bet on equity of FNM and FRE at these levels. At these suppressed levels, investors are pricing in near insolvency of the banks. The FED can’t let these banks fail (and they know that we know that which is why they keep playing off the “rescue” card). If there is any news of a bailout, capital infusion, stimulus package, liquidity addition, etc….the shares could easily double from these levels.

Many will say investing in these two is crazy and such. But on a risk to reward basis (at these levels is the kicker), it is more than worth the risk if you can afford it.

Jenny asks…

What are good stocks to invest in to make quick money?

I need to make some quick money and if you have any info it would be much apreciated.

John answers:

Don’t watch “Mad Money”. He has to pick so many stocks every day that he is not as discriminating as he should be. If your looking for quick money you might as well go to a casino and play roulette, you have about the same odds. Stocks are a long term investment.

Helen asks…

How do you make quick money in the stock?

I was thinking of penny stocks. I found a penny stock that is .62 cents and I want to buy it but not sure? I also looked at reverse stocks but the dow is always up these days? How do you make quick money? When is the dow going to go down?

John answers:

“Timing the market” is usually what people mean by making quick money, but it requires a very in depth knowledge of the company whose stocks you’re buying, and even then it’s a hit-and-miss.

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