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Chris asks…

Journalists? Can you check out my essay?

Business owners and employees make up most of the people we see around us. Both spend money and pay the required taxes to the government and they are key elements to our economy. There is a point in ones life where they are faced with a choice of whether to work a job, or have the others work the job for you. Perhaps most people do choose to become an employee for their lives. It is the most secure way to provide an income isn’t it? Some may believe the answer to the question is yes. Were we really born to live for unyielding security? The risks involved in being a business owner are not too different from being an employee.

The United States government gives income tax benefits to the owners of businesses. They do this because businesses are a very important factor in our economy. Businesses are what create jobs to provide many people with a source of income therefore fueling our economy. Small businesses alone make up 50 percent of the private sector workforce in the United States. This, in turn, is what our government depends on for the collection of taxes.

Employees receive benefits from the government too. The government provides economic security to individuals also known as Social Security. As one works a job, social security is then collected from their paycheck to be given back starting at the age of 62. The government does offer the option of waiting more years before collecting so

one could receive more money. Some may ignore this benefit because of recent problems with this government program, but employees will still get some money.

Business owners are able to expand their businesses, therefore increase profits. If a business owner decides to do so, they can design a plan. Owners do not have a set salary or hourly wage like employees do. The business as a whole has its income measured accurately, and then the employees and taxes are paid. The owner keeps left over profits for his/herself. This can generate much more of an income because it was in their control. Owners do not have to ask a boss for a raise, they simply ask themselves, how can I be more profitable?

On the other hand, employees do not have much of a choice as to how much they make. Some rarely argue with an employer when an offer is made. The employee has the choice to search more jobs or take what is available to them. They are paid what the employer believes is just enough for them to stay, and just enough so they don’t quit.

Employers are the ones in control at the workplace. They can terminate an employee from the business at any time. Even if one has been working for a business for many years, one can still lose his/her job. It is beneficial for employers to do this because other prospective employees for the same job may want lower pay. This in turn puts more profit in the owner’s pocket. Though employers can do this at any time, employees are given the right to withdraw from a job at any time and may also sue for unlawful practices in the workplace.

Both businesses and employees are very important to our economy. Without employees, a business would not be able to function to its best and most profitable abilities. Without businesses, people would be limited to jobs and therefore would decrease the United States’ economic status. Risk and security are the two main factors of why some may decide to work as employees. But, the desire for security in some people’s lives tends to blind them from the many opportunities that pass before their eyes. “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

John answers:

I like your essay overall, but there are a few changes that you should make…

1. First paragraph; sixth sentence – Add semicolon.
E.g. It is the most secure way to provide an income; isn’t it?

2. Second paragraph; third sentence – Add a comma.
E.g. Businesses are what create jobs to provide many people with a source of income, therefore fueling our economy.

3. Third paragraph; first sentence – Change words or add comma.
E.g. Employees receive benefits from the government, too. OR Employees receive benefits from the government as well.

4. Third paragraph; second sentence – Add comma.
E.g. The government provides economic security to individuals, also known as Social Security.

5. Fourth paragraph; last sentence – Add a dash or semicolon.
E.g. Owners do not have to ask a boss for a raise, they simply ask themselves – how can I be more profitable? OR Owners do not have to ask a boss for a raise, they simply ask themselves; how can I be more profitable?

6. Fifth paragraph; last sentence – Take out the comma because it is unneeded in your compound predicate.
E.g. They are paid what the employer believes is just enough for them to stay and just enough so they don’t quit.

7. Last paragraph; fourth sentence – Take out the comma.
E.g. But, the desire for security in some people’s lives tends to blind them from the many opportunities that pass before their eyes.

I really liked that essay, and I learned a lot from it. Thanks for the opportunity to exercise my mind. I especially enjoy that last statement that is in quotations…

Charles asks…

i’m get cold feet about my travels?

I am stressing out right now. At the moment I have no life. I want to move on from the past.

I need a job. And I decided to look into a trade because I don’t want to work in a lab or an office. And then I stumbled upon a website where gem cutting is taught. the thing is its taught in Thailand.

Anyway I contacted the coordinator and the program looks very good. I have no history with gem cutting but the gem cutters I have met since I researched this seem very hapy. There’s not a major job market for this to be honest. But it does exist none the less, and I would be content to work a simple trade job for a while.

Also I just want to get away. I am so sick of being here. My family does nothing for me except discourage and enable depression.

While I am there I also plan to take martioal arts class, become a padi instructor, and take cooking classes. socialize and work.

So I guess I am just worried about going there and things not working out.

Isn’t true than many people go abroad to clear the soul and regain their footing in life? I am nervous about the school being bad or something I don’t know.

Any advice or support or insight you could offer would be good. in a way i suspect i am doing this subconciously for approval and to escape. i doubt it will be really profitable. but i haveno life here and i’m in a rut.

John answers:

You’re afraid of failing and that’s quite natural.

But there is one truth about failing: The only people who never fail are people who never try anything.

Maybe you’ve got what it takes, right now, to go to a foreign country, take in a new culture and learn a trade while you’re at it and maybe you don’t. But there’s only one way you’ll find out.

If you give something your best and you still fail (and it will happen), at least you’ll know.
If you don’t try it, this is the kind of thing that could chase you right up to your death bed.
I don’t know about you, but if there’s one thing that gets to me it’s “what if”‘s.
If you really want to do something, I say go for it. Worst comes to worst, you’ll be wiser for the experience.

Robert asks…

OK, it’s up to YOU, what would you do?

If you were in charge and had only one plan to stop the drug cartels, gun running and drugs from getting all over in America, what would it be?

The way I see the whole deal is it’s a simple problem of supply and demand. Eliminate the demand and the supply dries up and everything around it. The most profitable way to do it is to break the dealers AND USERS down to homelessness. Like when someone gets busted, everything they own is confiscated and sold, their drivers license is permanently revoked and they are fired from their job but not jailed.
I think that when faced with total obliteration of their entire life for the FIRST offense most would quit right there on the spot.However to help destroy the illegal drug trade the government supplies those who need medical Marijuana at a tiny fee for tracking purposes.

John answers:

It’s up to me? Really?! Well alrighty then…I’d re-institute the death penalty in all states. First time offenders get jail & classes that teach them personal responsibility (like their parents should have taught them). Second offenders get the chair, firing squad, hangman’s tree, or whatever is cheapest. This is broad-casted on TV, to send a message to all the little wannabes that this is what people get for screwing around with the law. After about a year, most of the jails would be cleared out. Now you’d have wonderful facilities that can be made into terrific schools for our kids. Just think of all that space being put to good use for our kids. There are tennis courts, weight rooms, libraries that rival what most cities have, and all that space. Criminals could be housed in county lock-ups, as they’d only be incarcerated for a year, long enough to finish their re-education classes. They’d know that if they got caught again, it’s curtains for them, thus very few repeat offenders. In our area, meth & prescription pills are the biggies, along with alcohol. Actually, Wisconsin has the highest incidences of alcohol abuse in teenagers than any other state. And where do they get it? From their parents stash, or from barely legal friends who want to get their minor pals drunk…misery loves company, don’t ya know? Much of this is a moral thing, and if morals weren’t taught at home, then it won’t be passed onto the kids. And with many one-parent families, that leaves the kids pretty much on their own to make their own decisions about what they do with their spare time. It’s partially our governments fault for taxing us so much that the parents have to all work to make ends meet. And in a one-parent family, that often means two jobs for the parent, leaving their kids home alone. I see it in my own community, which is depressed through lack of jobs anyway. The kids don’t have anything to look forward to, so they turn to illegal activities. Every community needs to step up and make a difference in the lives of these kids, giving them things to do, and a place to do them in. Churches need to step up and be that moral compass…that safe place to hang out in. Our church has a youth night every week, feeding the kids supper, and giving them activities…even driving home the ones that live out in the country. We make sure that their families have food to eat, and try to meet any other need that they have. This is what communities need to do in order to show these kids that someone cares for them. This is where we can make a difference in giving the moral tools to our neighborhood kids so that they can understand that they do have a choice. As far as stopping all illegal activities…if they were faced with giving up their lives for their illegal activities, some people are strung out enough to take that chance. So eliminating all criminal activities would be difficult. But it would cut it back quite a bit. Yes, and you’re right about supply and demand. These drug lords see the demand, so they’re only too happy to supply it, making them very rich. And no, I don’t see legalizing it as a means to deal with this problem. Many groups think that if it’s legalized, it can be taxed, thus giving the government more than enough money to run things. Is that how we want to fund our country…through drugs that are welcomed into our neighborhoods, and into our families? Is it okay for a kid to smoke pot and drive your kids to school afterwards? Both would be legal, if pot were legalized. And this bull about pot not being harmful…puh-leez! Back in “the day” I did my share, and there’s no way I could have driven afterwards. They don’t call it Wacky Tabaccy for nothing! But, if you really don’t think there’s anything harmful in pot, we’ll just let your kids’ bus driver smoke a little weed just before transporting your kids to school…how’s that? Yes, we have to get tough with this junk. It’s taking over families. When you read a story about some kids getting busted for meth, it’s not just about the kids. It’s about the whole family. Many families are struggling to survive, and the kids are caught in the middle. The drug lords are feeding off of their despair, and profitting from it. These are the idiots that need their butts fried. And I agree with another person here who said that the lawyers and ACLU-types have pushed their noses into places that they don’t belong, making it difficult to impossible for the cops to do their jobs. It used to be that kids had a fearful respect for cops. Not anymore. They know that they can cry abuse, and some bleeding heart bozo will take up their case and make headlines with it. No, legalizing drugs of any kind will only promote it more, destroying more families. And it would be nice if the people who are supposed to be keeping the law were honest too. Too many dirty cops, lawyers, and politicians, getting under the table kickbacks, keeping the drug lords in business. Again, it’s the lack of mora

James asks…

How did the Federal Reserve Help Bring down the economy, and why? What were the mechanics, who are the players?

The Federal Reserve is just another tool of the Fabian Society, which is behind the recent economic collapse. Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and other of the richest families in the world created it as a cartel of formerly competing predatory world bankers to steal the product of labor from the people of the USA.

They tried to get Kennedy to work with them to do then what they are doing now, he saw what they were and refused. Carter didn’t, and implemented the Community Reinvestment act and gave away much of the US strategic holdings in the world and damaged our economy and set fuel prices to rising which they wanted to push up to help with the plan.

Clinton came along and reinvigorated the Community reinvestment act and loaded up Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac with new mandates and Deep inside Democrat operatives like Frank Reins, Jamie Gorelick who was also involved in the Clinton Gorelick wall that helped the Chinese steal military and other tech from us easily and got us nailed on 911 because the agencies had been deliberately blinded. 911 was probably a side effect, but who knows.

They forced banks to issue bad loans, pushed fuel prices up and their scum bags in business all involved in global Warming / Cap n Trade / Climate Exchange Scams pushed speculation to drive up fuel prices to kill the economy to set off their Housing Loan driven banking bomb that tanked the economy.

Tanking the economy created a weakness in weak borrowers and so many defaulted. This called into question the collateral the government had banks using on Mortgage packages that backed their lending. Banks couldn’t lend once those packages were called into question, and that brought the whole banking system down and so many businesses depending on it came down with it. Healthy businesses most of them that had just ended up relying on loans to operate. That’s how business schools told people to do it. When the banks went the operations couldn’t continue even though the businesses were profitable and healthy. They just couldn’t make pay roll or operate because they never kept money for that in reserve.

Assholes like Krugman and others in Colleges are the ones teaching destructive Economics to students and putting out “expert reports” that are complete hog wash. Look at my first link, that’s how the scum bags operate. They put their scum bags in Colleges and other places teaching people to do what they will be able to use to destroy them and steal the product of their work. Keynesian Economics was designed by Elites, a Fabian Society LSE scum bag Keynesian was, to systematically strip the commoners of wealth and put it in the pockets of the elite.

The Fabian Society which Fabian Bankers are the biggest players in the Federal Reserve (George Soros himself is a Rothschild Flunky like Maurice Strong is a Rockefeller Flunky). This all fits into their world ambitions which are to rule the entire world, basically own it, and own all the people as their live stock. Trust me, you don’t understand how they think, unless you grew up super elite and had the whole world at your feet, never having to work for anything and being told and believing that you are a supreme being and the commoners are just animals for you to control.

John answers:

Well laid out.

Anything the government can do to encourage Dependence on government increases their power and makes it easier for the Fabian Society to control us and take over the world. The USA is a big deal in this quest, the lynch pin that could make it or break it. Soros who was convicted of currency manipulation in France and Broke the Bank of England to force them into the EU, came here to bring the USA down. He’s already done it to a number of countries and basically forced the European Union together. Not on his own though, his a henchman for the big players who don’t get out into it so they stay clean and basically out of public suspicion.

Joseph asks…

Why is there still a trade embargo on Cuba?

It was instituted in 1962 and has been expanded several times through the years. Castro has been in power w/out opposition since then and has a succession plan in place should he ever actually die. Clearly democracy is not taking hold in Cuba.

Surely the US is missing out on a large market for goods and services.

Also, Venezuela is fairly similar to Cuba and we continue to deal with them – buying millions of barrels of oil every year. Hugo Chavez is busy nationalizing every profitable industry in his country, the majority of his citizens live in poverty, he tried to over throw the elected government of Venezuela some years back but failed (only to be voted in later)… I don’t see how Cuba in modern times is any worse than Venezuela.

It makes me wonder if Cuba had oil would the embargo still exist?
What do you think?
I’m having trouble deciding who to pick for best answer – there are some really good ones.
It was difficult to choice between tehabwa and Evil VideoStore Clerk…

John answers:

Actually oil has been discovered off the coast of Cuba just recently…and guess what.? A few U.S. Congressman(Ron Paul is one) are pushing to lift the embargo so our oil companies can help develope the area. The Cuban-American voting bloc has a lot of power in Florida, and they won’t be placated so easily. You’re right…all bets are off when oil is involved.

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