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Jenny asks…

Interested in selling rare bicycle brand…?

Hiya there Yahoo commuters!

Just a quickie here, I’ve got a out-of-stock Electra Betty 3i Cruiser bicycle for girls, and though it is a beautiful vehicle, I have no further use for it anymore. I have read up on them and I have what could be called a collector’s edition, and was wanting a little information as to how I would go about selling it and getting a good deal for it. I’ve got some vague ideas (ebay, local trading ad papers, etc, etc) but was hoping someone from the biking community could offer some assitance on this matter.

Kind regards, C.

John answers:

Ebay’s your best bet as it’s generally the first place anyone looks for something regardless of what it is nowadays. Not many people really look in trade-its anymore, which is why they’re better for buying a bargain, but that’s not what you want. You could try forums on websites related to what you’re selling. Just remember ebay take a 10% cut or something now though. If it helps, I recently sold a road bike I bought 2 years ago for more than I payed for it, on ebay. People get into bidding wars.

John asks…

i missed a few spots* yesterday: which country do you think the “mark of the beast” will be implemented FIRST?


i was thinking(in my previous question): will they have a hard time implementing in some countries, esp the low tech parts of the world where they dont trade with paper money? or in places where they are self-sufficient with their farms or for people who hunt for their daily survival?

your thoughts?
in* which country

John answers:

The mark of the beast shall originate and has been implemented in our good ole United States. Mankind are as ignorant and blind to the truths of God and the words of Jesus Christ, as they were in the days they crucified him.

If Christ came today as a mere man as he did, in the meridian of time, we would laugh at him, ignore him, and some would fear him, for his miracles, would be scrutinized as deeply by our religious leaders as the Pharasees and Scribes of his time did. If he didn’t belong to a certain sect of religion and taught differently than the leaders of his times, he would be shunned today.

Mankind is still hanging on to rituals today, which became mute upon Christ’s resurrection.

Our country is powerful and strong. So strong, it’s become an arrogant beast that the rest of the world is trying to emulate. This country has been marking it’s people for years. Social security numbers, drivers I. D. Passports. You name it. We are putting on the mark of the world.

Have you ever looked at a person who has worked all his life hard in our society. Many I know, who are much younger than I, look older than I am and I’m 59 years of age. As you walk down the streets in your town, look at the faces and you will be able to see those who are not of the world and those who are part of the world.

Read 1John; Chapter 2. 15,16. If you understand that scripure, you will understand what I’m saying.

James asks…

3 Year Crush Problem. PLEASE Please Help!!!?

This will be very long but I really need help. Please consider atleast reading:

This all started my freshman year of high school. I was the shy quiet type and so was this girl Ashley. We had Spanish together and I knew no one in that class. One day we had to write about ourselves in spanish then trade with a partner which was a big problem for me of course. But even though she was kind of shy she sat next to me and we traded papers. This is where it all started but not for me exactly.
The next time we’d encountered was when one of my friends was talking to her friend and so the both of us just sat off to the side and she said “hey aren’t you in my spanish class” I said yeah.
Then a month or two later same situation happened she asked the same exact thing.
Then a little later in the year I walked by her at lunch and she randomly said “hey I love your shirt” I said thanks. And that was about it. I didn’t think much about all this.

Then sophomore year came and I realized not only was she a really sweet girl, shes was also beautiful. And til this day the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen :/. But for some reason never saw this freshman year. I was heartbroken to think that she might have liked me the year before and felt like the biggest idiot in the world. It made me depressed for most of the school year. I even asked here on ~yahoo answers~ back then “how to ask her out” in this situation, cause I figured at that point she was way over me. I didn’t know what to do and was kind of planning the following year to tell her how I felt.
School year ended and she moved away to another state. I never really forgot about her but over the summer my pain slowly went away and just got past it.

Junior year I broke out of my shell a little. Got myself a great girlfriend and just moved on. But everyday I walked by where she used to sit at lunch and it always reminded me of my regret. Senoir year came I was more than fine by then. Had the same girlfriend and realized that shes the girl for me, shes practically my soul mate. Gratuated, all was well.

Applied to a University in the summer and got in.
~My first class, first day of college wow here we go! Lots of people walking in the class this is kind of scary—~ In walks her……Ashley. Looking more stunning than ever. And it seemed like I wasn’t the only one who noticed this, tons of guys were looking at her. To me its like secretly discovering a diamond and then 3 years later everyone else finds out about it. Back in high school shes wasn’t “the girl” she wasn’t the chick everybody in school wanted, she was just there. But to me at that time she was more than anything I could ask for, my dream girl couldn’t come close to her and now today everybody sees her as “the girl” and it makes me feel awful.

Then I did a pretty terrible thing. Four days thats all it took….I broke up with my perfect girlfriend. You know the one thats like perfect for me in everyway? I went up to her and said ” hey wern’t you in my spanish class yada yada?” And she said “yeah yada yada”. I didn’t think that she liked me or anything but the following day I asked her out. Fun fact: The day I asked her out, was coincidentally exactly 3 years after the day I asked on ~yahoo answers~ “how to ask her out” back in sophomore year ^_^.
She said yeah and we went to the mall for the day. Lets just say we didn’t click. We’re different people and she didn’t like like me anybit. She now sits farther away in my class from me and I don’t think wants to even be at the same school as me, just too awkward for her. I didn’t like try to kiss her or anything though.

I luckily I got my girlfriend back even though I’m the biggest dick to do this to her in the first place. I still feel the same way about my girlfriend, everytime I’m with her its 100 times better than my date at the mall with Ashley. I’m completely happy with my girlfriend not going to break up with her ever again.

But heres the problem: I CAN’T GET OVER HER!! I’m depressed just like I was sophomore year! What the hell do I do?? She is a great girl but why do I have these feelings for her that are so old and can’t get over. And there is no chance we’d ever be together she doesn’t like me and we’ere totaly different people. But why?!! How can I possibly get over all this? Just wait out the rest of the school and not see her? Would if she comes by again in 5 years? Is this going to start over again?
Does anybody have any ideas on how to get over all of this?

John answers:

I don’t think you like HER, per say, you like the idea of her. You like the girl you met in freshman year- the shy, quiet girl. The one who might have liked you. The one who you wanted to ask out, but didn’t. Your big high school crush. You don’t like her now, you still like the past version of her. The version in your head. It’s hard to explain, but I hear about stuff like this all the time, about people have high school crushes that they just never get over, sometimes even after they’re married and have kids. Even if they know the person, and know it won’t work out. It may just be having the idea for so long that it would work, that when it doesn’t, you just can’t accept it. I don’t know. I think the feelings may never go away, you just have to deal with it.

Steven asks…

Die-Hard Kovalchuk fans: where would you want Kovy to end up?

“The news is breaking fast and furious over Ilya Kovalchuk(notes). His agent, Jay Grossman, confirmed to the AJC that his client was told by GM Don Waddell that he’ll be traded by the Atlanta Thrashers. The paper reported the Los Angeles Kings, Boston Bruins, New York Rangers, New Jersey Devils, Calgary Flames and Philadelphia Flyers as contenders. Tim Panaccio says the price is currently too high for Philly. Bob McKenzie reports that the Flames aren’t in the mix. Kevin Paul Dupont says the Bruins aren’t being aggressive at the moment. Craig Custance said that the Blackhawks aren’t, as of this afternoon, in the mix. But Pierre LeBrun said the Vancouver Canucks are sniffing around. Rich Hammond expects the process “to take several days” and said there’s nothing concrete about the Kings. Finally, Kevin Allen of USA Today says to expect surprise teams but not a trade tonight. And exhale … ” –Yahoo! [Puck Previews]

I’m more a fan of Ilya Kovalchuk than the Atlanta Thrashers (aka. the Atlanta Kovalchuks), i’ve been following him ever since his draft and feel bad that every season ends up in disappointment and because he plays in ATL, no one even knows who he is.

Being a NJ resident, i’d love to see him come to NJ so i can watch him play, if not, i wouldn’t mind the NYR. I hope he stays on the East Coast.

John answers:

As a flyers fan I’m glad my team is in the mix because he is one of my
favorite players. If we don’t get him, I wouldn’t mind him going to the kings. The blackhawks(hossa) flames(iginla) and rangers(gaborik) all have snipers and the attention wouldn’t always be on him and I don’t think he would like that. Anyway, I hope waddell doesn’t give him away, because he is worth a lot.

Lizzie asks…

Seriuosly: Does Racism Still Exist?

The Hand that Controls the Thermostat…:
The Subtleties of Subtle Racism…

Min. Paul Scott

Is anybody else hot in here?

These six words send chills through every black person
within a ten cubical radius. At that very moment I
know that my comfortable office tropical paradise is
about to become an Arctic winter wonderland.

My first inclination is to hop up from behind my desk
in a fit of righteous indignation and go into a tirade
about how ” 400 years ago my ancestors were forced to
come here from a warm climate and my melanin enriched
body just can’t function under 55 degrees…” But
instead, I quietly grab my emergency starter jacket
and sit back down trying to convince myself that my
compliance was some sort of act of chivalry and that I
really just didn’t get “punked” in a battle to
establish racial dominance…

For previous generations, the line of demarcation
between what was and was not racism was clearly
defined, white folks eat in the front, black folks eat
’round back. . Could it be that it was all so simple,

Today the obvious signs of racism are gone and
replaced by something so “subtlety systematic”. that
many would deny that racism still exists. Many
Americans will look at the recent endorsement of the
extension of the voting rights act by George Bush
as conclusive evidence that the last vestiges of that
evil institution have now been purged from the face of
the earth. Not once asking themselves, if racism was a
thing of the past why would an “extension of the
voting rights act” be necessary in the first place?

While some Conservatives would vehemently deny and
debate the fact that racism still has an impact on
the lives of Akan people, the trading of the
familiar term “racism” with the less politically
correct but more accurate terms of “global white
supremacy” and “white male privilege” is usually met
with a long pause and a quick change of subject.

What is really at issue here is the power to define
what “racism” is or isn’t. Most white people can only
perceive an Archie Bunkerish type of blatant racism
instead of a global system in which not only David
Duke but Bill and Hillary reap the benefits.
Contrary to popular belief the most bitter racist may
never utter the dreaded N word but may use the more
acceptable terms like “illegitimate minority children
” and “underprivileged urban youth.”

The great conversation on race in which this country
periodically attempts to engage is only called for
when camera phone video footage of a black man being
brutally beaten by white police officers happens to
make it to the evening news and gets black folks riled
up. As long as there are no rumors of clandestine
meetings of black militants planning some major
uprising everything is cool. Racism is out of sight,
out of mind.

White people do not know how it feels to have to make
lightening quick, split moment decisions as to whether
an act of disrespect was “racist” or not. Was the
young lady who followed me around the record store
asking me over and over again did I need help finding
the latest Hip Hop CD conducting surveillance on all
black shoppers or was she just being overly,
annoyingly helpful. Maybe she read in the paper about
the illiteracy rate of Black men and thought the
concept of alphabetized CD placement was a foreign
concept to me.

Maybe the 18 year old white high school dropout that
just started last week really did deserve the
managerial position more than the Sista with two
Master’s degrees who has been with the company 15
years. Who knows?

This country must come to the realization that patting
oneself on the back for how far this country has come
in terms of race relations does not mean that in 2006,
we are judged by the content of character and not the
color of skin.

We must admit that racism is an all encompassing
economic, social and political reality that manifests
itself in every action either consciously or
unconsciously from who controls the economic condition
of a community to who controls the temperature in the

The elimination of racism means 100% equality; nothing
more nothing less. After all of the rhetoric, that is
what black people must fight for with the last breath
in our bodies.

Now, is anyone else cold in here?

Min. Paul Scott is the author of the upcoming book
“Notes From a Hip Hop Refugee in Exile” He can be
reached at (919) 451-8283

“NATURE first made us what we are and then out of our
own creative genius we make ourselves what we want to be,”
African Fundamentalism by Marcus Garvey.

John answers:

Of course racism exists. As long as you keep spreading it you just add fuel to the fire. You’re sick. Where did you get all your hatred toward white people???

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