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Joseph asks…

Why can’t Cuba afford toilet paper?

I know they don’t trade with the US but there’s the rest of the world. Mexico has plenty of TP. Is socialism so bad that your can’t even keep yourself clean? Seriously.

John answers:

Michael Moore used it all on his last trip.

Steven asks…

One “Montreal Canadian Hockey Puck” or Potato Gun” Lets make a trade?

I’m shore that a lot of you people have herd of the “Red paper clip, the guy that traded this paper clip for a House. I am 18 and saveing up for university. But I want to trade these two items and keep on trading until I get a Mustang. I will be posting a website and a blog to keep my followers up on my status. If you would like to trade for one of these two items please send me an email at I am looking for a bigger or better item and will continue to trade until I get the Mustang.

John answers:

Got pictures of gun?

Ruth asks…

Who wins in a trade war: a capitalist country that acts communist or a communist country that acts capitalist?

John answers:

No one , its like alien vs. Predator were fucked eather way .

Mark asks…

How do you think “most profound financial change in recent Middle East history” will hurt the U.S. economy?

Seriously, wouldn’t the value of the dollar crash rather quickly if Middle Eastern countries stopped using the U.S. dollar to trade oil??

Barclays Capital precious metals analyst Suki Cooper said dollar weakness appeared to be related to reported secret talks about oil being priced in a basket of currencies including gold rather than the dollar,

This “has added to concerns about the future role of the dollar in international financial markets,” Cooper said.

The dollar’s future as the world’s top currency was thrown into doubt on Tuesday as a report said Arab states had launched secret moves with China and Russia to stop using the greenback for oil trading.

Arab states have launched steps with China, Russia, Japan and France to stop using the dollar for oil trades, British daily The Independent reported on Tuesday, but the report was denied by Kuwait and Qatar and reportedly by other nations.

The Independent’s Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk wrote in his paper: “In the most profound financial change in recent Middle East history, Gulf Arabs are planning — along with China, Russia, Japan and France — to end dollar dealings for oil.”

John answers:

This will hurt our economy b/c of higher interest rates. Most of the dollars held by foreign governments are in the form of relatively safe US government securities (Treasuries). When inflation hits, those securities are worth less, and when the dollar decreases in value via selling, Treasury securities are worth less. So, as the demand for our debt decreases, interest rates rise. Higher interest rates result in lower private sector investment hurting our economy. In addition, inflation will cause a decrease in consumer spending, hurting our economy further.

This news release is being denied by all involved, which is typical of any government to do when dealing with currency markets. We deny things like this and so do they. So I think there’s alot more to this report than just rumor. In fact, it makes logical sense that they’d want to dump the dollar with all of this massive spending, printing and borrowing by our government.

Jenny asks…

Are the Cubs trying to steal the Tigers Benoit?

Was there a trade I wasn’t notified of?
I know that.Though there might be something we don’t know of.

John answers:

I saw that story. It’s more stupid than funny.

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