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Sharon asks…

I thought this was a really interesting question about trading paper currency for coin, what about you?;_ylt=AocJ1vniBQFnWyE_JjEYjdqsxQt.;_ylv=3?qid=20081008234616AA2SRp7

The immediate thought that came to my mind was that the coin has more intrinsic value than the paper.

John answers:

Your getting warm!

The meeting of the IMF that just concluded indicated that in the view of the IMF, the bank crisis is even worse than they had forecast previously. They expect the world will experience a significant recession for the next twelve to eighteen months. Moreover, they say the problems in the financial sector are likely to worsen unless there is some global coordinated action taken to alleviate the seizure of the credit markets.

With regard to the correction in the gold market, analysts commented that the market is thinly traded today. Today is the Yom Kippur Jewish holiday and there are fewer people trading than would normally be the case in the New York markets. Some analysts say people are looking at taking profits, where they have them, and stocking up some cash with the expectation that they may need that cash down the road for margin calls. Most of that activity is by the “hot money” or “day traders” who are moving in and out of markets at a moments notice.

Those who have acquired gold and silver as a safe haven asset and as a way of protecting and preserving wealth over the longer-term are simply holding onto their positions. They are not influenced at all by today’s correction other than seeing it as a buying opportunity. When we look at the benefits of gold, I think most people come to the conclusion that it makes sense to have some gold as a safe, steady, secure asset that will always be there no matter what the emergency might be. Therefore, those who have not acquired gold yet should be moving into the market as quickly as possible. We are seeing that reflected in some of the gold ETF’s, where week after week they set new record highs. Even when there are corrections, the amount of gold held by these institutions does not seem to decline.

Analyst John Meyer told Dow Jones Wire Service that investor demand for gold and slow central bank sales should push gold through $1,000 an ounce this year. Other analysts turn to the dollar and said once the credit markets are unclogged, the dollar is likely to resume its downtrend over the long term. Another analyst, Ashraf Laidi, who is the chief strategist for CMC Markets said he expects gold to move up to $1,100 an ounce before year end. As we know, Citibank has forecast that gold will rise above $1,000 over the coming year and that if the credit crisis continues it may rise to many multiples of that. And today Barclays said gold could surpass $1,000 this year.

Carol asks…

Did you hear about the guy who got a house for a paper clip?

He is from Canada. He traded a red paper clips for something…. then kept trading until he finally got a house. I have 2 paper clips i wonder if i could get 2 houses… It was on yahoo news yesterday… very funny good read, what do you think about that

John answers:

I had a bureaucratic job once which I can only describe as shuffling paper clips around. To think, I could have been sitting on a fortune!!!!

Sandy asks…

i need plastic and paper shopping bags manufacturer. to start my trading comany. need good quality and low pri?

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John answers:

You live in Chhatishgarh and you dont know who the local dealers are or manufacturers, just pick up a yellow pages or google search, or place an ad in the times of india and you should know whom/where to contact.

You trying to sell yr own product or want someone to manufacture them for you….!!! 🙂

Paul asks…

How do I cut something from a web page and paste it into YAHOO mail w/o the awful, awful formatting?

I’m just trying to cut and paste from a paper trading website to my coach and it comes out all bad and formated like the webpage. There should be an easy way to do this. There should always be an easy way to remove formatting but Yahoo help sucks so…I have to ask here. Why does yahoo make it so hard? Everybody who wants to cut and paste into an email wants it to be readable not all goofy.

John answers:

#1: When you are logged in on the web site, send it to your systray by clicking the minimize symbol top right.
#2: Rightclick anywhere on your screen, move your mouse down to new, from the drop down menu choose .txt file. Click on it to open a new file, give it a name, minimize that too and send it to your systray.
#3: Now click on the minimized web site to maximize it. Mark text on the website with your browser by clicking left before the first letter and dragging your mouse, copy and paste into your .txt file. When you copied all you need, close the web site.
#4: Check your .txt file if it needs any editing, then copy and paste it into your mail – done…

Donna asks…

Hello Can Anyone That Know How To Do A Research Paper Proof Read Mine Via Email?

Hi this may seem add but I am a senior in high school and I am doing my research paper on the world trade center and it has to be turned in soon. I am on my second page but I like for someone that know what there doing to proof read it. So if you can leave you email or something or send me an email Thank you so much for you help.

John answers:

Hi this may seem ODD but I am a senior in high school and I am doing my research paper on the world trade center and it has to be turned in soon. I am on my second page but I WOULD like for someone that KNOWS what THEY’RE doing to proof read it.

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