Your Questions About Paper Trading Stocks

John asks…

what book is best for learning microsoft excel?

my main purpose to learn it is for paper trading/stock market stuff and other financial things

John answers:

I found a book for you entitled Financial Models Using Simulation and Optimization: A Step by Step Guide With Excel and Palisade’s Decision Tools Software. Here is the link to with information:

If you are learning Excel for the first time, you may want to familiarize yourself with Excel using Microsoft’s tutorials (free). Here’s a link to Excel 2003 topics:

I personally like to use the “Using Excel” books published by Que. They are very indepth books that explain in detail how to use the tools found in Excel. It’s an amazing reference book. Here’s the link to with information:

I am an advanced user of Excel and became one without training using the Que books as a reference. I think this book along with the first book will get you what you are looking for.

One more little tidbit for you, if you are having problems with a certain function or formula – there is a wonderful message board on a site at that will help you get answers to your questions extremely quickly. The home page is

Hope this helps.

Richard asks…

What i RB Trade or RB tradge i read many time in news paper learn RB trade and earn in stock market by own?

What i RB Trade or RB tradge i read many time in news paper learn RB trade and earn in stock market by own

John answers:

Pls clik on-

Ken asks…

how do you get coffee stains out of paper?

I have a very expensive book on stock trading that I want to return. I accidentally spilled black coffee on it. does anyone know how to get it out? please help me….ugggh!

John answers:

Follow these steps to remove stain from paper:

1. Take a paper towel and fold it into a square.

2. Dab a selection of the paper towel into a small amount of bleach and rub it along the stain.
3. Do this gently until the stain is gone.
Hope you are able to remove it
Good Luck !! !!

Linda asks…

How does day trading affect the stock market?

I’m doing my junior project on how online stock exchange has affected the stock market. For one of my body paragraphs, I’m focusing specifically on day traders. I would assume they have a great impact on the stock market, but I need to know a lot more info. It’s a little hard to find. Even if you could just give me links, that would be great. I’ve gotta pound the rest of this paper out tonight…. Thanks in advance!

John answers:

Simple answer is that day traders can’t move the market. This is for two main reasons; First, that they deal in such tiny amounts of money and, second that they are unlikely to trade with the momentum of the market as they cannot compete with the major banks and brokerages on news supply and access to market analysts and leaders.

There is no obvious way to see the number of day traders putting on positions in a market, but you could try to assess the volume of day trades by comparing brokerages that deal in retail investors versus institutional brokerage firms.

Susan asks…

How do I convert my paper stock certificates into my zecco account cheaply? $100 through zecco, I own 2 shares

I own 2 shares of a stock, I think it split into 4, but either way its only worth about 60-75 bucks.

I want to get it into my new zecco trading account, but they want $100 dollars to deposit it.

Are there any other services or accounts I can convert it to for free or cheaper? Then move it to zecco cheaper?


John answers:

This is one of the prices people pay for using a “cheap” brokerage firm.

It may not be Zecco’s charges, depending on the security, many OTC stocks charge for registering the name and issuing a new certificate. In order for Zecco to hold it, they must transfer it from your name to their nominee name, or to the depository’s nominee name in which Zecco holds their customer’s stock.

Verify it with Zecco to determine if it’s their charge or the transfer agent’s. If it’s Zecco and you’re a decent customer they should waive the charge.

You can shop for another brokerage firm, but for shares of stock worth less than $100 many firms will charge you. Or just sit with the stock, until you move your account from Zecco

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