Your Questions About Paper Trading Stocks

Jenny asks…

Just Started Day (Paper) Trading Stocks?

This is what I do at work instead of what I’m supposed to be doing.

Is this good?
Am I getting lucky?
How can I improve my profits?
Or cut my losses?
Should I diversify more?
How can I improve?

John answers:

Paper trading is a good way to get an idea how things work.

The challenge is that these trades may not have been executed because only a live market can determine the price.

Next, you have to add up how big is this portfolio? Do you have these assets, and then there is the question of margin.

I did this for a number of years before trading a single dollar. It helped, but there is a big difference to paper and real money, and real time.

Donald asks…

How can I use to paper trade stocks?

John answers:

Get a piece of paper, or use Excel, note the price of your particular share you are buying. Each day note the current price (maybe at the end of day or whatever). Decide when you want to sell, et voila. Of course you could start with a certain amount of money as your total investment.

Lizzie asks…

Large Cap Vs Mid Cap Stocks Momentum Trading. Any paper references to this strategy please?

I am trying to implement a long short model on world market indices. Any references to studies with regards to Large cap vs Mid Cap Long/Short Strategy employed by Hedge funds would be helpful!

John answers:

You might want to give this web site a shot.

Chris asks…

I need $30,000 so I can trading stocks but I currently cant figure out a way get a hold of that much money?

Ever since I was in middle school Ive known that I wanted to make my living trading stocks. I’m getting tired of paper trading, Ive developed a strategy that is a winner but I need day trading privileges to put it into execution. Ive always viewed the money markets (stock market, forex) as the best wealth generators available. But I wasn’t born into alot of money and have no rich friends or family, so its extremely difficult for me to come across the $30,000 I need to start trading stocks with day trading privileges.

So what I need help with is ways to raise the capital. I made some mistakes earlier in life so I don’t have a good credit rating and Im not a home owner. The most frustrating part of it all is knowing that I have the ability to do something great but I lack the resources. so please pour in the suggestions. Email me if you have any further questions thanks in advance

John answers:

Rob a bank. They robbed us all anyway. Mine as well get some retribution.

Ruth asks…

How do I change paper stocks into something I can trade?

John answers:

If you go to a discount broker, such as Schawb, Etrade, Scottrade, etc., and open an account with them, they would be happy to process your stock certificates for no charge.

Once your account is set up, an account rep. Will ask you to sign the certificates and then shares are then credited to your account, ready for trading.

However, if you want your shares back, they will charge you a processing fee for reissuing the stock certificates to you.

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