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Chris asks…

Is my paper owned by MTV?

I went on my newspaper’s website and found this under about us. Does this mean that MTV either owns our paper and/or the articles we submit?

3. OWNERSHIP OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY The contents of this Site, including all Site software, design, text, images, photographs, illustrations, audio and video material, artwork, graphic material, databases, proprietary information and all copyrightable or otherwise legally protectible elements of the Site, including, without limitation, the selection, sequence and ‘look and feel’ and arrangement of items, and all trademarks, service marks and trade names (individually and/or collectively, “Material”), are the property of the Parent Companies, and their Affiliates, and any of their successors and assigns, and any of their respective licensors, Advertisers (as defined below), suppliers, and operational service providers and are legally protected, without limitation, under U.S. Federal and State, as well as applicable foreign laws, regulations and treaties. Unless the context clearly requires otherwise or we explicitly say so in writing, the term “Site” includes “Material” as well. The Site is to be used solely for your noncommercial, non-exclusive, non-assignable, non-transferable and limited personal use and for no other purposes. You must not alter, delete or conceal any copyright or other notices contained on the Site, including notices on any Material you download, transmit, display, print or reproduce from the Site. You shall not, nor will you allow any third party (whether or not for your benefit) to reproduce, modify, create derivative works from, display, perform, publish, distribute, disseminate, broadcast or circulate to any third party (including, without limitation, on or via a third party website), or otherwise use, any Material without the express prior written consent of MTVN or its owner if MTVN is not the owner. Any unauthorized or prohibited use of any Material may subject you to civil liability, criminal prosecution, or both, under applicable federal, state and local laws. We require users to respect our copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights. We likewise respect the intellectual property of others. On notice, we will act expeditiously to remove content on the Site that infringes the copyright rights of others and will disable the access to the Site and its services of anyone who uses them to repeatedly to infringe the intellectual property rights of others.

We take protection of copyrights, both our own and others, very seriously. We therefore employ multiple measures to prevent copyright infringement over this Site and to promptly end any infringement that might occur. If you believe that the Site contains elements that infringe your copyrights in your work, please follow the procedures set forth in our Copyright Compliance Policy.

John answers:

I think so why wouldn’t it be

James asks…

Best Accounting Software For Self-Employed Individual?

I work for myself online selling scripts that I create, trading on eBay and affiliate marketing.

I have not yet got around to sorting out any of my taxes but have been working online for 5 months now and think that it is time to get this all sorted out!!!

Can anybody recommended an open source or a commercial application that would be suitable for me to file my papers with the HMRC as a self employed individual or sole trader?

And would it be more beneficial for me to become a sole trader or would I be better off running under a PLC and paying myself or does that just complicate things?

Thanks a lot in advance 🙂

John answers:

Unfortunately you alkready have a small problem because you are required to register with HMRC as a self employed person within 3 months of starting or you are subject to a fine….

You don’t want a PLC (Public limited company) – I suspect you meant an Ltd (Private limited company).

My general rule of thumb is that if your taxable profits are more than £25,000 then a limited company is worthwhile. Much less than that and the tax savings get swallowed up by increased admin costs and paperwork burdens. Under about £20k profit and a sole trader is in my view the only sensible option.

You canb file your tax return yourself with the Revenue once you have registered on their website through the Government Gateway, so the only thing particularly to worry about is 1. Recording your income and expenses sensibly, and 2. Making sure you are claiming all the expenses and reliefs that you can legitimately offset against the business.

For simple businesses, a spreadsheet works really well! For people needing something a bit more complex, then Solar Accounts or VT Transaction Plus are very good low cost but effective bits of software.

Thomas asks…

My father is of age 55 is BSc & knows broken english. He wants to learn computers for dealing in stocks. Help?

My father does deals in stocks & for this reason he wants to learn computers to maintain all his buy/sell records along with the dividends, interests yielded with date time. He also keeps record of targetted share prices from time to time. He has never used the PC & till now been doing all this on paper (tedious & time consuming). Now he wants to do all this on PC. He knows to read write & speak simple english & is 55 years old wit BSc Graduation. He has demat account & wishes to do online trading independently but he doesnt know anything about computers & internet. What is the fastest way to achieve his goal. Are there any institutes, books, tutorials, teach yourself softwares for people like my dad.Any voluntary organizations or people willing to offer such help in mumbai? Any help would be highly apprecaited. Though i am software engineer, i am bad @ teaching & have no clue whatsoever from where to get started for teaching my dad. Can anyone please help…!!!

John answers:

Your father should join swift courses offered by NIIT or from SSi to deal with trading requirement.

Charles asks…

Has anybody here tracked their stock returns over the long run and actually beaten the stock market?

Out of curiosity, has anybody on here used software to track their returns vs. the S&P 500 and actually beaten the benchmark over the long run (a period of 10 years or more)?

So many trading ideas sounds great on paper, and even have data to show they outperform market averages. Then when put into practice, all the research (especially Burton Malkiel’s) shows that 2/3 of fund managers simply cannot beat the benchmark, and the 1/3 that do are not the same 1/3 that do it the next year.

John answers:

I track my investments simply using Excel and am beating the S&P 500 by 2.3% over the last 10 years.

Steven asks…

Need IT Experts – How FACEBOOK works?

My boss asked our IT team including me to ask people around who knew how the animal like FACEBOOK works.

Our company is planning to do a “Facebook-type” for Investors (Investors’ Facebook). It will be a one of its kind or first of its kind. Because we wanted trading investors to have an exclusive place where they can do everything like Facebook – trade, play games, member’s profile, meet people from the financial community, etc.

If I can ask your feedback or others who would be interested in this project. Basically, as an initial effort, I can meet experts in a meeting to discuss the possibility of this site.

The first thing we want to do is to gauge first the possibility of building the site, what software to use for the website development, requirements and all of these stuff. Information derived from this meeting will be used to develop the proposal we are going to submit to our boss.

As a requirement, we initially identified personnel needs as follows:

* Site Developers
o Programmers – 3
o Graphic Artists – 2
o Copywriter – 1 (more)
o Systems Administrators (future) – 1
o Internet Marketer – 1

The first meeting will be a virtual one. In case you are or anyone you know who might be interested in this project, maybe can participate in the chat conference I am planning to organize for next week. Since I am on the night shift maybe the online chat conference will start by 9 pm either on Sept 1 (Tues) or Sept 2 (Wed). Please tell me if it would be good to use YAHOO or SKYPE.

You may contact me through the email add –, text (09217941407) or chat (YM: jofti / Skype: joftithesofty), in case you wish to join. I’ll be preparing a supporting paper so that you may understand what we really need and a set of questions for the participants.

As a requirement, we need experienced or knowledgeable people to join the conference.

To ensure I received your confirmation, please email, text or PM (chat) me.

Thanks. Looking forward for your reply.
Guys, what I am asking is for your confirmation to a possible chat conference. There are a lot of questions I need to ask IT experts or those who know how to do a website. By the way, the website is non-existent yet. As I told you, we are gauging the possibility of the site we are thinking. You will learn more about the project, when you confirm your participation in the conference.

We are in need of those who are advanced website developers. Thanks.

John answers:

IDK WHAT YOU ARE ASKING BUTY face book is just games and talking to friends?!?!?!?

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