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Steven asks…

Is America too dependent on trade with China?

I’m doing a research paper and need credible sources.
I was planning on arguing that we are too dependent on trade with china but i can’t find many good sites.
what’s your opinion and do you have any credible sources?

John answers:

Somewhere along this trading business,it must have gotten a bit unlevel.

Sharon asks…

What were the main effects of the crimean war on history?

I really need help. I have a paper on this I have to do and I have not been able to find anything about trade during the crimean war or what the main effects of the crimean war were. I have been researching so this is not me trying to get out of work. If you know any sites that would be helpful or anything of the sort i would really appreciate it.

John answers:

The Crimean War prevented the imminent collapse of the Ottoman Empire and its possible dismemberment by Russia.As this would have given Russia access to the Mediterranean and increased territory and influence in the Middle East and Balkans, its effects were important.

Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole pioneered new nursing techniques and medical practices and organizations for armies in the field, particularly in regards to the care and treatment of wounded soldiers,another important long term effect.

Institutional problems and defects within the British military as a whole were exposed by the Crimean War and the Sepoy Mutiny in India shortly afterwards, and this led to a thorough investigation and overhaul of the British army.Known as the Cardwell Reforms and introduced beginning in 1864, this made enlistment in the British army (at all levels) more attractive as a career, and ended detrimental practices such as purchase of commissions and flogging as a punishment.

Although Russia later reneged on some of the terms of the 1856 Treaty of Paris that ended the war, the fact that warships were banned from the Black Sea and fortifications and armaments on its shores were also banned were a severe setback to Russian power and plans in the area;additionally, Russia lost territory at the mouth of the Danube and influence over areas in the Balkans. All this collectively helped to prop up the Ottoman empire, which was to survive until the end of WW1 – longer than the Russian empire of the Czars.

Another long term effect concerned Italy.Sardinia had joined the alliance against Russia during the Crimean War, hoping for French help against Austria to unify Italy at a later date. Sardinia got this help during the 1859 Second Italian War of Independence, which went a long way to expelling Austria from Italy and establishing a unified,independent Italian state.

Lisa asks…

where??help please?

where did the red paper clip guy start trading stuff?
i mean what site.

John answers:


Richard asks…

Can I turn a box inside out & mail it?

I was wondering if it was ok I turn a FLAT RATE Priority mailing box INSIDE OUT & use it to mail something.

I have gotten packages like this a number of times though from sellers on Ebay, paperback trading sites & other swap sites.


So I am wondering if I turn it inside out and use it to mail Priority mail then that will be ok.

The main reason I’m asking is I have a bunch of baby & toddler Halloween outfits that I want to sell on Ebay. I’m trying to figure out a way to package & mail them so the shipping will be low.

My other thought was to just carefully wrap the outfits in a plastic bag (double bag) & then use plain Brown Wrapping paper to wrap it. Would that be tacky though? It would be lighter than a box and help keep shipping low.

What do you think? I usually ship First Class or Media so I’m always at a loss when shipping some other way. lol
Actually I have requested a bunch a boxes online. Even though I NEVER request the FLAT RATE box, just the normal box I keep getting sent the FLAT RATE which I can’t use.

Due to health issues I mail from home so getting to the post office is not that easy for me. It is easier to request the free boxes online, which as you see from above didn’t work out well.

John answers:

I have seen some eBay sellers who wrap the priority mail boxes with brown paper so the post office will not use it is priority mail. Kind of iffy, and the PO may not be too happy of the misuse of their boxes.

Plastic double bag is not safe and the item may be damaged in the process. You’ve seen some boxes with holes or damage when sent through the post office, so how sure are you that a plastic double bag is going to last the shipping process?

Try dumpster diving. There was a very active discussion on the eBay boards about tips on dumpster diving before. If you live near a strip mall, there are huge dumpster bins containing boxes. Those are free for the taking.

Or talk to your grocery stores. I got a lot of free boxes before when the vendors were unloading their items from the boxes.

Since the PO doesn’t want labels on the boxes, either just wrap these boxes in brown paper or cover the labels

Lizzie asks…

I traded a few things to Billy in 4C…… hockey?

A couple (or more) of questions about trades in the NHL:

1. What do GMs or owners take into consideration when it comes to trading off their big names?
2. Do the GMs (or owners) get coaches opinion before initiating a trade?
3a. I hear ever-so often players get wind of them being involved in a trade before hand. How do they know in advance?
3b. Sometimes the paper or sites say “our sources” when involving trades. Who are these sources?

BQ* Your parents talking to your EX. Tactful or no big deal?

John answers:

1) There is really no difference in trading off a biog name than trading off a no name player/draft pick. GMs look at team chemistry, team skill, team morale, finances, interpersonal relationships, etc.

2) Owners rarely get involved in trades (there are some who come to mind who like to meddle) but GMs usually do talk to coaches about what the teams needs, what fits, etc. In most cases it is usually the coach who conveys to the GM/Dir. Player Personnel of what is required to improve team chemistry/morale/skill.

3a) There are cases where a team knows that they need a certain skill set on the team, and it means giving up something desirable (only Sam Pollock mastered the art of getting something for nothing) and once the tangibles of a deal are in place, it’s not uncommon for a GM to pull a player aside and let them know that they are part of an impending deal.

3b) Sources could be anybody. There are a lot of people involved in trade talks from GMs all the way down to secretaries……and it’s not uncommon for somebody to let something slip…intentionally.

BQ: My mom talks to my ex-wife all the time. Hell, she even talks to the ex-wife’s husband.

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