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Susan asks…

can fur trade cause animals to become extinct?

can fur trade cause animals to become extinct?

im doing a research paper on fur trade and how its wrong, so i kindof need this info and im finding it hard to find a site to help on google so sites would be nice… even opinons and quotes whatever you can do to help please and thank you
thank you so far to all who answered its really helping

more stuff anyone can with is:
more on extinction,
quotes on fur farming,
personal oppinions,
web sites,
and anything else you think can help

thanks :]

John answers:

There is no clearcut answer to this question.
1) With some animals, the fur trade has meant the species have survived as traders became breeders when numbers became too low to hunt.
2) With some the culling of the species has meant that there was less competition for scarce resources (sounds like economics, huh) helping that species to survive.
3) With others, yes the species have been threatened and some have become extinct.

Donna asks…

Web sites i can use?

im writing a debate paper for english and im having trouble with finding web sites for the topic of: trading goods instead of paper money. i asked my teacher and she said that i need to look more for trade system info and why people use it. or the barter system. any site ideas?

John answers:

Http:// has a Barter 101.

The information you’re looking for can be found here

Robert asks…

Please help me give me an opinion for my final paper…?

I am a college student from Indonesia. My final paper is about abnormal return event study. I’ve decided that my event window will be 41 days (20 days before the event, event day, 20 days after the event).

One of my sample criteria is the stock must be actively traded. Can anybody please tell me how many days must the stock be traded in the 41 days window to be considered as “actively traded”? I will be very pleased if you can also provide me with the source/reference you used (book title or site address)… Thank you so much…

John answers:

I would quantify “actively traded” as whether there is sufficient volume for an institutional investor to take a meaningful position. A typical metric is median dollar volume (or median rupiah volume if you are using local stocks only) measured over 65 trading days.

Dollar volume is more useful than share volume. It is neutral to stock price and stock splits.

65 trading days is roughly one quarter, so it smooths out data spikes related to news releases.

It is important to use median rather than mean. One or two days of large volume can distort the mean, but not the median. You want to measure volume on a typical day.

In my career (US & UK investment firms), we used a cutoff around $300,000 median dollar volume to identify the investable universe.

Charles asks…

edit/proofread my paper?

My paper on bergen belsen for eighth grade honors english
find any errors, constructive criticism, it’d be greatly appreciated

Infamous for claiming the death of Anne Frank, along with 50,000 others, Bergen-Belsen has become a notorious symbol of the horrors that occurred during World War II in concentration camps across Europe. Known for the unbelievably filthy and overcrowded living spaces, along with the mass graves, an immense typhus epidemic and the monumental liberation, Bergen-Belsen represents a portion of the unfathomable crimes committed during World War II.
Located south of the small towns of Bergen and Belsen, and 11 miles north of Celle, Germany, Bergen-Belsen was originally set up as a POW camp in 1940. It was used to hold prisoners that were eligible to be traded for German citizens in allied internment camps. In April, 1943 the SS Economic-Administration Office, which controlled the concentration camp system, overtook part of Bergen-Belsen and converted it to a civilian residence camp, and later into the infamous concentration camp that is known today for the horrors that took place within the barbed wire fences.
The camp was divided into various sections. The three main sections were the Prisoner of War camp, the residence camp and the prisoner’s camp. The residence camp consisted of four smaller camps, the neutral camp, the special camp, the star camp, and the Hungarian camp. The prisoner’s camp consisted of the recuperation camp, the tent camp, the small women’s camp, the large women’s camp and the original prisoner’s camp. Inmates from each division of Bergen-Belsen were separated from each other by barbed wire fences that isolated each part of the camp.
The “neutral camp” housed several hundred Jews from neutral countries such as Spain, Argentina, Portugal and Turkey. Conditions were decent up until March of 1945, and prisoners were not forced to work. Until the liberation of Bergen-Belsen, many other Jews from neutral countries were placed in this unit of Bergen-Belsen. The “special camp” of the Residence unit of Bergen-Belsen consisted of thousands of Polish Jews that possessed temporary passports from South America, that were therefore deported to Bergen-Belsen. Though they were strictly isolated because of their knowledge of the cruelties that took place in Poland, the residents did not have to work. The Bergen-Belsen Memorial Site booklet states that “By mid 1944, most of this group had been transported to Auschwitz and murdered. Only about 350 of them remained.” The “Star Camp” held around four thousand Jewish prisoners, the majority from the Netherlands. Conditions were better than most of the camp and instead of the striped prison uniform, prisoners wore a Star of David on their own clothes. Prisoners of the Star Camp were forced to work, even the elderly. The Hungarian Camp was built in July, 1944 for the almost 2,000 Jews from Hungary. Inmates were treated even better than those in the “star camp” and were permitted to wear regular clothes, with a Star of David sewn on. They were not forced to work, or attend the continuous roll calls. Inmates were well fed, and properly cared for when sick.
Sick prisoners that were unable to work were brought to the recuperation camp from concentration camps throughout Germany. Because of the insufficient medical care, the mortality rate in the “recuperation camp” was alarmingly high. The first transport was made up of 1,000 inmates from the Dora-Mittelbau camp, most suffering from tuberculosis. When Bergen-Belsen was liberated, just over a year later, only fifty-seven had survived. 200 prisoners were of the recuperation camp were murdered by an injection of Phenol, as ordered by “Head Nurse” Karl Rothe, who classified these murders as “mercy killings.” The “tent camp” was initially used as a transit camp for women arriving from Poland. 3,000 women who were evacuated from Auschwitz-Birkenau, and transported to Bergen-Belsen in late October and early November of 1944, and were housed in tents because barracks were not yet ready for them. The Dutch Red Cross was informed that the women were sick, but possibly curable. Because of their condition, prisoners were not forced to work. The tents were not heated, had no toilet or lights, and instead of a bed, they had a thin layer of straw on the ground. Anne and Margot Frank were probably kept in the tent camp for a short period of time after their transfer from Auschwitz in October 1944. In early November of 1944, several tents were blown over by the wind of a storm, and prisoners were moved into the barracks of the small women’s camp which had opened that August for women being evacuated from Auschwitz. By December 2, 1944 a total of 15,257 prisoners were in Bergen-Belsen and over half of them were housed in the Women’s Camp. In January 1945, the Women’s camp became a second Prisoner’s camp, for male prisoners. Around that time, Bergen-Belsen expanded and a new division of the camp

John answers:

Located south of the small towns of Bergen and Belsen, and 11 miles north of Celle, Germany, Bergen-Belsen was originally set up as a POW camp in 1940. [this starts a new paragraph]
The camp was divided into various sections. [new paragraph]
The “neutral camp” [new paragraph]
The “special camp” of t[new paragraph]
The “Star Camp” held [new paragraph]
The Hungarian Camp [new paragraph]
Sick prisoners th [new paragraph]

200 prisoners from the recuperation camp were murdered by an injection of
The “tent camp” w[new paragraph]
By December 2, 1944 a to[new paragraph]

Since there are 11 paragraphs, I think you need to re-organize.

******Your introduction says you will discuss 4 topics.*********
Known for the (#1)unbelievably filthy and overcrowded living spaces, (#2)along with the mass graves, (#3)an immense typhus epidemic and (#4) the monumental liberation, [What happened?] This would mean 6 paragraphs at most. “unfathomable crimes committed” are the four topics.
If you must write about the various uses made of the camp, change the introduction.

Richard asks…

How can i make money on the internet! using my own web site?

I’ve been puzzled with this for a month now!!! I realize there are surveys that pay, has anyone had success with those and if so is it worth the effort? I usually flip cars but recently my investment was stolen and totaled 🙁 I got it for 3,500$ from a spoiled rich kid it was worth 13,000$ i’m really good at this sort of thing i’m a good mechanic! but I need some income to get started even 500 a month would work i could start with buying and selling small items off craigs list but i simply don’t have money to start at all 🙁 any ideas? on how to get a quick 500$ i”m bipolar and on disability it is hard to keep a job because of the mania side of bipolar for me can be bad i well goo 1 to 2 weeks without sleeping because of insomnia then i crash and sleep for about 30 to 60 hours without waking even once not even fire alarm wakes me! the result is i’m fired every time!!! I found out i can sue the hell out of them for it! same as if you fire an employee with no legs because he cant walk! but screw all that paper work lol! any how i know many trades but have no tree trimming truck or landscaping truck have no money to lease a garage I can build and fix computers but no luck there lol! i dont want to resort to giving blood. all though i did sign up with many sites today to be a lab rat and get paid for testing bipolar meds and other things. hope they call! I’m kind of scared I treat my self naturally I hate drugs!! any good advice would help! Keep in mind a loan is out of the question in this point and time and i cant switch to comcast for the 200$ pre paid visa no lines here :(. also i cant open a chase bank account for the 100$ atm card gift I owe them money lol! as you can see I am crafty at coming up with money for investing! I’m just out of tricks at this moment geus i’ll give a little plasma never tried but…..The red stuff is suppost to stay inside! lol! and i dont have much food 🙁 I cant afford to make blood to sell it any how lol! actually if you think about it you really are just selling your food when it comes down to it so screw that idea!!! they took my food stamps away right before Christmas no warning at all???!!! please dont suggest selling food stamps people disgust me these days! lol and im to old for Christmas presents that wont work lol! ok well I’ll give the community a turn to talk now. Come up with something good okay!!!! no immoral or illegal ideas I’m not interested in that! although i might get a medical marijuana license to grow. probaly profit to be maid there selling to clinics. I need something quiker than that ok ready set go!!!!!!

John answers:


Let your websites to have advertisements. Tons of them. 😀

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