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Paul asks…

PAPER due on WORLD TRADE CENTER in speech due TOMARROW possiably need help!!?

Okay so im doing a paper IN SPEECH on the world trade center not spacificly about 9/11 I need a good opening/introduction I have been absent alot from school because my son has vbeen really sick and i dont have anything !! and I might have to give my speech tomarrow can sum1 help me on what kinda of structure and information,stuff and good sites for it or good openings from people THANK YOU!!!
UM Im writing on tha world trade center what R U TALKING ABOUT

John answers:

Go to these sites below: (These should help you alot)

Donald asks…

How much slippage is typical in a stock trade?

I have recently started paper trading stocks and would like to know: assuming I always used a market order on NYSE and NASDAQ stocks, and used a discount online broker, what would be the typical amount of slippage I would encounter and what would be the worst case (during trading hours)? If I see a LAST PRICE quote on a web site, and decided to fictionally buy, and then I see another LAST PRICE quote where the stock went up and I decided to sell, how much fictional slippage should I subtract from my fictional profit in order to get a realistic idea of what I would have made both typically and worst case? Thank you.

John answers:

If you choose a liquid stock, like your other answerer suggests, then your slippage will normally be minimal, and you’ll wonder why you asked the question. You’ll gripe about the few pennies here and there, but overall it will be inconsequential. But that is only under “normal” circumstances. You have to learn that “fast markets” or fast market conditions are a totally different ball game, and you will only learn about that through experience.

Fast markets require different rules and a different strategy; it is not “normal.” Even if you choose a liquid asset or stock, illiquid and inefficient markets exist whenever everyone wants to be on one side of the trade. If there are no buyers, then price is going to gap down, and vice versa.

If you try to trade the open with a market order, you’re asking to get raped. If you trade during a Bernanke speech or right after a big report like the Non-Farm Payrolls, anything can happen. The same can happen around the time of an earnings release. A market buy order says I’m willing to buy at ANY price. Entering a market order during a fast market can be suicide. In the case of fast markets, your question cannot be answered, because the outcome is completely unknown and dependent on the situation. What is “typical” in an unknown situation?

This is the only reason the news media exists in my mind — not so I can hear the talking heads and their varied opinions, but so I can be on top of my game/position and not get side-swiped.

You probably already know this, but you don’t ever want to use a market order after market hours, which is an illiquid condition for every stock.

Donna asks…

why did the panama canal make the united states a world power?

What are some reasons that the panama canal made the united states a world power?
For example I have the fact it is one of the man-made wonders, helps the economy, gives jobs, political leverage and world trade. Does anyone have any sites or databases i could use to help me with writing a research paper on this?

John answers:

Well, i too am doing a history reserch paper for the panama canal… 5 pgs… But anyways, i learned a lot about the canal and am focusing on how the panama canal affected not only america, but also, how it negatively affected the panamanian people and how it was not favored by the panamanians.

Helen asks…

Grapes of Wrath paper? (HELP!)?

I need help writing a theme based paper on the Grapes of Wrath. What’s a good(or should I say easy) theme to write about? Any sites I could find good info to para-phrase from(other than sparknotes)? I need serious help, the paper is due tomorrow. I’d be willing to trade one of my papers for someone’s old paper, or write a paper or something for a GoW theme paper. I’m desperate people, this paper is the difference between a D and a C for the quarter. Any and all help is very much apreciated.

John answers:

A good theme to talk about in the GoW is false hope. All along the way, you have people building “castles in the sky” (e.g. There is work in California). But as they go along the journey to California, they hear whispers about not a lot of work, and the rumors were just hot air.

Chris asks…

Replacement blades for a Cathedral A4 rotary cutter?

Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement blade for the above paper cutter. Have “Googled” and looked at a number of online craft sites without success. Cathedrals’ own site is less than helpful allowing trade enquiries only. Seems a pity to throw away an excellent cutter for the sake of a new blade. Thanks.

John answers:

I think your question landed in the wrong category. Try posting it in the home and garden category and you will probably get some help with it

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