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Carol asks…

Can you trade paper books back to Amazon in exchange for Kindle copies?

My partner has many paper books and is considering getting a Kindle to save space, however we don’t want to re-buy all of the books in Kindle format (some of which cost more in the Kindle version than the paper one!!).

Is there any way to send paper books to Amazon in exchange for the Kindle version? Or maybe a site that will exchange paper books for an E-copy / Kindle version? I couldn’t find anything on Google or Amazon about this.

John answers:

You can sell your paper copies second-hand on Amazon and use the money to buy Kindle versions.

For older books which are out of copyright, the Kindle versions are free (go look on Project Gutenberg) so any money you make from the paper versions can go towards buying your newer Kindle books.

George asks…

how can i pay my taxes if i have busnies on the internet like foreX trading.. they dont do it for us 🙁 HelPP

how can i pay my taxes if i have busnies on the internet like foreX trading. or amazon store i have on my web site they dont do it for us they always tell us to ask some one who has experience in doing taxes papers (foreX trading)please help me with that i dont know anything about taxes and i dont wana to get in trouble is there any one can help me with that?

John answers:

Forex trading should send you some kind of papers showing the information needed to prepare your taxes. For the amazon store, you need to keep the records yourself of all of your sales and revenue, and any associated expenses like buying the items in the first place, fees you pay, and shipping.

You need to take all of the above info to a CPA or enrolled agent and have them prepare your tax return. This is not something you should take to a storefront tax place like H&R Block or Jackson Hewitt.

Linda asks…

Remains of 72 people found at WTC site – why hasn’t this been on any of the news channels?

OK, I don’t have any of the cable news channels on 24/7 but I would think I would have heard about this or have seen a story about it in my local paper. I’ve asked several friends & family members & they’ve not heard about it either – why the apparent news blackout?

John answers:

The muslims are currently working on building a mosque on the site. No one wants to offend them by dredging up a truth about islam.

Steven asks…

Is there a site where you can find the value of comics?

And where could I sell them – I don’t wanna put them on ebay or someting individually – I have about 1000 + about 20 trade paper backs – I’d like to get rid of in one shot.

Most date from the mid to late 90’s – mosty DC including the entire Death/return etc. of Superman issues. How much are these worth where can i sell them ? … (afew from 70’s/80’s)

John answers:, and can help you figure out prices.

You can either list your entire collection in bulk on ebay, take out an ad in your local newspaper, or call comic book stores in your area to see if they would be intrested in buying your whole collection.

Ken asks…

What DID the world trade center towers do?

I decided to do a research paper on the World Trade Centers. What sucks is 99.99% of all the sites on search engines talks about the ‘devastating’ effects of 9/11/01. I am seriously mad because I cannot find even one source that isn’t a .com site that talks about its history.

I can’t even find at all what they did on the internet. I was wondering if anybody can tell me briefly. If you can, where did you get that information? Thanks.

John answers:

All sorts of businesses were inside the Trade Center, despite the name. There were state offices, the Port Authority of NY, lots of law firms, and many financial businesses. Businesses liked it because of the large floor plates – you could run a business on a single floor rather than being spread out on many floors, which many corporations do in skyscrapers. The lower level was a maze of shops and restaurants used by downtown workers – very busy. There was Windows on the World at the very top, which so many people went to to celebate anniversaries or go for a special night out. There were even some artist studios run by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. So although no one lived in the Trade Center, it was like a city unto itself.

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