Your Questions About Paper Trading Site

Betty asks…

What is the nest ‘swop site’ on the internet ? Where people can trade stupid things for good things !

I read this article in the paper today where a guy traded a snow globe for a house ! A real house…….got to be worth the crack.

John answers:

It took one year for this guy trade from a red paperclip… To a house.
He’s a writer, a blogger, so he knows how to market his ideas on the Internet. Send an email and ask him.

David asks…

ok is there a site that i can make for free thats kinda like myspace?

I need it for my journalism class and I want to be able to give everyone their own account so that I can be like the Tom of Myspace I guess l
and if you want an advertisement in our paper in trade for this kind of site or would like to sponsor it..GREATLY APPRECIATED..

i dont want anything like myspace IIIIIII want to be the Tom…So i can check their accounts periodically…

John answers:

Well as far as making your own site, that might be a bit too tough and take a lot of time and $$ – but you can make a Unit on Yuniti ( ) and manage all the users who join it and what they do.

Each unit can have a photo album, a forum, a chatroom, you can design it however you like – rate it, digg it, etc.

I make units to help get the dogs I foster homes: (if you want to see an example)

John asks…

any other sites like Oriental Trading co.?

looking for some cool, affordable wedding decor, favors, candles, paper products, and lanterns online. Are there any site that offers as much as oriental trading does? I hate missing out on any bargains!!! thanks!

John answers:

Sandy asks…

When trading stocks online, do you receive official ownership papers like you do when buying a share?

I’m wondering cause most people are small investors and don’t care about voting rights and and it would be a nightmare for active traders.

Also how are dividends distributed if you bought a stock through an online broker? Does the site automatically deposits it on your account? How does it work?

thanks a lot for clarifying this for me

John answers:

When you go through an online broker you don’t receive stock certificates of ownership.
Dividends get deposited into your account automatically.

From there you can decide what you want to do w/ the dividends.
You can use them to buy more shares of the same or other stock, or you can cash out the dividends and use them as actual money.

It’s a better investment move to reinvest those dividends.

Sandra asks…

internet site justifying African slavery?

I am writing a history paper where i need to analyze an internet source that talks about the history of the African slave trade but is biased toward pro slavery/justifying it…does anyone know any sites like this?

John answers:

I don’t think this is exactly what you had in mind, but it is interesting.

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