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Daniel asks…

I am interested in day trading will you tell me if my ideas are realistic?

Thanks for looking. I am 25 in college for mechanical engineering and also working. I am interested in day trading one day. I hear that people will borrow for their trades leverage I believe, first thing……..I would never gamble loaned money. But I have used which provides a live feed of stocks and has many useful indicators. I have used it maybe 10 days where I just sat and paper traded. I profited all but 1. Averaging about 5-6% profit daily. I don’t konw if thats much…….I like technical analysis as my main tool.

I just feel like if I saved up 50,000, I could try and get started. If I were to continue to paper trade and continue to profit daily,

I could make 3 1% trades a with day 10000 for each. walk out with 300 and invest it the next day. If i continued I would be making profit off of profit in no time. It would be compounding interest at 3% daily. with a few bad days i am sure

It sounds to good to be true and I’m sure it is….I just don’t see how I wouldn’t be able to do that. Also what do you think of the site Im using…Is it even legit as far as the “live” charts

John answers:

Averaging 5-6% daily is well beyond some of the best traders in the world. 5%-6% a week would be a wonderful achievement. A good day trader is happy getting 50% of their trades correct (using a 2/1 or 3/1 win loss ratio). is a “legit” web site.

Paper trading is never indicative for predicting future results (for countless reasons I don’t have time to explain). On top of this…. The past few weeks, in this bull market have been wonderful.

You may be one person of so few that can consistency achieve 5% or more on average, daily. But the odds are very much against it. Using Technical Analysis to achieve your goals is a great way to day trade. For many people… It takes years to master. The next skill that’s just as important is trading money management. That can take longer to master than Technical Analysis.

I read a book on trading almost every month (some new… Some re-reading). Half of them concentrate on psychology (the trader & the market) as well as trading money management.
Most of the other “day traders” out there are working many hours, everyday, to improve and learn more about trading. So forgive me if I believe that you’ll get yourself in real trouble if you believe you’re some type of genius at trading.

As far as brokers are concerned….. Read this article from Barron’s. I think you’ll find it helpful;,100

Richard asks…

Where can I get game packs for this trading card game?

I need a bit of help. I need to figure out where I can get game packs for the card game ‘Pirates’. You build boats to use for the game, it is not just paper cards. If someone can find me where I can get them for a bit cheaper than the local game store. I also want a bit of help finding their site, because I have been having tons of trouble finding it.

John answers:

the better place that has all the hot stuff is..

Http:// search in da name of da game or cards nd they’ll sell it rly cheap

Charles asks…

Best place to “PAPER” trade online?

I would like to test my skills at trading, but before i start using REAL money, i’d like to give it a shot with “FAKE” money first. Can anyone here point me into the right direction. I’m going to be reading a few books on stock investing/trading and want to have access to a website that lets me “paper” trade.

Also… are there any free sites out there with REAL TIME quotes??? Preferably with a LIVE chart/graph?

Thanks for any help!

John answers:

Its going to be difficult to get the free RTQ, as the exchanges charge for that information… I know of nowhere for that.

Anyways, there are still a bunch of places to try – look at,,,… One of those should work for you.

Linda asks…

Are there brown paper bags safe for roasting a turkey?

My mom wants to try the “brown-bag” method of roasting a turkey and asked me to look it up on the Internet. WIth this method you cover the turkey in butter or oil and seal it in a brown paper grocery bag. I found lots of recipes, but also lots of warnings saying this method is unsafe because of the chemicals used to make the bags; supposedly the glue and other chemicals can seep into the turkey.

I basically want to know: Are there brown paper bags made specifically for cooking, or that are made of safe material? I read on one site that health food stores carry all-natural brown paper bags that you can use. Is that true?

Also, lots of Web sites say to trade the paper grocery bag for a plastic roasting bag, but other sites say this does not provide the same results. Does anyone have experience with both?

John answers:

I would never put a material like paper in the oven, common sense tells me that it’s a bad idea. As soon as some oil gets onto it and it’s heated to a high heat, the possibility of it catching on fire would exponentially increase. I would only use the premade oven bags to cook a turkey in. I don’t care what ‘success’ other people have had with it, I would never put myself and home in that danger.

Ruth asks…

i am a wholesaler i work with aluminum paper?

i am a trader i work with aluminum paper i was trying to find
some companys that sells aluminum paper on yahoo and google search but i did’t find what i was looking for !!! can anybody help me plz ….
with addresses and companys names that i can trade with ???? or some wed site that offers stock aluminum paper ???

John answers:

Never heard of aluminum paper – what is it used for?

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