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George asks…

Fraud and Cheating by Family Trading Company, Deccan Chronicle advertisement?

Hi Sir, Please help me how to proceed the legal case against Family Trading Company run by AMAN MITTAL, SBI A/C 32083582574 from Karnal, HARYANA who cheated me in setting up paper plate business after depositing 20,000. He has changed his company name and phone numbers to Family Trading Company and 08053434502, 08053918401 respectively which was former named as Reddy Trading Company from Raichur. He is continuously advertising in Deccan Chronicle. I have forwarded by complaint to Deccan Chronicle regarding the same but they continue to publish such advts in Bussiness offer column.

John answers:

Good sites to report scams to (typically for store sites):

Robert asks…

Is share trading is a good profession?

I am an engineering graduate is share trading is a good to me

John answers:

It is a risky profession. Before entering read some good books. Buy some financial magazines . News papers and go through that. Watch share trading tv channels like CNBC and observe the trends. Outlook Money magazine has come out with some good e,books. Go to Share Broking office during trading time, watch how the members quote buying and selling. Get your doubts cleared. Note that the share price movement has International effect. Go through and web sites.Slowly learn DONOT invest by borrowing, invest only your surplus money.

Joseph asks…

What is the trading spaces P.O. box now?

I need to have the trading spaces P.O. box because i need to send some papers there.

John answers:

Strange question!! Since you are dealing with them because you have papers to send to them you must have a contact with the company. Trading Spaces is similar to Trading Places (where a family leave their home for a day and leave a makeover team to decide and make interior home improvements without any input from the family). These are TV programmes, of course, and the company are involved in many TV shows and programming around the world . Known as TLC or Discovery HD Channels. Their Head Office is in Minnesota but have offices worldwide and their web site shows much of what they do. They list many addresses and telephone numbers in USA. You can also sign up for their News Letter. They don’t show letter boxes – sorry.

Mandy asks…

What are the achievements of World Trade Organisations?

please help.. also please be specifc of your sources…

John answers:

You could write a term paper or possibly a thesis on the subject alone. First, you should look at how the WTO operates, such as it’s members, trade rounds, etc. I suggest going to your library and try to find any research papers or books on the subject. You may be able to get lucky and hit a paper that has exactly what you are looking for. If you don’t want to do that, I would suggest looking at as many websites as possible.
Here are two website that will help a great deal (if you have’t already been to them:

The wikipedia site contains many of the major WTO achievements in chronological order. Sources are listed at the bottom of the site.
Good luck.

Donald asks…

Online Forex trading returns?

Who knows what the returns for online forex tradings are?.Most sites hype it so much I am starting to have doubts.I am new to this and just looking for a worthy investment scheme.Can one make $ 50 by trading with $100 or $ 500 from $ 1000 in a month? Or what are the average returns

John answers:

Well over 96% of all new FX traders lose most of their account in less than 4 months. Most don’t last more than a year.

Paper trading will help…. But it can also make you feel like you’re a genius. That will hurt you.

Most FX Brokers make their money through;
Constintantly bringing in new investors, as the older drop out.
Placing trades opposite you (via a “trade desk”).

It will take at least a year to learn FX trading & Technical Analysis. BUT…. The most important way to succeed is to understand money management and trader psychology.

Read as much as you can. Take your time.

If this was sooooo easy…… Everyone would be doing it. You’re not one of the privledged few that has found this “secret” to making “easy” money. There is no such thing.

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