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Joseph asks…

How can people be so cold, rude and mean?

I’m the kind of person who can’t stand to have anyone mad at me. I hate the thought that someone doesn’t like me. I always try to treat people the way I want to be treated.

I trade books on a paper back trading site. All the books I share are like new unless listed otherwise. I give these books away for free and even pay for shipping.

One of the recievers today wrote me a very rude message even poking fun at my Christian name. The book she recieved was damaged in the mail and I quickly offered to replace it, pay for it or redeem her point that it cost her. But I also felt very threatened by her message. The fact that she poked fun at my Christian faith. So I reported her to the website.

She wrote me two messages and replied very quickly to both. She then quickly wrote back apologizing and requested her point back. I did this very quickly too and wrote one last message asking her if she got it back kind of feeling we had made up and I had made a new friend.

running of room . ..
I just got another rude message from her telling me to “give it up”. She rambled and on about the book was damaged, how I shouldn’t have reported her (I made that very clear in my first reply to her first threating note so I don’t know why she so upset about that now)

Anyway, I just don’t see how people can be like this. I should be the one upset. She attacked me. I didn’t have to offer to replace her book or give her that point back I did it out of kindness.

Yet I’m still so hurt. I don’t know why I let things like this bother me. My face it beat red from sadness and embarrassed that someone would say something like that me and I hate to say it I’m close to crying.
I’ll report her again if she keeps contacting me. I just got her reply to the message about “Did you get the point back” and it was blank so I just shrugged it off.

John answers:

“Men hate each other because they fear each other, and they fear each other because they don’t know each other, and they don’t know each other because they are often separated from each other.” — Dr. Martin Luther King, quoted by the Center for the Healing of Racism,

Honey, things like this make us realize what the Bible meant that people will fail us, and not to rely on man but on God. It is meant to humble us, not to hurt us, that there are some things beyond our understanding or control. If we love with our “human” hearts and minds, we will be disappointed by failures and injustice and will get hurt; if we love with God’s heart, then we can let go and rise above any failed situation.

Does this make sense?

If we can’t forgive the hurt, using our own minds or hearts, that’s why we sometimes ask God for strength to forgive what is beyond us. I know it hurts, and Jesus said that we would be called names worse than Satan, and though we know this, it doesn’t make it hurt any less when it actually happens to us.

I remember crying and crying over something awful someone said to me, a fellow member of the church, and I read those verses that even brethren within congregations would seek to kick each other out. And still it brought me no comfort at all.

In your case, this woman felt threatened she was reported. So she took it out on you. Some people can’t forgive and freak out when they feel someone else is causing them injury, or intends them harm. She probably imagines in her mind that you judge her, she is probably afraid that as a Christian you may be one of the condemning type and may assume you hate her. This is similar to racism, where people have a preconceived notion based on fear or separation where they cannot relate to you but think you view them as an enemy.

She was acting out of fear, because she did not know you.

If she cannot forgive whatever notion in her head she has of you, can you be bigger and try to forgive her, for her ignorance or fear, for whatever she has perceived in the past to make her afraid of you, or being judged, or being cheated of points or reported, or whatever combination of things.

I’m sorry this hurts your heart. Can you bring it to Jesus in prayer, ask to remove the upset due to unforgiveness, and as the emotions calm down, ask for wisdom or understanding to you as to why these things happen. And what we can do to help heal these things so they don’t keep happening again.

What you feel is very similar to racial injuries. People carry pain and perceptions from the past, and if these are not forgiven, then emotions are attached that end up “projected” onto other people who “remind” us, even if it is not deserved. So the pain is passed from one person or generation to another, until the chain is broken by forgiveness. So if these things in her mind have never been resolved, your job, as a Christian believer, is to give it to God through forgiveness where others cannot. This burden is not yours, can you give it to Jesus on the Cross and let it be healed in His love.

She may not have that kind of faith, but since you do, can you give it to God for her, so that there can be healing by Grace.

Yours truly,

P.S. If you still feel bad, and this bothers you. Will you please email me. We can share more stories about how people misinterpreted our good intentions. It happens to the best of us while we are all learning from past mistakes. People, even fellow Christians, have slammed my heart against the wall with things they said they couldn’t possibly mean because it isn’t true. All that was a lesson in humility and forgiveness. People aren’t perfect and we can carry pain and fear and dump it on other people, knowing or not knowing. Until we learn how to heal this stuff correctly, some of it ends up hurting us and even the ones we love. But our faith in Christ tells us that these things shall pass, there is only so much sin from the past affecting the world, and our thoughts and actions in it. So as we forgive and hand our troubles and the injustice over to God, these things will find correction and redemption, and peace of mind, in relations, and in the world will be restored. It is a long historical process, and we are still processing leftover pains from the past that are handed down from before, until all is forgiven and healed. So when you don’t understand, hand it all over to God in prayer, ask for forgiveness of the pain so you can receive understanding and wisdom, and you will clear your heart and mind and receive healing where there used to be hurt. Give it to Jesus.

Betty asks…

COLLEGE TEXTBOOKS…international? trading? purchasing?

Please HELP

where is the cheapest most reliable place you have found to purchase college texts ?

have you ever purchased an international textbook and if so how was it compared to teh american version ? is it true its the exact same just thinner printed paper ?

do you know of any trading site other than swaptree ?

any other information will be greatly appreciated.

i have thought about library loans but they only loan for 21 days with a couple renewelsand that wont get through the semester… they charge 50cents per day for overages


John answers:

I’ve found the best place to use is I use them for my buying and selling needs. They are a textbook search engine that searches all the online textbook retailers (including amazon, half, ebay etc) and rental sites (including chegg, bookrenter etc) to find you the best prices. You can even use them at the end of the semester to search for resellers to sell your books to.

And yes, I have purchased an international textbook. There was nothing different about the paper. The differences were minor however. Things like page numbers being slightly different, and the organization of information within the textbook, and the cover art for the book. But the material was all there just like my classmates’ books.

I don’t know of any swapping sites.

Hope this was of help.

Robert asks…

Is there a web site like “box office mojo” but for book sales?

Every week I see figures for how many people went to see “xyz” movie. But I’d like to be able to find out how many copies of certain books have sold.
I know that some of this info is fuzzy since there are hard cover sales, trade paper backs, publishers overstocks, book clubs etc… but still any information would be great. Thanks.

John answers:

I went fishing, and I’m not sure if this is a good catch or an old boot. LOL

I’m thinking the info you want may not be available to the general public–check this out:
and this:

Mark asks…

What Site(s)Can I Access That Will Give Info On What Produce the State of Georgia Trades with Other States?

I have to do a paper for school about this, I have tried Georgia Foreign Trade Zone, U.S. Chamber of Commerce and TradeRoots and none of these sites give me specific info on what produce is traded with other states. Thanks.

John answers:

These sites might have something

Susan asks…

Learning Forex trading?

Im not new to trading im a trend follower/ band trader i mostly use technical analysis but i trade stocks. Recently a few days ago i said wth why not try forex because i was reading about Randy Mckay who turned 2000 into 70000 in just 7 months! WOW. Before i start trading for real though i want to know alot more about this business. Is a good site to do schooling on??? Any recommended books to read?? im just 19 years old ive been trading since 9th grade.. not with real money though but i figure forex and technical analysis work in the same way so if i can make money in stocks why not curriences? plus i get waaaayyyy more leverage and profits. Seriously i wouldnt put all my money into this but its a good way to diversify. I plan to start this year trading with 4000 dollars i will put 3000 into stocks and maybe 1000 into curriences using etoro.. but this is just a plan for now i dont plan on starting till the end of this year so this gives me this year to learn as much as possible and paper trade..
or i was thinking of just opening an etoro account with 100 bucks and see what i can make happen cuz the eur/usd is seriously gonna go up its a no brainer

John answers:

And watch your money vanish faster than the winter snow in spring,if it was just that easy don’t you think everybody would be into Forex,these companies LOVE beginners….

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