Your Questions About Paper Trading Site

Thomas asks…

what is the best online trading site for beginners?

John answers:

You won’t always be a beginner. That should not be a consideration. If you don’t have the time or want to learn something, don’t do it. Just buy a mutual fund or an index etf. Why waste your time on something you don’t enjoy, rather than something you must do from within yourself? How do you prioritize your time? A priority list and a trade plan are major considerations for you to be productive.

Start with definitions. Every industry has its own language. Use Investopedia to define financial terms.

Evaluating Your Stock Broker

Tips For When To Buy, Sell Or Hold

Certainly, many people trade “online” but mostly because they don’t know any better. Any broker will have a free, dedicated, trading platform dedicated to your computer. This platform will include enormous capability, far exceeding a web browser, safer, faster, and all in one place. This platform should be a primary factor in which broker you choose.

The best broker for you is the one that offers the things you need. If you have a trade plan, you have specifics, details, needs. Do you need option capability and implied volatility? Do you need a stock screener? Advice, forums, chat rooms. None of that is on a web browser or “online” in one place.

There are many comparison charts for online brokers, plus look in Barron’s or other papers: (simulator, and finance terms and definitions)…

You can also type in the Search Y! Answers box at the top of this screen for “how to invest,” and get lots of answers.

Richard asks…

Buy, sell or trade sites in Houston Tx!?

What are some websites where you can buy sell or trade furniture besides THANKS

John answers:

You can go to .. It is just like the paper version you can get at the store, but you can find things online

Ken asks…

is roomyou a scam site?

ive been to roomyou,com looking for a room to rent and find these listings and was wondering could this be a scam?

John answers:

Without even going to the site it sounds suspicious. Any site that is convenient has it’s risks and costs. Why not stick with what’s worked for decades? Classified listings in local papers, trades, publications, etc. Also check the local Craigslist for the area. Media websites for the area sometimes offer their own classifieds sections as well. Then of course there’s the old fashioned flyers that get hung. Last, don’t forget some smaller landlords simply put rental signs outside their rental with a number for you to call. Use common sense whenever you see a short cut….a site like that might be some local listing site but chances are there’s something fishy about it. Heck, even you are hear because you don’t trust it. Stick with sites and listings you can trust. After all this is a lot of money and time you are putting into your search.

Jenny asks…

Economics Paper?

I am supposed to write a paper about a subject relating to economics. However, I haven’t found any good topics. Any help? Please include the link to the site.
What kind of topics in Micro econ do you suggest? I found something on patents.

John answers:

Free trade and farm subsidies. It is big nowadays.


Robert asks…

paper back swap legit?

theres this site i just want to know if it is completely free, has anyone used it before?? how does it work?? is it a scam..

John answers:

I’ve been using & sister sites ( for the past 3 years.

It is free to join. You list books you’d like to get rid of. That places those books into the PBS inventory where PBS facilitates the trade. When someone requests a book from you… You mail it. (So YOU pay to ship it… Around $2-3bucks.) Once the member receives the book you get a credit. You may then turn around and use the credit to request from any of the 4-5million books in the PBS inventory. (you can also buy credits for $3.45 then use those to request from the inventory)

It’s not a scam. Feel free to check out their ratings.

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