Your Questions About Paper Trading Site

Sharon asks…

What are good sites for beginner stock trading?

I don’t want to lose thousands I just want to give it ago

John answers: is a good site for stock trading. Use the paper account to practice.

Michael asks…

who supplies metallised paper for printing?

Hello friends,
I am a printer in india.
I use flexo machine and i need information about suppliers of metallised paper in roll form for printing of labels.

Kindly let me know their company and contact details.
The company can be in india and also in international market.

Thank you.

John answers:

Try this site

Nancy asks…

Online trading question?

Can someone tell me what is the program, software or site to do online trading and do i have to have a broker to do so?

John answers:

There are many on line brokerage sites that provide the software to trade. They advertise on the financial TV networks all day long. Just watch the financial networks with a pen and paper and you will see ads that will drive you to their web sites. Some even offer practice trading accounts that don’t require any money (but then your profits or losses are all on paper as well). The thing you want to do is learn about trading before you trade. While you can buy hundreds of books and go to thousands of web pages that will teach you, you will be better off joining an investment club or taking a live course where instructors can answer your questions. If you read a book on how to swim, would you jump into the lake? That’s what you are doing when you read a book and use real money to trade on line.

Daniel asks…

What are some good sites for Canadian’s that show open call auditions?

Please help 🙂

John answers:

You need to do an internet search. Check trade papers, local arts paper, and theater groups to see audition listings and postings. For movie open call auditions, check the trade papers such as backstage and variety.

James asks…

stock trading…………?

well can people explain how you get into stock trading? is there some sort of simultor which i can practice first on as im still only 17 but i want to learn. also fo short selling stocks do you have to borrow large amount of stocks from a company or can you just borrow a couple?

could also tell me the basic things about stock market


John answers:

To be a trader you must first learn how to invest. You must know the products and the markets in which they trade and more importantly you must know the rules that govern those products and markets.

Here are some sites that you can use to paper trade

When you short stock, YOU DO NOT borrow stock to short, your brokerage firm must borrow the stock and the amount borrowed is the same as the short position

Before you spend $0.01 on any investment, you must know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and how to do it. Before you invest in any security, the first investment you should make is in yourself, and the best investment you can make is by educating yourself.
Begin your education by learning why you should invest and the importance of being able to make your own decisions or how the pro’s make theirs. Start your education by reading “Investing or Dummies” by Eric Tyson.

You need to address four major policies and have very strong discipline to follow them
1-You need a written sound trading/investment plan with rules that will not only help you but more importantly protect you, mostly from yourself
2-A written money management program is essential.
3-You must have sufficient trading/investment capital.
4–A full and complete understanding of the rules & regulations of the industry.

Although in North America you must be 18 to have a brokerage account in your name, but you can have a parent open a custodian account using your social security number and when you turn 18 the assets in the account can be moved to an account in your name.
BUT you are not ready to even think about trading.

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