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David asks…

As per the scrap dealer the rate of old news papers have gone down due to economic melt down. How come? ?

Yesterday I sold my old news papers and I was told by the scrap dealer that the rate has gone down because the share market is down. I still don’t know the relation between the two.

John answers:

Supply and Demand…recycled paper is a traded commodity and like all commodities the price has gone down substantially as of late. I have provided a link below to a site that provides current prices for various types of paper recycling including Loose Waste Paper Recycling and Bailed Waste Paper Recycling

Jenny asks…

How to get that awful dusty smell out of books?

This affects books that are Mass Trade Paperback as opposed to the nicer trade paperbacks. I’ve noticed that MTP books tend to have a really dusty smell to them after they’ve been on the shelf for a while–they have them at the bookstore too.

I HATE that smell and feel of the pages, but I don’t know how to get rid of it! I’ve tried wiping my books down, but the smell is in the actual pages. Short of putting my books in plastic bags, what do you suggest?

John answers:

Mass market paperbacks have cheaper grade paper, so they get the musty smell faster than other books. But I have really old books that are not mass market kind, and they are musty too. I confess that I really do like the smell (it depends on how strong it is though).

The only thing I’ve tried is placing the books, open (with a paperweight or something) but not so open as to damage the spine, outdoors–out of sunlight and out of the elements, of course. I think I’ve left them out for a day or two. It works fine. I’m hesitant to use any kind of cleaner or anything that might damage the book.

I think storage method helps too. All of my books are kept out of sunlight (the library’s curtains are almost always closed) and the library is the coldest room in the house, aside from the basement. I’m in Canada, which helps in that respect. Also, I allow for few inches of space in front and behind the books on the shelves. Air circulation is important to avoid mould, etc.

Here is a site with natural methods to reduce the smell:

Sharon asks…

How much is an Ivory Elephant tusk worth in general?

I am writing a paper so I would love a website link to give me some info.

John answers:

Sale of elephant ivory ‘harvested’ after 1989 is now illegal under CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species).
Here’s a fact sheet from the Humane Society of the United States about the history and status of the ‘ivory trade’.
I think we aren’t allowed to post prices here, but here’s a link to a site which says it sells only legal ivory. Elsewhere on the site, it gives prices for different forms of ivory.
If you plug phrases like ‘the ivory trade’ or ‘elephant ivory’ into a search engine, you’ll get lots more info, too.
Good luck.

Helen asks…

How can I paint my jeans to look like watercolors?

I am making a costume right now and am thinking of going with some painted jeans. I know how I am going to get the pattern and everything drawn on so I can color it, but I want the paint to be more faded and watercolor-ish. Not so much a layer that sits on top of the jeans but one that looks like it is part of the jeans. Someone suggested using crayons on wax paper instead of paint, but I am trying to get some different ideas before actually attempting this.

John answers:


Check out the transparent fabric paints SetAColor. They can be thinned down with water for more liquid effects, and they are set using heat – probably ironing or a commerical dryer. Since they are transparent, you’ll probably need to start with some very light colored jeans.

I’ve seen these paints in my local Hobby Lobby, but a really excellent online source is Dharma Trading. This sites has many fabric related items, like dyes and paints, and all sort of garments and other items to dye or paint.

To get an idea of what you can do with these paints, check out the SkyDyes website where artist Mickey Lawler makes and sells handpainted fabrics mostly for quilt making. She is the author of a book that shows how she creates her fabrics, and I know I saw her first on an HGTV show, Simply Quilts or the Carol Duvall Show a few years ago.

Also, another excellent fabric and surface designer is Sherill Kahn. Her website is definititely work a peek, and she’s authors a few excellent books too. Her effects don’t really look like watercolors, but they might give you a few more ideas.

A nice magazine for wearable art is Belle Armoire. There is also a wearable art forum on the online artist community, wetcanvas. This is a really cool website with more than 98,000 worldwide members currently, and basic membership is free.

Hope this helps, and I hope you have fun and success with your project.

Linda asks…

Where can I find the best wedding accessories and kikay fashion accessories in the Philippines?

I have a limited budget for m upcoming events regadring wedding accessories, fashion shows and trade show events. So I need options on different price ranges of diferent suppliers of fashion accessories.

John answers:

Try this:

They offer different varieties of wedding accessories. They also offer different fashion items or kikay items.

Note: “kikays” – Philippine term for “filipina fashionist”

I heard that they customised wedding accessories upon your request.

About your budget preferences, they have a very reasonable kikay accessories prices. It ranges from P50 to P700. Sweet!

The best thing about this Baycrafts Accessories is that they accept orders anywhere in the Philippines and they ship via FEDEX, OCS, AIR21 or the courier you prefer at P50/kilo only! They accept international order too via Paypal and Xoom payment method.

Their online store( says that: “We offer Kikay Items, Kikay Accessories, Kikay Philippines, Latest Fashion Trend in the Philippines, Kikay Bracelet, Kikay Jewelry, Philippine Fashion Accessories, Craft, Workshops, Macrame, Handicraft, Hand Craft, Dreamcatcher,Potpuorri, Dried Flower, Shell Craft, Christmas, Kikay Kits, Jewelry Making, Beaded Bracelet, Paper Mache, Beaded Box, Necklace and Custom Jewelry.”

You might want to check their site.

Anyway, good luck to your events, I hope I am a great help to your research.

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