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Chris asks…

What are the costs of saving a Jaguar from extinction?

I need this for my report because I am writing a paper on a certian animal that is going extinct. I also need to know benefits to the enviormetn and resourdes used. At least two should be citied.

John answers:

The first cost is to buy land to preserve habitat for the jaguar and put it into permanent reserves or parks plus the cost of setting up, running and patroling the parks/reserves. Rainforests are under seige because of lumbering, agriculture and mining interests. There is also the cost of research to find out what the jaguars need to successfully live and breed (one of the questions would be is sufficient land preserved and is the right type of land preserved for their use). Since one of the main problems is poaching (both of the jaguars and of their preferred prey species such as white lipped peccaries) educating the local people of the value of the jaguars is critical. In some cases people such as farmers may need to be paid to compensate for livestock losses and to avoid having the jaguars shot. There must be efforts to stop the pet trade in jaguars also.

The sites below give you a great deal more information about current efforts to preserve the jaguar.

Mandy asks…

How can you get rid of unwanted fry?

If I breed my Guppies, like I plan to, I don’t want any fry but a couple. I know that’s not much for breeding them, but I still want to breed them. I am just wondering if any of you know how to get rid of the extra fry? Is there a fish site, or place that will take them>?
I guess feeding them to other fish would be okay, but I prefer not doing that. How else could I get rid of them?

John answers:

Leave them in the tank as fry, most will get eaten
feed them to other fish
mature them, then sell them to the pet shop
trade them to the pet shop for items
trade them to the pet shop for loyalty points
use as presents for friends/relatives
sell them to friends/relatives (mini business, wooh! Lol jks)
give them away to friends/relatives
have a fish sale, open up your garage
sell them in the paper/trading post
give them away in the paper/trading post
sell them as feeder fish
sell them online
here is a site that you might be interested in:
best of luck and i hope this helped =]

Maria asks…

How do you verify that your actually buying real stock from some one when you buy it on-line?

From online stock trading sites.

John answers:

If you are purchasing a shares through a broker, you can request a paper stock certificate (they will probably charge you extra for this service). However, if you lose the certificate, it may be difficult and expensive to prove that you owned the certificate since it is treated similar to cash.

Also when you sell the stock, you must deliver the certificate back to the broker prior to selling the shares.

Ruth asks…

What are some cool things to collect and trade?

My whole grade likes to collect stuff. We already collected Take apart erasers, pop out stickers, posters, and silly bandz. Most of my friends start the collections. I want to start one. What do you guys think I should start the collection for? I was thinking hair clips, pens, or buttons. Any suggestions are fine as long as they are cheap and small so we can trade them. Thanks.

John answers:

How about Origami models? Most of them can be folded from junk mail, look great, keep you occupied when you’re bored, and if you really get into it, you’ll find many free diagrams on the net and easily make new friends with other paper folders.

Http:// – Robert Lang about the history of Origami – RL has a lot of humor…:-) – loads of diagrams, background info, links – many diagrams

Modular Origami instructions: – lots of links in the right column.

Http:// – another page with many models – few but interesting models, including a mountainbike.

Http:// – The Yahoo photo site Flickr has many active Origami enthusiasts who believe in sharing their work and often post diagrams and/or link to them. Eric Gjerde who created this beautiful star offers a downloadable PDF.

YouTube has many instructional videos about Origami, these are just 2 of them: – Origami Fireworks – book

Helen asks…

What is the best website or way to do daily stock exchanging?

I have never done this before but am interested in putting about 2000 dollars into the stock market on different shares and trying to sell and buy on a day to day basis. I have looked up different sites but each is very expensive. i was wondering what the easiest and cheapest reliable website or way to do this was. i use PNC bank if that makes any changes or opinions. Thanks

John answers:

If you have no experience at investing, the last thing you should try to do is trade.

If you checked out Scottrade or Etrade and you found them to be expensive, there’s no way you should even consider investing let alone trading.

All firms, including PNC, offer their clients on-line website for investing and/or trading including providing research and trading platforms. Looking for the cheapest is not always the best way to go and all major firms have reliable websites.

Before you spend $0.01 of your money you should educate yourself about investing/trading and learn what to do, why you’re doing it and how to do it.

Based on the wording of your question, there’s no way you should start investing or trading.
Why don’t you try paper trading and see how well you can do and it wont cost you anything.

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