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Richard asks…

Is trading in a car that had damage smart?

I have two cars that I want to trade in for just one to eliminate a payment and save some money. The thing is, one of the is in good shape, never been wrecked or anything and im not upside down or anything so that one is fine but the other one is upside down and I recently hydroplaned and hit a runoff and caused some damage to it. There is no body damage but the allignment and all that it includes are in bad shape including the rims on that side. I really dont want to report it to my insurance cause of the long term affects that an accident on my record would cause. Would it be possible to just take it in as is and have them put the difference on the new loan? Would this be my best bet?

John answers:

The thing with that is when you take a damaged car to the dealer to trade in, you will not get your money’s worth out of it. They will talk it down and give you crap for it.

If you want to sell it, i would sell it through a paper or online…

I mean, you can trade it in, and thats fine, but when you do, you better take someone with awesome sales with you that wont take any crap. I would take your dad, or if you have a friend that will say what is on his mind, someone like that can save you money.

Also, do not be afraid to walk out. In fact, do walk out and shop around. Do not decide anything the first day. Write all the information down if need be, but dealers count on you to be excited and do the first thing they put in front of you. Also, be sure to eat a meal before you go, as it is a long and taxing process.

There are various sites that show you secrets, but after all is said and done, you will probably take a loss if you trade it in….

Good luck either way…

Lisa asks…

How much is the average price to pay for a rottweiler puppy in NSW?

Ive been looking online lately and i think the average price is around $1000 going by classified sites (trading post, craigslist etc) but i want a well bred pup to avoid any problems down the line with health and behaviour.

How much am i looking at paying for a female pup from a breeder in NSW?

John answers:

Yea around about 1000+ for a pure breed rottie from a reputable breeder with papers, or $220+ from a pound with desexing, microchip, vaccinations, deworm/flea..etc. You dont get all that from a reputable breeder other then a health check.

Lizzie asks…

Where can I buy a large roll of sunprint paper?

I have a large roll of sunprint paper (24″ width) that I got years ago for a special project, now can’t remember where we ordered it (though it was online). Any ideas?

John answers:

I’ve never seen large rolls of the sunprint paper. You might try oriental trading company’s site or a specialty art site. Good luck

Michael asks…

How can you trade your vehicle if you have bad credit, what options, if any, do I have?

Right now I’m upside down on a ’04 cavalier paying (way to high) monthly payments to get caught up. What can I do with really bad credit by the way, to either fix or trade my car to get rid of my $$ problem? Any advise will be appreciated!

John answers:

What I would do is sell it out right, you can still trade the car in they won’t say you can’t because your credit, just how much you will pay up front for the next car, is what your credit will mainly determine,…., but because of your bad credit, they will use this against you anyway because that’s what salesmen do, and not give you as much as say if you had good credit.

Either way, bad or good credit, you will still end up getting a lot more if you sell it yourself, a trade in is never a good thing to do, if you want fair value out of your car.

I know ebay is expensive to sell cars, but you can try which I think is about $1.00 for a month. Some other nice sites on the net to sell. Small local papers are really cheap too, to sell a car.

Charles asks…

Any good resources to find size of international contemporary art market?

I am interested to know how much people spend on art? I found on the Financial Times site that Sotheby’s and Christies sold art worth $12.5bn last year but I’d like to know if possible how much galleries sold, or what museums add to a city’s/country’s economy. Thanks.

John answers:

The art market has several trade papers devoted to that. Generally they aren’t available to the public. But if you go into the offices of the galleries they are on the table to look at.

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