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Paul asks…

Rediclous research Paper….Us History?

Here is my thesis: Beavers played a significant role in the development of early America pertaining to the fur trade, in developing new companies, helping the formation of economy, and allowing early settlers to have a stable form of profit.
I could use help…in anyway i would be greatful. This is due in 4 days and has to be over ten pages….so its not that bad but the topic is a little annoying. If there are any primary secondary or terciary sites that pertain to this thesis i would appreciate very much. Also if anyone knows any interesting things i can base a few paragraphs of keepin in mind my thesis, any help is greatly appreciated. Im hoping for a beaver/ us history expert !

John answers:

St. Louis, in 1810 became the Gateway to the west, it was also the center of the fur (beaver) trade and was the chief market and supply point for beaver. Fur trade (beaver) began with the first contact between European explorers and the Indian along the shores of North America. It was the major factor to opening the continent to exploration. Beaver was a commodity that brought instant returns; fierce rivalries. The beaver brought the rivalries between individuals and nations. The fur trade was highly organized in the 18th century. Conflicts developed with the Indians. There were also diplomatic conflicts with Spain, England, Holland and Russia. From 1670 to 1812 the trade was dominated by the Hudson Bay Company and later the North West Company. The advance of settlements hurt the fur trade after the War of Independence, but the exploration in the Far West became major factors for the Westward Movement. Beaver commanded a major market in Europe. Beaver supplied most of the hats made in Europe.


George asks…

what happened in the slave trade with sir francis drake?

i have to do a reaseach paper and i cant find anything about the slave trade and wut it was about all i c it them mentioning the trade and sayin nothing else about it can u tell me everything u kno about sir francis drake and the slave trade and can u give me a site TOO!!

John answers:

Absolutely nothing….Sir Francis Drake had nothing whatsoever to do with the slave trade…he was the first to sail completely around the world and was also commissioned by Queen Elizabeth I to be a privateer attacking Spanish treasure ships (which he did very, very well at).

Don’t know who told you he had anything to do with the slave trade, but they were way wrong.

William asks…

help me cooking homework for tomorroww?

its homework about fair trade products and in the paper it says
”Go to the Research page at((need specific address for this part of the site))and read the information about fair trade and the case studies about Divine and Dubble chocolate bars,the impact of fair trade on coffee growers, and honey harvesting in Zimbabwe.
using words and pictures create a ‘mood’ within the congs to illustrate the theme of fair trade food.” can anyone explain it to me pls
using words

John answers:

Here is a pretty user-friendly website that explains a bit about fair-trade commodities.


Ken asks…

Research process please help!?

Im not really sure on these questions can anyone help me out? Would greatly appreciate it thanks!

1. The process of conducting research is typically __________.
a. linear
b. cyclical
c. random

2. You are using a variety of sources for your paper on genetically modified foods. Keeping in mind that you must avoid plagiarism when using these sources in your paper, which of the following is not an acceptable use of a source?
a. quoting directly from a journal article with attribution
b. inserting a chart of data from a Web site into your paper and providing a URL to the source
c. using a sentence from your course textbook for the introduction to your paper

3.You locate an article that explains how farmers can increase corn production using genetically modified plants and specialized fertilizer. The article includes industry statistics about increased crop production, and is written by a staff writer. This article is most likely from which type of periodical source?

a. scholarly/professional journal
b. popular magazine
c. trade publication
d. annotated bibliography

John answers:

1 – linear – in theory it has four steps: prepare, access, process and transfer but I’d buy any of the three answers depending on your viewpoint.
2 – C
3 – C – Not A since staff writers do not write in professional journals, could be B but not likely as it is too detailed for a popular magazine and not d since a bibliography has not content.

Michael asks…

I need statistics about the number of women in America who wear a size 9 (or above) shoe.?

This is for research paper for my direct marketing class.

I want to prove that there is a market for larger size shoes for trendy young women.

I am a marketing student who models. I am very tall and a size 12 shoe. I go to school with other tall lovelies who have trouble finding shoes they want.

Those lovley ladies count as primary sources but– I need “already done” research so that I can site my sources on a larger scale. Are there any secondary sources that are sharing this kind of info?

I searched and google and I did not find any relevant articles.

Is there a footwear/ shoe size national trade association or anything like that?

What other sources should I try?


John answers:

You should be able to get that information from the National Shoe Retailers Association. (see link below).

I’ve also included a link to an article that talks about average shoe size.

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