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William asks…

Comparative advantage in the oil industry?

Im writing a paper on how comparative advantage explains international trade with the oil industry as an example.

Does anybody know where oil comes from? Who has the advantage? Any statistics, Sites?

Im having a lot of trouble finding information, your help is greatly appreciated…

John answers:

You don’t know where oil comes from? Don’t you pay attention to the news at all? Don’t you know how to do a web search?

A search on “oil producers” gives, as its first reslt:

And the department of energy website is a good source:

Do you understand the difference between absolute advantage and comparative advantage?
How can comparative advantage be a factor for the production of crude oil?

Now for the refining of oil, it can be a factor, but you didn’t even mention that. But note how the list of major oil refining countries is different than the list of oil producing countries:
That’s where you have to look for your analysis on comparative advantage.

Or you might ask why the U.S. Imports 130.3 billion cu m of natural gas (a product of the oil industry) (2007 est.) but at the same time exports 23.28 billion cu m.

Maria asks…

I am at a complete loss at finding a house to rent that is three bedrooms.?

Me and my roommates at college are trying to find really ANY three bedroom house for rent but the issue is we have only found a couple. We live in Beckley WV and most online sites we find have none listed, local trade paper is almost bare, and the few we do find don’t want college students or want us to bring our parents hundreds of miles to sign a lease because we are not 21.

The dorms we live in cost us 4000 a year with food and with our jobs and when the food is available we can’t even use it and the dorms are falling apart. We literally have around 3 weeks to find a place so any help on a website or anything with a nice list would be GREATLY appreciated.

John answers:

You AREN’T minors, but landlords are probably not going to rent to students without their parents co-signing – there is a lot of damage potential to students renting a house – parties, etc and most likely some of those people HAVE rented to students in the past and had their houses trashed

can’t you find a 2 BR apt and share one of the BR’s ? You’re in college – you can’t expect the luxury of an entire house and separate bedrooms for everyone

you are not going to find anything cheaper than $400 per month per person for RENT, Utilities, internet access, TV and food

utilities in a house in WV in the winter could run you $300-400+ a month easy

Joseph asks…

need answers asap please some one help me?

A research strategy:

a. is only necessary if your instructor requires it
b. helps you choose and define your topic
c. is used to determine the number of pages of a research paper
d. all the choices

You want to do a research paper on human cloning. Which of the questions below would be a research topic?

a. Who was the first scientist to successfully perform cloning?
b. Is human cloning ethical?
c. What is human cloning?
Which type of assignment involves restating and presenting facts, data, theories, and other information with no interpretation?

a. thesis
b. report
c. research paper
What are the main concepts (keywords) in this statement? STATEMENT: This paper examines whether violence on television programs affects the behavior of children.

a. examines, violence, television
b. violence, television, children’s behavior
c. influence, violence, television programs

Save answer Next Question
What are the main concepts (keywords) in the following statement? STATEMENT: This paper examines whether hate sites on the internet should be censored.

a. whether, hate sites, internet, censored
b. paper, examines, hate sites, internet
c. examines, hate, sites, internet, censored
d. hate sites, internet, censored
Question 6: (1 point)
You are writing a paper about the impact of Title IX on college women’s sports. (Title IX is a law passed in 1972 that prohibits discrimination in education.) Searching for material on Title IX, you have found too much information. Which set of words will narrow your search the most, giving you the fewest results on your topic?

a. sports, education, discrimination
b. college, discrimination, women
c. women, discrimination, college, sports
d. women, college, sports
Your instructor just assigned you to record the daily changes in stock prices over the next month for a particular company’s stock that is traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Which one of the following is the most important aspect to consider as you gather information?

a. how current your information source is
b. the point of view of your information source
c. the format of your information source
Question 8: (1 point)
The first assignment for your medical psychology class is to discuss your opinion, backed up by research, of the usefulness of using the drug Ritalin to treat Attention Deficit Disorder in children. You have found a well-researched article in a professional journal on your topic. In this case, is it necessary to be aware of the author’s point of view on the issue?

a. Yes
b. No
Question 9: (1 point)
While working on a presentation for a class, you discover that valid information is not only found in books but in a variety of other formats. Which one source listed below is a visual/graphic format?

a. cassettes
b. books
c. maps
d. journal articles
Question 10: (1 point)
Which of the following sources of information is most likely to give you the most current and most accurate information about your topic?

a. a recent article from a scholarly journal
b. a book about the topic
c. an article from an encyclopedia

John answers:

?? This is too much information. No one is going to answer all of the questions.

?? On Yahoo Answers, people go by fast, so you should break these up into smaller questions and ask in the correct category, not this one.

Thomas asks…

Comma Question??? Help?

“John F. Kennedy, Texas Governor John Connally, and their wives, were riding in a motorcade through sunny Dallas, Texas, which would end at their luncheon site, the Trade Mart.”

Should the comma after ‘and their wives’ be there? I’m not really sure, and this paper is due, like, NOW. lol. XD

John answers:

No, the comma should not be there.

Kennedy, Connally and their wives were ……

Sandra asks…

Do Conspiracy Theorists have peer-reviewed technical papers that support their controlled demolition fantasy?

Peer reviewed papers and articles on how the towers collapsed..

Engineers Explain WTC Collapse

Report Ties WTC Collapses to Column Failures


Simulation for the collapse of WTC after aeroplane impact – Lu XZ., Yang N., Jiang JJ. Structure Engineer, 66(sup.). 2003, 18-22

Bazant, Z.P., & Zhou, Y.
“Addendum to ‘Why Did the World Trade Center Collapse? – Simple Analysis” (pdf)
Journal of Engineering Mechanics v. 128, no. 3, (2002): 369-370.

Brannigan, F.L.
“WTC: Lightweight Steel and High-Rise Buildings”
Fire Engineering v.155, no. 4, (2002): 145-150.

Clifton, Charles G.
Elaboration on Aspects of the Postulated Collapse of the World Trade Centre Twin Towers
HERA: Innovation in Metals. 2001. 13 December 2001.

“Construction and Collapse Factors”
Fire Engineering v.155, no. 10, (2002): 106-108.

Corbett, G.P.
“Learning and Applying the Lessons of the WTC Disaster”
Fire Engineering v.155, no. 10, (2002.): 133-135.

“Dissecting the Collapses”
Civil Engineering ASCE v. 72, no. 5, (2002): 36-46.

Eagar, T.W., & Musso, C.
“Why Did the World Trade Center Collapse? Science, Engineering, and Speculation”
JOM v. 53, no. 12, (2001): 8-12.

Federal Emergency Management Agency, Therese McAllister, report editor.
World Trade Center Building Performance Study: Data Collection, Preliminary Observations, and Recommendations
(also available on-line)

Gabrielson, T.B., Poese, M.E., & Atchley, A.A.
“Acoustic and Vibration Background Noise in the Collapsed Structure of the World Trade Center”
The Journal of Acoustical Society of America v. 113, no. 1, (2003): 45-48.

Glover, N.J.
“Collapse Lessons”
Fire Engineering v. 155, no. 10, (2002): 97-103

Marechaux, T.G.
“TMS Hot Topic Symposium Examines WTC Collapse and Building Engineering”
JOM, v. 54, no. 4, (2002): 13-17.

Monahan, B.
“World Trade Center Collapse-Civil Engineering Considerations”
Practice Periodical on Structural Design and Construction v. 7, no. 3, (2002): 134-135.

Newland, D.E., & Cebon, D.
“Could the World Trade Center Have Been Modified to Prevent Its Collapse?”
Journal of Engineering Mechanics v. 128, no. 7, (2002):795-800.

National Instititue of Stamdards and Technology: Congressional and Legislative Affairs
“Learning from 9/11: Understanding the Collapse of the World Trade Center”
Statement of Dr. Arden L. Bement, Jr., before Committee of Science House of Representatives, United States Congress on March 6, 2002.

Pinsker, Lisa, M.
“Applying Geology at the World Trade Center Site
Geotimes v. 46, no. 11, (2001).
The print copy has 3-D images.

Public Broadcasting Station (PBS)
Why the Towers Fell: A Companion Website to the Television Documentary.
NOVA (Science Programming On Air and Online)

Post, N.M.
“No Code Changes Recommended in World Trade Center Report”
ENR v. 248, no. 14, (2002): 14.

Post, N.M.
“Study Absolves Twin Tower Trusses, Fireproofing”
ENR v. 249, no. 19, (2002): 12-14.

The University of Sydney, Department of Civil Engineering
World Trade Center – Some Engineering Aspects
A resource site.

“WTC Engineers Credit Design in Saving Thousands of Lives”
ENR v. 247, no. 16, (2001): 12.

The Towers Lost and Beyond
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Eduardo Kausel, John E. Fernandez, Tomasz Wierzbicki, Liang Xue, Meg Hendry-Brogan, Ahmed F. Ghoniem, Oral Buyukozturk, Franz-Josef Ulm, Yossi Sheffi
Paul I: As I responded to your email. peer-reviewed doesn’t mean reviewed by other 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists! It means reviewed by objective engineers and scientists that effectively sign off on your work. Provide a source that is a mainstream, peer-reviewed journal and I will happily concede the point.

John answers:

Conspiracy theorists don’t deal well with facts. Their heads might implode. LOL.

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