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Daniel asks…

hey can anyone tell me or post a site that can help me find out information about the old celtic geography?

i need to find facts about celtic geography for a research paper like if the celts used specific rivers for trade or anything of that sort
i need to find facts about celtic geography for a research paper like if the celts used specific rivers for trade or anything of that sort. these are the irish celts around like 1200 B.C. i believe to like 400 A.D. or something like that. doesnt necessarily have to be the ireland celts though

John answers:

There is a zoom function at the top of the page, if you need, and the ‘search inside this book’ option is quite useful:

Maria asks…

In construction unions are whole job sites under the same union?

I have to write a final paper for a labor relations class. One thing I don’t know is: Are some job sites in construction unionized under the same union? I know that all trades will have their own unions (i.e. IBEW) but do job sites get unionized where workers of different specialites fall under the same union?

John answers:

No all the trades have their own separate union on a construction site. It is possible to have a construction job going and some of the workers in one trade be non-union. It doesn’t make the best of working conditions in my opinion when you have non-union and union workers though, but it happens.
On the other hand, factories such as CAT, or General Motors, Chrysler, etc all belong to one union, (in these cases the UAW), and all the workers specialize in different jobs.
Hope you get an A!

Charles asks…

I need help! Internet guru entrepreneurs, give me ideas!?

I have this idea to follow in the footsteps of the man who traded a paper clip and traded up until he got a house. I Live in Northern Maine and need to take my family out of the botter cold climate, if only for a weekend! I must find a site where I can look for people willing to trade for frequent flyer miles, a gas card, hotel stay coupons, antyhing to help me save my family from cabin fever depression! Do I go to craigslist and set up an account? Is there a better site out there to post tuch a thing? Where should I start?

John answers:

Your plan is impractical. It’d be a whole lot cheaper, faster, and easier to take them out for a pizza.

Steven asks…

What would you do if your 18year old posted dodgy pics of you on the net?

Would you let it go with the thought “you cheeky little git”, or would you take it further…?

i don’t know who is naughtier here…the Son or the Mum…! i mean, what kind of Mum would leave naughty pictures of herself around where her teenage son can see them..?

A New Zealand teenager tried to sell some sexy photographs of his mother on an Internet auction site after the pair had an argument, a newspaper here reported.

The 18-year-old student opened an auction for “five naked photos of my Mum” on the Trade Me site after being told to clear the family garage and sell any unwanted items on the site, the Herald on Sunday said.

Trade Me pulled the auction the next day, but the student, identified only as Michael, was soon back trying to sell a series of eight-year-old “glamour” shots of his mother, including one of her in underwear.

His mother Jennifer, 44, who did not want the family name published, told the paper she was “pretty annoyed” when she found out about the first set of photographs.
“He was quite naughty… I thought ‘you cheeky little git’,” she said.

But she was also annoyed that Trade Me withdrew the second set of pictures, of which she approved. “I insisted Michael show me first, the little bugger. They are quite artistic. There is nothing dodgy about them.” “I wanted 50 per cent of the sale, but more than that I miss the nice comments.”

Trade Me spokesman Jon Macdonald said both auctions were withdrawn because of “inappropriate” photos. “We don’t really want to be the place where people list photos of their mums in their underwear,” he said.

John answers:

I’d get out the most embarrasing baby photo’s and make sure all his/her friends saw them.

John asks…

My mom wants to help pay for busses from conservative states to protest the WTC mosque. What can she do?

A member of our extended family on my mom’s side was killed in the World Trade Center. My Mom is especially furious over the fact that a mosque will be built in at the World Trade Center site, but it seems like people here aren’t angry enough and there aren’t enough comming out to protest because we live in a liberal haven.

However, she saw an article in the paper about the good people from Tennessee who were protesting mosques being built down there, and this mosque isn’t nearly as inflammatory as the Ground Zero one. Many of the good conservatives down there have been much more hostile, and she feels like that’s what we need up here.

Here is the article she saw:

Recently, we heard of the illegal alien advocacy groups paying to bus amnesty supporters from California and other points to protest the law there. She wants to know if it is possible to help pay for a bus to bring people from the Bible Belt and more conservative states to protest the Ground Zero mosque? She is more then happy to help shell out money to make it happen. The people here are too liberal and oblivious, and she thinks we need more people like that from the South and Midwest when she protests on September 11 with the other 9-11 families.

John answers:

There’s no mosque going up there, count on it.

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