Your Questions About Paper Trading Options

James asks…

Accept this fantasy baseball trade? If so, who to drop?

16 team league. Ok, my team looks like this:
C: Saltalamachhia, Pierzynski
1B: Pena
1B/3B: Encarnacion, Youkilis
1B/OF: L. Morrison, Duda
2B: Cano
3B: Lawrie
SS: A. Ramirez, A. Escobar
OF: Rios, A. Jackson, Choo

As you can see, I have a pretty flexible offense with a backup for every position except 2B. I have 5 options at 1B, 3 options for 3B and 5 of OF. I’m ranked first in Runs and top 5 in H, HR & RBI. I’m mid pack in steals with most coming from both SS, who are both in double digits and all three OF who are 30/30 threats. I’m also kinda midpack in BB and AVG, but I’m dead last in the league in K (Pena). He also kills my AVG.

SP1: Dickey
SP2: Latos
SP3: C. Lee
SP4: Buchholz
SP5: Zito
SP6: Fiers
SP7: B. Chen
SP8: Oswalt
Closer: J. Johnson

Lee was supposed to be my ace with a round 2 pick, but has only 1 win on the season. Dickey was a late round savior, picked in round 21. Fiers has been a nice recent addition from a pillaged free agent pool. My only closer Johnson has surprisingly kept me midpack in saves by himself. However, I’m ranked 14/16 in Wins and 12th in K’s.

Now, the trade offered to me was: I GIVE: 3B LAWRIE (rd 3) & SP2 LATOS (rd 7)
I GET: 3B Zimmerman (rd 2), Victorino (Rd 6) and SP L. Lynn (FA)

On paper, it looks like a deal. Round 2, 6 and a really good Free Agent for Round 3 & 7. Lawrie is my only non SS or true OF to help in the steals cat, but Victorino more than makes up for that. Lynn has more wins than Latos, but Latos has been HOT, Lynn cold. My team is currently in the #6 seed with 8 teams making the playoffs. I want to accept, but this deal could mean the difference between making/missing the playoffs. If I accept and Latos strings together a few wins and Lynn continues to struggle, I’m out. If I did accept, who do I drop? B. Chen? Oswalt? My pitching staff is already shallow. Pena or Duda who kill my K and AVG?


John answers:

Hmm. The trade is risky. Victorino is underperforming, Zimmerman is having a good year for the first time since 2008 or so and Lynn is young and has done horrible in his last few starts. I say stick with Lawrie and Latos, as they are performing well as of right now.

Mary asks…

Cease and Desist letter- next steps?

A couple of days ago, I received a letter from a Solicitor’s firm somewhere else in the UK and I googled them and nothing came up so I assumed it was someone being stupid or trying to con me. The letter said; ‘I have enclosed documents by way of service upon you’ and there wasn’t anything in the envelope. But Yesterday I received a letter at home, not at my office telling me to stop trading under the name of my company (same name used for resgistration) or I will be took to court. They cite that the name of my company is a trademark of theirs and me trading under that name is an infringement of their copyright and therefore they request that I dissolve my company and cease to trade using that name. They say I must do this by the 10th of this month, which is in 3 days.
Or I can purchase the trademark from them (which I can’t find any evidence they own) for £20,000 that for my American friends is $32,000
My Uncle who is an accountant submitted the paper work for my company, he isn’t a lawyer but he is familiar with the Law. He has a MSc In Law and Accounting. But Regardless, I had the documents checked over by a lawyer (general practice) before submitting them. My Uncle referenced both Companies house and the International trade mark database and found that there was no duplicate entries of the same name of my company. Therefore once the lawyer had doubled checked those we submitted the documentation, and then I set up office last month.
So I’ve got a couple of questions other than the ones
a) as the trademark hasn’t been filed, should I move to file- meaning the case has no meaning? (with my normal lawyer on tuesday)
b) The company has 6 directors, should I have them all served with cease and desist letters to their home adresses today, I’ve found an emergency lawyer telling them that if they don’t drop the case I will take it to court. As they all live in London, I can serve them myself or get a messenger to do it. I’d like to do it myself tho.
c) should I just pay and get rid of them- we have about £100k in the bank so we can afford it. I’d just prefer not to?
I’m only 17, so this doesn’t really happen to me that often.

or there’s a fourth option- tell them what we’ve found then give them a £1000 in 1p coins

John answers:

Anyone who cannot tell the difference between copyright and trademark is not a solicitor. Smells like a scam.

If it is NOT a scam, then filing a trademark may only make things worse — infuriating the other company.

Not sure about UK procedures, but you are not allowed to “serve process” on your own case in jurisdictions where you need written THIRD PARTY proof of service, i.e., hired a constable or messenger.

Donald asks…

Can I return this car? (Interesting Story)?

Okay I brought this car Friday because I was having problems with my current PT Cruiser (paid for). I traded it in and drove out the lot with 2012. Very impulsive and careless. Anyway I go back to the dealership the next day and ask for a refund.However, in Texas it up to the dealer discretions. Of course they told me no and my only options was to lower my payments and get another vehicle. I did so but Im still nothappy. But I realized something. I never gave them the title to the PT Cruiser and it not under my name, instead my mothers. She did not sign no paper or verbally tell them to release the car. I plan to inform that she refuse to give me her title.So do you believe I can use this as leverage to return the car and get the pt cruiser back.Because doing the research she should of sign some papers. Texas don’t play because to just register the car I had to bring my mother.Last but not least, if they give me hard time I plan to contact my mother lawyer and BBB. Also, my mother is going to go along with my wishes.

John answers:

Your question got dumped in the book section, but should probably be in the legal section. How could you trade the Cruiser without having ownership of it? That might cause legal problems. I would go back to the dealership with Mom in tow and try to sort it out before it goes any further. Good luck.


Steven asks…

Are the banks insolvent? Which ones? How do we find out? What do we do until we can find out?

The meltdown continues this morning [Friday the 10th].

Is your job at risk because of a bunch of stupidity by bankers you’ve never met?

What can you do about it?

******** Here’s my proposal. *******

Housing isn’t the issue causing the continuing selloff in the financial markets.

It’s the Risk, Stupid.

Half of all Americans work for some firm whose payroll totals more or much more than FDIC insurance covers. All of those firms have treasurers who are trying to protect their money from a surprise failed bank. Dead bank => failed paychecks and maybe failed company.

So all those treasurers are scrambling to remove their money from both the banking system and the commercial paper market.

They have no confidence that their money is safe. Too much risk.

You fight no confidence by telling the truth and/or guaranteeing their outcome.

Here’s how:

For those firms [banks and borrowers] that choose to participate, the government guarantees their deposits and short term borrowings for a maximum of 364 days, or until exit conditions [below] are met.

During the period of the guarantee, the protected firm must: [summary: it must act as if it is in receivership in bankruptcy court].

1. ask that all trading in shares, capital debt, and derivatives be suspended.

2. cease all leakages of capital [dividends, repurchases, option issues, capital debt repayment, etc.]

3. refrain from expanding more than 5% or into new businesses,

4. limit executive and managerial pay to not more than $7,500 per month.

5. begin to publish, monthly, in both the newspapers and via the Internet, their best picture of both their actual and potential credit loss situation, including the assumption that real estate prices in their markets will crash back to January 2003 levels for “move in condition” properties. {Why January 2003? My macro level estimate is that the housing markets will clear at that price level. Details on request.}

To exit the program, the protected firm must publish it’s loss information weekly for at least four weeks AND notify the public of its intended exit date.

During the exit period, the government repays all the firm’s deposits and borrowings if necessary.

If, at the end of the exit period, the firm is unable to finance itself without government help, it immediately enters bankruptcy and is liquidated.

This will restore confidence. Company treasurers with funds that need to be deposited will not worry about whether the bank will be there tomorrow.

And Americans will KNOW that their paychecks are good.

Further, it lets the banks return to making ordinary loans to borrowers with good credit in the ordinary course of business — which they aren’t doing now.

AND, it forces the banks and companies to come clean with their losses — thus permitting the marketplace to decide which companies should die and which can continue.

Give it some thought — bloviating in front of the TV cameras and asking the markets to be patient hasn’t worked and isn’t going to work.

What the markets want is the TRUTH.

Your improvements to this program are welcome — “saving houses” won’t fix the risks the company treasurers see and thus won’t stop the collapse of credit — and maybe your job, in which case, your house is gone anyway.

John answers:

Evidently you forget mccain’s good buddy charles keating (and the lincoln savings & loan) or george w bush’s brother neal (and the silverado savings & loan)

A good way to safeguard your money is to keep it OUT of financial institutions run by friends or family of republicans.

Carol asks…

How much better do you think the Bears offense will be next season?

Assuming that Forte does play next season and doesn’t hold out or get traded, they will have one of the best running back tandems in the NFL with Forte and Bush, one of the best wide receivers in the game as well as decent second and third options with Marshall Bennett and Knox, and of course a franchise quarterback in Cutler. Their offensive line is really their only concern, but I expect them to bring in some help with their draft picks, and even if they don’t, their line really isn’t as bad as many make them out to be and were mainly weakened by injuries last year. On paper, this has to be the best offense the Bears have had in over a decade.

John answers:

The Bears have not had a single marquee Wide Receiver…ever… And not for lack of trying. Soldier field is where WRs go to die. It is the Siberia of WRs. I cannot imagine anyone succeeding there. That’s not the same thing as saying it CANNOT happen, just that I do not expect it to.

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