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Charles asks…

VISA: Gift Card/Prepaid Card Help!?

Okay, This morning i bought a VISA prepaid gift card and i go home, rip up the paper envelop, and purchase something online, but it says transaction by bank not working or something. Then i read: ELECTRONIC USE ONLY…… In small letters, hidden from me… now i was wondering, can i trade my card for one which i can use to purchase something online?

John answers:

Only a few cards can be used for on-line purchases and only after you receive the permanent re-loadable card with a registered address. They carry monthly fees. Green Dot and Wal-Mart Money Cards are two you can check into.

John asks…

Can someone clarify this sentence for me?

So i’m writing a paper on the Ivory Coast in west Africa and i’m doing some research online.

“French is the official language used throughout the country, however there are over sixty native languages. Four of the major branches of the Niger-Congo language are spoken among Ivoirians, including the Kwa, Atlantic, Mande, and Voltaic.”-

The second sentence confuses me because i’m not sure whether or not they’re talking about the Kwa, Mande, Atlantic, and Voltaic as languages or Ivorian Tribes. I thought they were talking about them as tribes, but later on in the paragraph, they refer to the Mande.

“In the north, variants of Mande and Senofu are the most widely spoken, but are also heard in almost all southern trading areas.”

So help me?

John answers:

I want to help but i can’t 😛

Ruth asks…

What are some good games for xbox360 that are under $20.00?

So im trading in MW2, Halo Halo 2 and Halo 3 Heroic Edition, i should get around $20.00 for it with my power up rewards pro card. What are some good games I can get with that, that people still play online or is a great experience offline. I have a slight bit of room on either side of 20, but not much since i should get around it with just the games and only have a buck in paper 🙁 Or, should i just save for Gears of War 3 that i put $5 down on/Battlefield 3 that i put $5 down on?

John answers:

They’re mainly older games, all the new games are like 40-60 dollars now. The first two Assassin’s Creed I know are under 20. I think in your case you’re better off just putting down the money for the games or saving for Gears3.

Michael asks…

what is the fastest way to sell my car?

I have a 2005 chev cavalier z-type that I need to sell because we are having a baby. We already traded in my husband’s car to get our family wagon, now we just need to get rid of the other car because we can’t afford the payments when I’m on maternity leave.

I have posted it in the bargain finder, auto trader, (print and online), kijiji, the local paper classifieds, posters at workplaces of everyone I know… and I’ve still only had a few bites.

How can I get rid of this car?!?!
I have it listed at $7000 right now, which is below book value of $9000. I can’t take much less than that because of the outstanding loan.
is there a carmax equivalent in Canada?

John answers:

You can take it to Carmax. They will buy your car, however it will be at trade in value. The plus side is you sell the car quick, however you won’t get as much as you would if you sold it yourself. Good luck and I hope this helps.

Keep in mind that if you still have a loan on the car, you’ll have to sell it for at least your payoff amount. Otherwise, you will have to make up the difference.

Nancy asks…

Old baby things?

My mother told me about this baby store near her house that you could take your old baby things to (cloths, car seats, toys) and they would give you store credit for them. Then you could get stuff thats more in your baby’s age range.I thought this was a brilliant idea given the fact that baby’s outgrow things so darn fast.

My son is 6 months old now and he has outgrown his bassinet, his first car seat, some of his toys and a lot of his cloths.I was planing on taking them to this store, however the place closed down. Ive heard of others like it, second hand mommy stores, but I cant find any!

Ive looked online and in the paper, and even in the yellow pages but I don’t rely know how to find them. All I find is a name and an address of baby stores. I cant just look up the stores where you can trade in old baby things. It seems like a big waist to just throw away all this stuff.

I live in San Diego CA if anyone knows any stores around here.
Are there any good websites where I could look?

John answers:

Try looking up consignment stores and call them to see if they know of any that deal with baby stuff! San diego should have a lot!


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