Your Questions About Paper Trading Online

Lisa asks…

What is up with Land Rover?

I bought a Land Rover discovery in May. We paid what the retail value is currently. The trade in value online is 7-8 thousand less than the retail ( which I know happens) but we have been offered less than 1/2 of the retail because ” no one wants them” Any suggestions on where to sell it other than local paper? ANyone used Ebay? We would like to get at least what book trade in value is for it!! It has become our 2nd car, so we want to get rid of the payment, since we don’t use it much now. HELP! We want to get the most we can out of it, but want to sell it & not let it sit.

John answers:

If it is in good shape and has the appropriate mileage, no mechanical issues, there is know reason a dealer won’t give you k.b.b. Trade in value. Just stand your ground. Alternative is eBay. Disco’s do very well on there. Make sure you emphasize “clean” “no-leaks” “runs-great”.
If it has issues you will have a hard time getting what you want………..LRLVR
P.S. There are allot of rover lovers out there that are willing to pay more for a well maintained truck, even if it’s a little dirty….good luck

Michael asks…

Where’s the best place online to recruit models for a photo shoot?

I have a part-time photography business and am desperately looking for female models (preferrably with no experience) to do a photoshoot. One model agency recrimended ModelMayhem, Musecube and some other one. The models at Modelmayhem tend to want paid services rather then trades of service. Then Musecube is free for models to join but $10.00 for non-models such as photographers. The third one is free with very limited features which doesn’t include the ability to do casting calls. They have that with their pro account which is out of my budget. I tried the Craigs and backpage with no luck. I also tried Kijiji and did have a couple of shoots but many models inquired about the ad and never got back to me to do the photoshoot. I also tried New Faces and they’re free as long as I’m willing to pay casting credits. I’m sick of this online advertising nonsense and online groups that have many rule, would it be better for me to advertise in the local paper…continued to part 2

John answers:


A lot of photographers, models, actors, makeup artists and stylists network with each other using two primary Internet sites:

* One Model Place
* Model Mayhem

That said, you will have to do two things …

* Become a presence on those sites and show off your best work.
* Offer TFP sessions for selected models and link to their member pages from the images you have of them from your shoots.

Mark asks…

How is stuff you buy online delivered to you?

I’m buying trading cards online and I am wondering how the product will be delivered. Will they put it in the mailbox or will they deliver it to the door? Like, I have to sign a paper or something before the postman will hand the stuff to me? Or do I have to go down to the post office to collect it?

John answers:

When I purchase, I usually have the option to specify delivery method. Options often include (in approx order of cost):

a) basic postal service, by ground. Takes the longest, is the cheapest, and ends up in mailbox.
B) registered post. Same thing, except driver will release package only with a signature.
If first attempt fails, a sticker will be placed on door to indicate where to go to pick up, or if a re-attempt will be done next day.
C) expedited post. Quicker, more cost. Signature option available.
D) ground courier, for things that won’t fit in mail. Signature option available.
E) courier, overnight, or even weekend delivery. Signature option available.

Sharon asks…

Trading a car in NSW?

Hi, I’m trading in my car tomorrow, the dealer has told me to bring the registration paper for the old car, however I have lost this, is there a way for them to check it online or do they need the physical paper?

John answers:

You can’t trade it in if you can’t prove it’s yours. You can’t legally drive it without the registration. If it is not currently registered, take your title to them. Or go to the nearest DMV, with your plate number and have them issue you a duplicate registration.

Ruth asks…

Good morning, I’d like to plan on getting my taxes done as soon as humanly possible…?

My question is when I can reasonably expect to accomplish this. I’d like to get my refund for several reasons, one major one being that I’d prefer to get every depreciating CENT out of the bank and into my broker investment account sooner rather than later. I remembered how annoyed I got last year about waiting so long to get all of my papers in order, thankfully this year it’s only my W2 and my broker’s trading statement – both of which are going to be online.

I pulled up my archived question last year about this same question and someone had claimed that the IRS won’t even accept efiles until the 15th of January – which seems quite a delay imo. In the meantime I will consult my work and Scottrade about when the online papers will be available.

Someone also suggested last year as well that I should adjust my withholding to such a minimal level to a point where it’s pretty much guaranteed that I would need to pay rather than receive a refund. This seemed like a really good idea so I have my depreciating dollars faster than if I filed normally. What is the normal way about modifying your withholding?

You can thank Ben Bernanke for this question.

John answers:

You modify your withholding by completing a new W4 and giving it to your employer. You can get one online at the IRS website. Jan 15 is about right. You can use the tax calculators at or to calculate what you need to withhold. You can check your progress through the year and can submit a new W4 at any time. There is a penalty if you owe $1000 or more at tax time.

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