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Jenny asks…

bid-offer spread. if you see only one price, which one will that be?

I usually see bid and offer price in screen to trade. In the paper or online news, however, they show only one price for reference. Is that bid price or offer price? Thank you very much for your response!!

John answers:

The bid and offer prices are prices that marketmakers are WILLING to trade at. The price in the paper is the price of the last ACTUAL transaction. Whether it was executed at the bid, the ask or somewhere in between is something that you can’t find out very easily.

Michael asks…

Is it unlawful to contact a company at their online contact form in order to offer wholesale items & catalog?

See, I contacted a retailer online through their fax. I am a wholesaler who is just beginning to branch out. I have already 3 retailers who do business with me and are really glad that I contacted them, they have bought several orders to sell at their own stores. However; the other day I decided to fax a company offering them a chance to carry my line of products for their store… The response was terrible! This person emailed me back stating I had better not fax anyone else or or his company or else he would report me to the FCC (Federal Trade Commission) about me sending unsolicited information, He said according to the Telephone Act I would be prosecuted if I continued doing this and someone decided to report me, (even if I was not aware of the law) he also added that I was using his company fax line, paper and ink, so I was unlawfully using their company’s resources ( I only sent a cover page with my information and webpage)

John answers:

I doubt it,but research your local laws,sometimes some crazy laws remain.

Robert asks…

Shopping Victoria’s Secret Online?

I was wondering, when you buy things online from VS, how does the package look like when you receive it? Like do they include tissue paper? Does it come in their trade mark bag or what?

Thanks in advance. 🙂

John answers:

* Each clothing item is folded nicely & put in a clear poly bag with green/white label w/ description of the item.

* Each shoe is packed w/ tissue in their trademark black box with gold lettering & lining with white label w/ description of the item.

* Each gift is EITHER sent in VS trademark pink folder w/ gold lettering & lining, along with their latest catalog & the gift card attached on the folder flap OR in a dark pink box (size of a jewerly box for a bracelet) with pink ribbon that says VICTORIA’S SECRET along the line.

* Each lotion/body wash & like products are put in zip lock bag.

Carol asks…

Money Market Fund help?

To Daryl Soliah, online investing is the same as investing over the phone or through the mail, except online investing is safer, faster, and less expensive. The Internet bulges with enough helpful information to make anyone his or her own investment advisor. In order to begin trading online, however, Daryl needs to set up a money market mutual fund account with an investment company. Cash can be parked in the account to earn a market rate of interest, yet quickly withdrawn or transferred when an investment opportunity appears. Unfortunately, there are dozens of different money market mutual funds in Canada. Does it matter which money market fund Daryl selects? What characteristics should be looked for in a money market fund?

Although there are risks in all investments, some guarantee the repayment at maturity of the amount invested, like Government of Canada Treasury bills. These guaranteed investments provide a minimum, baseline return to which all other returns can be compared. While a long-term investment portfolio should include stocks for their high expected return, it should also include fixed-income securities and cash equivalents for stability in value and flexibility. The cash equivalents category includes short-term debt instruments like Treasury bills and money market mutual funds.

A money market mutual fund sells shares and uses the proceeds to invest in short-term (90 days or less in average maturity), marketable debt securities. The short-term maturity and guaranteed aspect of the securities help insure that the net asset value of a money market mutual fund, the price at which shares are purchased from or resold to the fund, remains the same (usually $10 per share). Interest is usually paid daily, at a rate that varies daily. Fund expenses, the lowest among all types of mutual funds, come out of the portfolio’s income, affecting the rate paid to shareholders.

Differences between money market mutual funds, in part, depend on the characteristics of the securities in which the fund invests. The securities may be default risk-free Treasury bills or default-risky commercial paper. The securities may be relatively short or relatively long to maturity. Differences between funds also exist in the financial services provided to shareholders, like cheque writing and funds transfer privileges or online trading access.

Daryl’s father, Lyle, a production manager at Bombardier, calls to see how Daryl’s new job is going. Daryl takes a chance and asks for advice on the selection of a money market fund. “If you need someplace to park your money until your next investment in clothes or stereo equipment,” Daryl’s father responds, “buy Treasury bills, not mutual funds. You must know that mutual funds aren’t guaranteed. When I was your age I already owned four Treasury bills. And here’s another idea …”

Daryl stops listening and decides to select one of three money market mutual funds recommended by his sister-in-law: MacKenzie Money Market Fund, Fidelity Canadian Money Market Fund, and Altamira T-Bill Fund. But maybe the safety of direct Treasury bill investment really is the deciding factor. If not, how should he choose between the three money market mutual funds? What interest rate should Daryl expect on a money market account? If all else fails, the funds’ “parking lot” could be Daryl’s interest-earning checking account. Convenience might outweigh its one per cent return and lack of proximity to stock and stock mutual fund brokerage accounts.

what seems to be the problems and solutions?
thanks for answering!

John answers:

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Donald asks…

Nevada Brokerage account?

Am using Wells Fargo for my business brokerage account in California. and is great, I simply love it, from customer support to fees, And any other aspect.
I have another business in Nevada that is completely separated, so naturally I want its accounts on different bank. so I tried Wamu brokerage. IS AWFUL. very Immature in any way possible, they “forget” things, “lose” accounts, won’t find paper work, charge very high fees (the advertise is BS) the worse banking I ever run across in my life ( I was actually testing them for over 6 month, just to run into more and more failures)
My question is :
Can you recommend another bank that will have branches in Nevada and California, and in the same time have great Brokerage accounting. I will do most my Trading online.
I like to have some sort of confidentiality.
For instance, I don’t like the WF tellers, to have a complete detailed financial reports on all my business.
from the same reason my personal financing is with another bank!

John answers:

Try JP morgan. If you have time to do it yourself use Charles Schwab.

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