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Daniel asks…

HELP ME PLEASE..How do I get a printout of my unemployment benefits online?

I’m leaving for trade school this weekend and they just told me today that I need a copy of all the details. I just moved to the central valley from San Diego (YUK)..Anywho, I must of lost my paper work. The EDD is a joke to deal with. Anything would help.

John answers:

You can not you need to call your local office and tell them that you need a copy of it

James asks…

What does a self-employed financial planner spend most of his time doing?

1) Meeting and planning with existing clients?

2) Cold calling or networking for new clients?

3) Executing trades online?

4) Planning investing strategies for specific clients?

5) Filling out tax forms and other dull paperwork?

6) Catching up on the latest revisions to tax rules, etc.?

Please let me know what you spend the MOST time doing. I’m considering becoming a CFP, but I’m not a very procedure-oriented person. I enjoy exploring strategies for clients, and meeting with clients, but I’m not much of a “fill out papers all day” kind of guys.

Thanks in advance for your help!

John answers:

7) Goofing off, surfing the internet.

A friend of mine is a self-employed CFA and she does all of the above. #2 is probably the most important and takes the most time until you build up a client base, which could take many years. She runs her stuff through Fidelity so I think that takes care of most of the back office stuff.

Nancy asks…

What’s the best online site for selling my Honda CRV?

I have two CRV’s ..2000/ 2001 .. and need to sell one or sell them both to get a newer model.. not sure if I should list in the Private ads paper or online.?

I know there’s eBay and I know trade are offering the same model at £4K.. I’d settle for half that but I’m a bit sceptical that I might not get a decent offer ??

or would a dealer do me a 2 for one swap?
Ohio ? lol .. nopes I aint that lucky ..Never heard of craigslist but I give it a looksee. . . I private regd my other one so to sell that I’d have to mess around puttin the reg on retention..

John answers: is awesome!
Just post to classifieds at the top left corner and your ad will be up
Good luck! 🙂

Sandy asks…

Is there a place online or a number you can call in your state to find carpenters?

I need a room added on to my house and realize I can not do that appropriately myself. I have asked around town and gotten several contractors numbers. I have called all of them and they are all booked well into next spring and some into next fall. Is there a number or place online I can look SAFELY that will give me a listing of contractors near me or in my area? I’ve looked in the local papers and trading journals and hardware stores to no avail. I’ve even stopped at peoples houses that were being worked on and asked the workers when they would be available. I would like to have an estimate first and foremost, but I do know I want the work done. Any suggestions or help?

John answers:

I would suggest Service Magic. They are pretty good about giving you a 3 or so contacts relatively quickly. I have had pretty good luck hiring contractors through them.


George asks…

Why does Henry Waxman want to bailout the Earth polluting newspaper industry when we can get news online?

Waxman one of the biggest supporters of cap and trade who claims to care about the environment wants trees to continue to be chopped down, polluting paper factories to continue polluting, and newspaper delivery vehicles to keep burning gas. It would seem a lot greener just to get news online wouldn’t it?

John answers:


I don’t think they should. If for no other reason than that they have shown what they think of businesses they bailed out. When they bailed out banks, Congress began almost immediately to control how they operated. Remember the flap (or lack thereof) when the government set pay limits on bank execs? And when they bailed out GM to keep it from going bankrupt, and then during the eventual bankruptcy they emerged as a majority owner of GM (Slogan: “Government Motors: Selling You The Junk We Want You To Have!”), they again started trying to run the business.

The mentality seemed to be that, since the government sent them money, then they had to do what the government wanted them to do.

If they “bail out” newspapers, do you honestly believe they will act differently with newspapers? And do you REALLY want a newspaper industry that is controlled or even influenced by our government?

So much for the free press, eh?

This can’t happen, people, not if you are seeking anything EXCEPT a state-run media outlet… You know, like used to be found in the USSR and can be found today in Cuba.

Either you believe in freedom or you believe in government control of our lives. It’s obvious that our government doesn’t believe in individual freedom anymore. Do you?

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