Your Questions About Paper Trading Online

Ken asks…

where i ve to find waste paper rate day on day?

is it there in commodity trading in online

John answers:

Have a look on

Thomas asks…

What is the best way to promote my local online trader group?

I started a group to help people of all incomes trade, barter, and give away, but it’s just for northeastern Alabama (outside of Birmingham). I’ve tried Craigslist, but should I post something in the local paper, even if it costs to do so? What do you all do to promote your nonprofit websites?


John answers:

Most grocery stores have POST IT HERE boards by the entrance. You can post your ad there. Go into yahoo groups just to name drop. Flyers to parents at the schools, library, myspace, facebook..Many ways!

Chris asks…

Where can I buy the entire New X-Men: Academy X comics online?

not trade paper back though, the actual comic books

John answers:

Check New X-Men: Academy X comics

David asks…

Where can i find a miniature sausage dog puppy?

I have been searching online at all the breeders and pet shops also the papers and trading post can anyone help me?

John answers:

Oh my word.
You’re not ready to own a puppy if you call your dog a ‘sausage dog’
Oh my goodness PLEASE for the sake of the puppy consider getting a puppy after thorough RESEARCH.

Richard asks…

How do you sell books online?

I am an avid reader and I have tons of leftover books that i end up throwing away half the time and I was wondering if there is a way I can sell or trade them? I know there are places/websites that buy text books but what about regular paper back books used just for leisure not studying? I am looking for a website prefferably that will buy used books

John answers:

I’m an avid reader, too, and have the same problem!

Here’s how it goes:

I doubt you will be able to find such a website, as the people running one are not in a position to make a profit. They wouldn’t be able to offer more than a few cents for each book, then have to pay for the shipping. When they resell them, they’d have to try to make back that money and a bit more to turn a profit.

Some can do this with text books because those are more expensive and don’t lose their value, but not for leisure reading.

Most online book sales are made through individual sellers who have a brick and mortar bookstore but also are using eBay,, Craigslist, or are an Amazon bookseller.

Unless you literally have thousands of books, none of these venues will make you much money. The posting and selling fees they charge will eat up any profit.

Also, you have a huge amount of competition with pro sellers having the exact same books, but at a lower price and lower postage. Buyers will always pick those first.

You are also out the huge amount of time it takes to upload a pic of the cover and write a description.

Then every single week (on ebay and half) you have to pay a posting fee of .35 cents for EACH title.

If the books don’t sell, you pay ,35 cents again, and again.

Soon the fees exceed the worth of the book!

If it does sell, you have to pay a selling fee on top of that.

THEN you have to buy envelopes and spend time and gas taking them down to the post office.

The last time I sold a 15.00 item on ebay it COST me 25.00 in overheads!

I would suggest you find a used bookstore in your area, box up a bunch of books, and cart them over.

You might make 1/4th of their cover price–which is going to be MORE than you’d make selling them online!

Another alternative is to donate them to a hospital or to soldiers serving overseas.


I managed to feed my reading habit without overloading my home shelves by visiting the library 2-3 times a week. They usually have the books I want, others I missed, and some I never heard of. If there is a new book coming in i reserve it.

I ALSO can download e-books from the library’s website, read them, then delete the file from my computer.

They usually have e-versions of the hot new sellers, and they’re always available!

Hope this helps!!! ;>)

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